Althea's Petal Velvet Sunaway review

21 November 2018

Hello friends! Last month Althea released a new addition to their expanding line of beauty products(as I'm writing this, they've just dropped another! I'm sure you guys could probably already guess what prop I'll be using for the upcoming product shoot *wink wink* hehe). Back to today's star, if you're following Althea's instagram, you've probably already heard of their Petal Velvet Sunaway which is a sunscreen with SPF 50+ PA++++ and I guess you could also say that it's an addition to their 'Petal Velvet series' I've talked about previously!

They sent me their sunscreen last month and after testing it out over the month, I'm here to share my thoughts on it with you guys! I will be talking about how it looks and feels on my skin so I hope it helps you guys to make a decision if you're currently eyeing this on Althea's website :D

Random collective shopping haul part 1

31 October 2018

Hi kawans!! Happy Halloween! If you're looking for a spooky post, unfortunately this isn't one. Instead, this is going to be a 2 part blog post where in this part I'll be talking about a mixture of stuff I hauled over the past few months and the next part will be dedicated to a few purchases of mine from Althea. It'll be too long for me to combine my general haul + Althea haul so I figured that I might as well just break this into a 2 part post.

Before anything else, here's a quick life update! I've recently went back to being a student through an online diploma program. I'll be pretty busy and sleep deprived again. I'm in week 5 and I'm trying my best to meet my assignment deadlines. The school isn't giving me too much work but generally I'd consider myself to be really weak in this particular subject so it's definitely gonna take a while for me to cope with the course work.

Now let's take a look at what are some random goodies/necessities I bought over the past few months!

50Gram X Swanicoco - Show The Velvet Lipstick in Juliet Red review

23 September 2018

Hi kawans!! New lipstick review alert! Swanicoco is one of 2018's hottest brands in Korea specialized in formulating natural cosmetics using biotechnology and 50Gram(yes, the famous online florist) is the first in Malaysia to sell Swanicoco's Nature Bio Cosmetics! Thanks to 50Gram, a couple days back I received one of Swanicoco's Show The Velvet lipsticks in the mail and after trying it out for a few days I'm ready to share my review with you guys! PS. 50Gram is also hosting a giveaway and all the juicy details will be at the end of this post so keep your eyes out for it!

Early 21st Birthday Celebration with a Fun Dining Experience at Babe Restaurant

17 September 2018

Hello friends! Today I'm back with another foodie post but before anything else, lemme thank my boyfie that's currently in Tokyo(the land with the best 7-11 and Lawson konbinis) eating all the uni, ikura, and ramen he can get his hands on---- for taking me to this restaurant for my early 21st birthday celebration! Yes, I'm not a baby any more guys!!

The restaurant we visited is called Babe and it's located on the top floor of Work@Clearwater, Damansara Heights. Babe Gastro/ Babe Restaurant serves Japas dishes (Japanese inspired Tapas) through a 'fun dining' experience, best described as fine dining with a splash of fun? Continue reading until the end and you will get what I mean :D

Innisfree Second Skin Mask - Soothing First Impressions

5 September 2018

Annyeong kawans! The Innisfree Second Skin Mask has been a sheet mask I've been eager to try for a very long time and I finally got my hands on one yay! I'm not sure when did Innisfree released their Second Skin Mask series but over the past few months I've been hearing a lot of talk about em. I got mine from Innisfree Pavilion KL but it should be available at all Innisfree shops. It took me so long to decide whether or not if I want to buy this mask you guys! I literally went into Innisfree, left because I couldn't decide, shared a Mango Snowflake with my bestie, and after that went back into innisfree to purchase it.

Anyways, now that I've tried one, I'm finally ready to share my first impressions review with you guys!

Althea X Get It Beauty: Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Masks Review

23 August 2018

Hello kawans! In my previous blog post I mentioned that I was sent a box of goodies as a welcome gift on board the Althea Angels club. Included inside were two of Althea's newest products and today I will be sharing my thoughts on them! The products sent to me are called the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer and these products are created in-collaboration with the popular Korean beauty tv show - Get It Beauty. If you're interested to read my review on these products, do keep reading until the end!

