Great Ocean Road trip - 12 Apostles Attempt 1 - Day 2 in Victoria, Australia

5 June 2018

Ah The Great Ocean Road. Today we'll be continuing my Australia travelogue and here's what happened on day 2! By the way, some people tend to ask me how I'm able to remember my trips so clearly when I take such a long time to publish em, well the trick is: for each trip I'll keep a note on my phone, every night during the trip I'll open up that note to update what I did during the day so that's pretty much how I keep track of what I did haha. For someone like me that tends to go back to my travel posts to relive those memories, I'll try my best to squeeze any time out to finish writing these posts. Even if it takes 3 years LOL. Apart from writing it for myself, sometimes when people ask me certain questions about the places I visited, I guess sending a link to them with photos etc is much easier than typing a long paragraph la.

Anyways, if you're planning to take a Great Ocean Road trip, read on!

Before we start our road trip to the 12 Apostles, the first thing we did was have breakfast at the nearby Mc Donald's in Crown casino. There's just something exciting about trying menu items from overseas Mcd y'know! So for my breakfast I ordered their Smoky BBQ Brekkie Roll. Not gonna lie, it tasted pretty average haha. It wasn't like 'wow' but I guess it's a breakfast burger I'd wish they'd have in Malaysia la.

 And an iced chocolate!

After breakfast we started our road trip journey. On the way to the 12 Apostles we wanted to grab our long missed Coles roast chicken so we stopped by Clarendon Centre at Coventry St.

Chicky spotted! We normally go for the standard roast chicken but this time we saw this Lilydale free range one and decided to try it assuming it's healthier la. Not sure is it because the last time I had a Coles chicken was 6 years ago and the quality dropped or this Lilydale one just didn't taste as yummy :( By the way, I also bought a pack of donuts from Coles and I guess their donuts really ain't my cuppa tea either T_T

Call me aunty la but overseas veggies always look so much nicer! T ^ T 

I think this was our scenery for two hours?? In case your phone goes out of signal and google maps no longer work(happened to us), getting to the 12 Apostles was actually pretty easy solely based on road signs.

You'll be passing by A LOT of cows and sheeps on the way hahaha. Mom actually stopped the car so we could take a photo of this cow.

rainbow spotted too!

The sky gets dark pretty early during winter so on the way to our motel we've decided to make a stop at the Twelve Apostles first. The whole reason why we're spending a night at Port Cambell is mainly because one, it's too tiring to drive back on the same night, and two, the weather hasn't been all that sunny so there was a chance that we won't be able to get a good shot of the Twelve Apostles during our late noon visit. 

Strong winds in winter sobs

During our first attempt, we literally only got two 'okay' shots of the 12 apostles. This is pretty much why we decided to stay the night and make a stop back here again next morning. Shortly after we arrived, the sky started drizzling sia.

I had a love hate relationship with my pink hair at first but right now I'm really missing it!! (my hair went blue and now it's faded back to boring brown)

Initially planned to vlog during this trip but I guess the wind says nah. 

I've never seen so many seagulls in my life. (way more not in pic)

Since it started drizzling and getting cooler than ever we made our way to our motel. On my previous blog post I wrote a quick review on the motel we stayed at called Loch Ard Motor Inn. If you missed it, you can check out the review here.

As for dinner we decided to have dinner at 12 Rocks Cafe & Beach Bar. Full review on my dinner is available here!! By the way, it's 2018 guys! (well 2017 when I went) and social media is super helpful. Apart from Trip advisor, I also suggest you guys to look up restaurants/places you wanna visit under Instagram's places/hashtags search to see how popular certain places/restaurants are and whether their food looks okay or not haha.

After dinner we got back to our motel, chit chat a little, played some mobile games and had our Coles chicken for supper later on! No photos for that haha.

That's is all for my Day 2 in Australia!! I think I'm updating this even slower than my Japan travelogues but I will be continuing this travelogue whenever I feel like it haha. It's a free and easy thing that I don't have plans to stress on. So I guess thanks for reading and until next time!!

- candy - 

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Loch Ard Motor Inn Quick Review - Where to stay at Port Campbell?

31 May 2018

Hello friendsss! I visited the 12 Apostles last winter and since we stayed a night at Port Campbell, I figure I'd sit down and type out a quick review on the place we stayed at called Loch Ard Motor Inn. We were there during last September so do take note that booking rates might be slightly different by now.

For starters, we chose to stay at Loch Ard Motor Inn because it's walking distance to a row of restaurants. If you are planning a visit during any season, perhaps apart from winter, the small and quiet Port Campbell Beach is less than 100 metres away. Apart from a few eateries, there's also a mini mart right across the road(not 24/7, closes in the evening). We ended up eating our dinner at the nearest restaurant to our motel called 12 Rocks Cafe & Beach Bar (click for review).

Ample free parking available.

During our one night stay, we booked their 'Family suite with kitchen' unit. It comes with 1 queen bed + 2 twin beds and comfortably sleeps a family of 4. During our stay last year we paid about RM830/night and last checked if you book now the price for this unit is around RM708+? (checked via and guys, always remember to booking via Shopback for cashback *wink wink #Kiamsiap101WithCandace*

Moving on, here's the living hall area. The interior of the place really ain't much to talk about but rest assured the place is definitely clean and well maintained. Although the warm hues might trick you into thinking the place is cozy, it was actually pretty cold LOL. Luckily all the beds come with a heater!

