Loch Ard Motor Inn Quick Review - Where to stay at Port Campbell?

31 May 2018

Hello friendsss! I visited the 12 Apostles last winter and since we stayed a night at Port Campbell, I figure I'd sit down and type out a quick review on the place we stayed at called Loch Ard Motor Inn. We were there during last September so do take note that booking rates might be slightly different by now.

For starters, we chose to stay at Loch Ard Motor Inn because it's walking distance to a row of restaurants. If you are planning a visit during any season, perhaps apart from winter, the small and quiet Port Campbell Beach is less than 100 metres away. Apart from a few eateries, there's also a mini mart right across the road(not 24/7, closes in the evening). We ended up eating our dinner at the nearest restaurant to our motel called 12 Rocks Cafe & Beach Bar (click for review).

Ample free parking available.

During our one night stay, we booked their 'Family suite with kitchen' unit. It comes with 1 queen bed + 2 twin beds and comfortably sleeps a family of 4. During our stay last year we paid about RM830/night and last checked if you book now the price for this unit is around RM708+? (checked via booking.com) and guys, always remember to booking via Shopback for cashback *wink wink #Kiamsiap101WithCandace*

Moving on, here's the living hall area. The interior of the place really ain't much to talk about but rest assured the place is definitely clean and well maintained. Although the warm hues might trick you into thinking the place is cozy, it was actually pretty cold LOL. Luckily all the beds come with a heater!

The only thing I find weird is probably their cabinets hahaha. I know it's expensive to have a full length storage cabinet but these are just so oddly cute.

We didn't exactly had time to 'chill' while we were there but the weather was so nice and cooling! If only we weren't hungry, we could've sat out here at the balcony and enjoy the breeze.

 Kitchen area

The two beds are inside a bedroom. Just like the queen bed outside, both beds come with an adjustable heater as well. Super cozy to sleep in during the cold winter season!

The room had this oddly cute cabinet too HAHA. But hey, at least there's more than one storage area in the unit.

Before I forget, here are some photos of the nearby mini and quiet Port Campbell Beach.

Final verdict: 7.5/10

Overall I would say my stay here was pleasant. The decor seemed a littleeee tiny bit shabby but it really wasn't all that bad. Either the beds were quite comfortable or we were just too tired and slept almost immediately. We didn't need to drive out/walk too far for dinner so I'd say the convenience of the location was great and it really made up for it's interior. Oh and for some reason I forgot to capture any photos of the toilet but I'd like to say the washroom was pretty decent! You can view photos of the washroom on tripadvisor la. I've included the link ahaha.

I think if I'll ever go back to Port Campbell and I don't intend to cook, I'll most likely choose to stay here again simply because it's so near all the restaurants! However if you intend to cook, I believe there are other service apartments in the area. As for the pricing, factoring in the location I think it's a fair price to pay. For smaller groups, Loch Ard Motor Inn also has smaller units starting from RM400-ish.

I've always seen people staying at motels in movies but I've never stayed in one before so I guess it was nice to finally experience staying in one? If you're curious, it kinda just feels like you've just checked into a single-storey house haha.

Loch Ard Motor Inn
18 Lord St, Port Campbell VIC 3269, Australia
Contact: +61 (3) 5598 6328          |          Website

Thanks for reading and see ya'll soon on my next post!

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