Althea Addiction #8: From samples to full-sized & more [haul + #AltheaAngels]

13 August 2018

Hello friends! I know it's been a long while since my last #AltheaAddiction post, but hey, I'm finally back with one + some exciting news to share!! Over the past couple months I've been controlling how much I splurge on beauty products so I've only been getting products that I need and usually only when it's on sale(so you guys probably only see my mini one item hauls on my IG stories haha). This time round I received some shopping credits from Althea thus deciding it was time to treat myself a little and snag some products I've been eager to try out for a long time!

I rented a capsule coffee machine for RM1??

5 August 2018

Ciao friends!! If you've read my blog entry on my little visit to Malaysia Coffee Fest 2018, you probably already know that during my visit to the event I rented a capsule coffee machine from Arissto Coffee's booth. After placing my order at the event, the machine was delivered to me about two weeks later and I promised to write a detailed post covering the renting process and how much I paid etc. As I've been using the machine for a full week now, I'm finally ready to share my first-week impressions on the machine and their capsules with you guys!

If you're interested to read my two cents on the RM1 Arissto Smart Coffee Machine rental promo, do keep reading until the end!

2018 Neffos Summer Launch event

29 July 2018

Are you looking for an affordable sleek-looking designed phone that takes good photos? I gotchu covered! The other day I was at Bangsar attending Neffos' Summer launch event. During the event Neffos has unveiled 4 new smartphones complete with a Full View Display, a larger battery capacity, Arcsoft registered photography capabilities and latest dual-band Wi-Fi technology. If you're interested to see what new products Neffos has to offer, do keep reading!

Hello Malaysia Coffee Fest 2018

24 July 2018

Hello kawans!! Two weeks back I got an invitation to Malaysia Coffee Fest 2018 and since I got to try so many types of coffee and tea during last year's event, of course I'd make time to visit this year's event. Malaysia Coffee Fest 2018 was held at 1 Utama Shopping Centre and this time round the event has showcased a total of 96 brands. Since there were so many booths at the event, let's take a look at a few booths that caught my interest!

Great Ocean Road trip - 12 Apostles Attempt 1 - Day 2 in Victoria, Australia

5 June 2018

Ah The Great Ocean Road. Today we'll be continuing my Australia travelogue and here's what happened on day 2! By the way, some people tend to ask me how I'm able to remember my trips so clearly when I take such a long time to publish em, well the trick is: for each trip I'll keep a note on my phone, every night during the trip I'll open up that note to update what I did during the day so that's pretty much how I keep track of what I did haha. For someone like me that tends to go back to my travel posts to relive those memories, I'll try my best to squeeze any time out to finish writing these posts. Even if it takes 3 years LOL. Apart from writing it for myself, sometimes when people ask me certain questions about the places I visited, I guess sending a link to them with photos etc is much easier than typing a long paragraph la.

Anyways, if you're planning to take a Great Ocean Road trip, read on!

Loch Ard Motor Inn Quick Review - Where to stay at Port Campbell?

31 May 2018

Hello friendsss! I visited the 12 Apostles last winter and since we stayed a night at Port Campbell, I figure I'd sit down and type out a quick review on the place we stayed at called Loch Ard Motor Inn. We were there during last September so do take note that booking rates might be slightly different by now.

#CreateYourStyle with Schwarzkoph

26 May 2018

Hey everyone! The other day I visited a Schwarzkoph event so here's a quick write up on how the event went. If you're into hair care products, the brand Schwarzkoph shouldn't be an alien to you. It's a brand you probably can't pronounce or spell the name but the minute you see their iconic logo, you'll be like "Ohhhh!! that one!"