The only thing I find weird is probably their cabinets hahaha. I know it's expensive to have a full length storage cabinet but these are just so oddly cute.

We didn't exactly had time to 'chill' while we were there but the weather was so nice and cooling! If only we weren't hungry, we could've sat out here at the balcony and enjoy the breeze.

 Kitchen area

The two beds are inside a bedroom. Just like the queen bed outside, both beds come with an adjustable heater as well. Super cozy to sleep in during the cold winter season!

The room had this oddly cute cabinet too HAHA. But hey, at least there's more than one storage area in the unit.

Before I forget, here are some photos of the nearby mini and quiet Port Campbell Beach.

Final verdict: 7.5/10

Overall I would say my stay here was pleasant. The decor seemed a littleeee tiny bit shabby but it really wasn't all that bad. Either the beds were quite comfortable or we were just too tired and slept almost immediately. We didn't need to drive out/walk too far for dinner so I'd say the convenience of the location was great and it really made up for it's interior. Oh and for some reason I forgot to capture any photos of the toilet but I'd like to say the washroom was pretty decent! You can view photos of the washroom on tripadvisor la. I've included the link ahaha.

I think if I'll ever go back to Port Campbell and I don't intend to cook, I'll most likely choose to stay here again simply because it's so near all the restaurants! However if you intend to cook, I believe there are other service apartments in the area. As for the pricing, factoring in the location I think it's a fair price to pay. For smaller groups, Loch Ard Motor Inn also has smaller units starting from RM400-ish.

I've always seen people staying at motels in movies but I've never stayed in one before so I guess it was nice to finally experience staying in one? If you're curious, it kinda just feels like you've just checked into a single-storey house haha.

Loch Ard Motor Inn
18 Lord St, Port Campbell VIC 3269, Australia
Contact: +61 (3) 5598 6328          |          Website

Thanks for reading and see ya'll soon on my next post!

#CreateYourStyle with Schwarzkoph

26 May 2018

Hey everyone! The other day I visited a Schwarzkoph event so here's a quick write up on how the event went. If you're into hair care products, the brand Schwarzkoph shouldn't be an alien to you. It's a brand you probably can't pronounce or spell the name but the minute you see their iconic logo, you'll be like "Ohhhh!! that one!"

As I was saying, Schwarzkoph turns 120 years old this year! To celebrate, this year the brand is taking a step back from conventional beauty stereotypes to celebrate diversity and individual expressions of style, beauty, and fashion. Be it rocking colourful hair or your natural messy bed hair, Schwarzkoph's #CreateYourStyle campaign is telling you to embrace it all. Basically, you do you!

For years I've always pictured Schwarzkoph as a high end brand that could only be found in hair specialty shops like Hair Depot. Who knew they also carry a pretty decent range of hair care products targeted to keep your hair clean and healthy at an affordable price? Best part is that you don't have to hunt down any Hair Depot shops to get hold of these products, they're available at selected Watsons and Guardian stores! One of their best selling series is this all cyan coloured 'Schwarzkoph Extra Care Hydro Collagen' series. This particular range consists of 3 products - a shampoo, conditioner, and express repair spray.

Schwarzkoph Extra Care Hydro Collagen Shampoo - 200ml (RM18.00) / 400ml (RM28.00)

The first product I'll be sharing briefly about is the hydro collagen shampoo. There are two sizes available - 200ml and 400ml. The terms 'Hydro' and 'Collagen' already sounds like something I think my bleached hair would need. This shampoo is recommended to those with normal-dry-coarse hair and it claims to restore moisture to your hair. It has a pH value of 4-5 and it's formulated with Marine Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid for moisture absorption and retention.

Schwarzkoph Extra Care Hydro Collagen Conditioner 400ml - RM29.00

Recommended to people with normal-dry-coarse hair as well, this conditioner claims to provide long lasting hydration and keep your hair smooth up to 72-hours. When it comes to conditioners, you'll only need a small amount so 400ml is going to last you for quite some time.

Schwarzkoph Extra Care Hydro Collagen Express Hair Spray 150ml - RM35.00

The final product in their Hydro Collagen series is this hair spray leave in conditioner. This product claims to provide intensive regeneration and moisture to your hair. It's supposed to repair the hair structure and smoothes the hair surface making it easier to comb through.

Here are some other ranges in Schwarzkoph's 'Extra Care' range. The holo packaging on the 'purify & protect' series lowkey makes me feel super happy HAHA.

During the event there was also a photo studio. There were props available and we could get our photos taken by the photographer and have it printed out on the spot.
Now what's a hair event without some hair styling demos right? 3 local influencers were invited to have their hair styled by a stylist from the Schwarzkoph team. From left to right are Mawar Rashid, Emma Shazleen, and Sharifah Eleen Al-Baity. The following are some BTS photos!

After the hair demo session, it was time for a prize giving ceremony to end the event. During the event there was a 'most-creative instagram post competition' going on where the winners will walk away with RM900 worth of Schwarzkoph products and here are the lucky winners! Congratulations!

That's all I have to share today and thanks for reading! If you're interested, the mentioned Schwarzkoph products can be found at selected Watsons and Guardian outlets. Prices for these products range between RM18-RM35. Until next time!!

Event & PR by EverQuest     Website    |    Facebook 

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