As I was saying, Schwarzkoph turns 120 years old this year! To celebrate, this year the brand is taking a step back from conventional beauty stereotypes to celebrate diversity and individual expressions of style, beauty, and fashion. Be it rocking colourful hair or your natural messy bed hair, Schwarzkoph's #CreateYourStyle campaign is telling you to embrace it all. Basically, you do you!

Famous cheesecake from The Tokyo Restaurant, Lot 10 review

6 May 2018

Hello kawans!! Have you heard of the rumoured 'Best Cheesecake in KL'? I keep seeing all the food pages recommending this and my friends have been posting about this super delicious cheesecake on their instagrams too! So for a very long while, I've been eager to try this famous 6th Avenue Cheesecake from The Tokyo Restaurant (located inside Isetan, Lot 10) and a few days back, I finally did it!! 

New menu at Morganfield's Malaysia - Best pork sausage I've had in Malaysia?

4 May 2018

Hey everyone! It is time for another food review to grace this blog. This time round I have a quick and porky review to share with ya'll because Morganfield's Malaysia just launched 40 new menu items and I got to try quite a few of it! Before I hop into the review, thank you Racheal for the invitation! Y'know afternoon she jio me go makan durian seafood then night time she jio me for ribs leh omg!! 感恩~

Althea's Bare Essentials 3-step skincare review on acne prone combination to dry skin

1 May 2018

Hi kawans! A couple weeks back I received a box of products from Althea but I've yet to share what is in it with you guys. I know it's a little late but the wait is finally over!! I've been testing these products for a few weeks and I'm now ready to share my thoughts on Althea's first ever skincare line - Bare Essentials. 

In case you've never heard of it, Althea Korea started out as an online e-commerce store selling authentic Korean beauty products including brands like Laneige, 3CE, Peri pera etc. Last year they surprised everyone with their first ever beauty product - the Petal Velvet Powder, and just last month they've released the Bare Essentials skincare line. After all, before you hop into makeup, skincare always comes first!

Dressed up for a unicorn party with The Butterfly Project!

29 April 2018

Hey kawans! April is almost over and so far it's been a great month! April Fools this year was particularly interesting because for the first time in many moons, I got to play dress up! As The Butterfly Project (a beauty/lifestyle blogger community in Malaysia) was celebrating their 5th anniversary with a unicorn themed party, I got to dress up as a mystical creature for a day hoho.

Since a big part of The Butterfly Project are beauty bloggers, they clearly know how to glam up for a party. Before leaving my house I was even wondering if I went overboard with my makeup but n-o-p-e, I was proven wrong the minute I stepped into the party venue! All the other butterflies looked magical!

Y'know what, let me just show ya'll some photos and at the same time story you guys a bit on what went on at the party! That way you can see for yourself how magical everyone looked and maybe take note of some unicorn party ideas if you ever plan to host one!

If you've missed my write up on The Butterfly Project's 4th anniversary party, you can read it here!

Calling all Durian lovers! Creamy Durian Seafood @ Just Seafood, Sunway Giza review

18 April 2018

Hello guys! Any Durian obsessed kawans reading this? I know this may sound a little weird but the other day I was at Just Seafood, Sunway Giza and I got to try their latest menu item which is their Creamy Durian Seafood! YES GUYS!! I ate Durian cooked with Seafood!!!

Okay, you guys must be thinking "nice meh???" ಠ_ಠ

Well, few days before the food tasting session I was thinking, it's durian + seafood, what if it tastes weird?? But you know what, I convinced myself that if I don't try this, I'll never know if I like it or not! 

On the day I was about to try this interesting combination, I mentally braced myself for the challenge (but to be honest, I was also super excited la) and surprisingly....

It was actually pretty good leh!!  

Like, no regrets. 

Now you have three choices to choose from! If you're interested to know what me and my picky tastebuds think of this combination, please keep on reading. If you love durian and you're up for something interesting and you're too lazy to read anymore, just head straight to Just Seafood @ Sunway Giza now to try it for yourself! Then let me know if you like it or not!! If you don't like durian then...uhm...check out my other blogposts??? Hahaha just kidding! Just Seafood also serves seafood cooked in different flavours. Scroll down to see what other flavours they serve!

DR. JOU Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid face masks - which is for your skin?

15 April 2018

Hello kawanss!! How are you guys doing? The other day I attended a beauty launch event for DR. JOU's Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid masks and I guess you can say it was a pretty entertaining and educational event! Since I'm always excited to try new face masks in the market, after trying their masks for a while now I've decided to share about 'em with you guys along with a few beauty tips I've picked up from the event. Full review on their hydra, soothing, and whitening mask(maybe) will be available real soon and I'll link 'em at the end of this post as soon as I'm done writing 'em.

A Hidden Gem in town – Aurora Italia

4 April 2018

Hey everyone! Lately my blog has been bombarded with food postings so here’s something fashion related for a change. If you’ve noticed, recently more and more charm bracelet jewellery brands have been popping up in Malaysia. While most of us are familiar with Pandora, let me introduce you guys a hidden gem from Italy called Aurora Italia.

Hey Naruto fans, there is an Ichiraku Ramen at Kota Damansara!! [ review ]

30 March 2018

Hello guys, I ATE AT ICHIRAKU RAMEN!! For those confused by my 'semi-hyped hello', Ichiraku Ramen is the name of the ramen shop featured inside the manga/anime/comic Naruto. I've been hooked on Naruto for some time now, which explains my mild excitement towards writing this review.

While I'm aware that there are several 'Ichiraku Ramen' inspired shops all over the world, I have yet to chance upon one in the flesh. So when I found out that a local Malaysian opened one at Kota Damansara, I knew I had to check it out for myself!!

Before I hop into describing every little chashu and naruto in Ichiraku Ramen @ Kota Damansara, lemme first thank my tomodachi (friend) Firbs for telling me about this place. Also, if you are not a fan of the manga/anime Naruto, don't worry, I'm still reviewing the food at Ichiraku Ramen, so do keep on reading to find out more!

Without any further ado,

-  -  -  -   R    A    S    E    N    G    A    N !  -  -  -  -

How to shop on Mogujie & (Jing Dong) in English?

21 March 2018

Hi everyone! If you have been following my blog for a while, you guys probably already know that I have been using this website called ezbuy to shop for affordable clothes, makeup tools, and a whole lot more since 2013! I have always been using their ‘Buy-For-Me’ service and after so many years, my shopping experience with them has been nothing but pleasant.

Ultra violet trend in desserts - Caffe Bene Purple Sweet Potato Review

16 March 2018

Annyeong kawans! How are ya'll doing? I noticed that I've been writing a lot on food lately (but that's what it means to be a foodie right?). While I do have more food posts in my drafts, rest assured I have some beauty related ones coming up as well!

Today's post is for my hype hunt/cafe hoppers obsessed foodies as I'll be reviewing Caffe Bene's seasonal Ultra-Violet purple sweet potato menu! If you are out of ideas on what's the next insta-worthy desserts to feast on, keep on reading because you're in for a treat!

Marion Crepes Malaysia Grand opening event

10 March 2018

Hello kawans! Remember the first impressions review I did on Marion Crepes Malaysia at Plaza Mont Kiara previously? Y'know, the Harajuku famous crepe chain that has just entered KL?

Yup! So on last last week I received an invitation to attend their grand opening ceremony and since I was pretty free, I decided to pay a second visit to see if there's anything new. Before I get to what went on during their grand opening event, let me first share with ya'll a little more on Marion Crepes.

What to eat at Port Campbell? 12 Rocks Cafe & Beach Bar review

19 February 2018 19 Lord St, Port Campbell VIC 3269, Australia

If you're visiting the 12 Apostles/Loch Ard Gorge and is planning to stay a night at Port Campbell, chances are you'll be wondering what's there to eat. While there are limited restaurants available, your options will be further reduced when it comes to dinner time as a handful of them would be closed by 5pm. 

We did our typical trip advisor tourist research and after being on the road for hours, we were pretty tired so we decided to have dinner at 12 Rocks Cafe & Beach Bar. The restaurant is located just opposite Loch Ard Motor Inn (the place we were staying) so it was very convenient for us.

Famous Japanese Crepes from Harajuku - First impression + mini review on Marion Crepes Plaza Mont Kiara

12 February 2018

Hello everyone! Yesterday I visited 76 Style for my long needed hair rescue session and noticed that the famous Marion Crepes from Harajuku's Takeshita street has finally opened it's doors for business at Plaza Mont Kiara (next to Mc Donald's). Seeing that there was only a short queue, we decided to get one of their crepes to snack on.

NYX cosmetics is now in Sunway Pyramid + my haul & swatches!

9 February 2018

Guyssss NYX Professional Makeup just opened their 3rd store at Sunway Pyramid!! OK, I know la. NYX already has two stores in Sogo & IOI but I'm never one to visit malls 40 minutes drive away from me, so when they announced their 3rd store opening at Sunway Pyramid, I was like "I HAVE TO GO!" Now enough of my excitement, let me just show you some photos and share with ya'll how my day went!

And if you want to see what I bought + my mini reviews on them, keep reading until the end!

Boat Noodle Chinese New Year Menu review

29 January 2018

Sawadeekaa~ Hello kawans! I recently got to try Boat Noodle's Chinese New Year menu, so today I'm here to share with ya'll what's new and also my personal favourites! For those who has never heard of The Original Boat Noodle, it's a restaurant chain in Malaysia that serves all sorts of Thai street food!

If you've ever chanced upon people on Instagram flaunting their tall stack of small bowls, chances are they've just finished eating a meal at Boat Noodle!

Experience Bella Apartment Hotel review - Southbank, Melbourne, Australia

25 January 2018

Hi kawans(friends)! On my first Australia travelogue posting (READ HERE) I mentioned that I'll review the places I stayed at during my Aussie trip individually right? So let's keep this part short so you could quickly start reading my review on Experience Bella Hotel Apartments located at Southbank, Melbourne.

From KUL to SIN to MEL - Day 1 in Southbank, Melbourne

Hello hello kawans! Now that my long delayed Japan travelogue is complete, I can finally work on my Australia travelogue without feeling any guilt! This time round I'm feeling a little extra as I'll be reviewing the places we stayed and some of the restaurants we ate at separately. I feel that this way my travelogue would be less messy and easier for me to slot in all the photos we took during the trip without the post being too crammed up! So here's Day 0 to Day 1 of my Australia travelogue!

HIDDENcos Latte Mask Review - A mask that makes you hungry

20 January 2018

Heyy kawans! I'm back again with another face mask review! This time it's an interesting one from the Korean beauty brand HIDDENcos. A quick fyi, HIDDENcos carries two types of "coffee facial sheet masks" -  namely Latte and Americano. Both masks retails on Althea for RM5 each or RM40 for a box of 10 sheets.

For today I will only be reviewing their latte mask as at the time I was making my much needed Althea purchase(I ran out of cleanser sigh) the Americano mask was sold out :( Once I get my hands on it, I'll write a separate review and link it below!

Last piece of my Japan trip - Day 7 & 8 in Tokyo, Japan

17 January 2018

こんにちは! January is almost over and on today I'm ready to strike out a 2 year old resolution of mine!! *drumrolls* Every day for the past two years I've been telling myself  "Ok I'll finish my Japan postings today" and the word 'tomorrow' just pops in. With a collection of tomorrows, 2 years and a month flew by. But ya know what they always say, better late than never, right?? Guilt aside here's the grand very-long finale to my Japan travelogue. Hope ya'll enjoy!!
/-/-/-/-/-/-/     S h i b u y a   X   H a r a j u k u    X    O d a i b a      /-/-/-/-/-/-/

So continuing from this post where I reviewed my brunch at Sushi no Midori (Shibuya Mark City branch)....

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