A:Concept Make Your Concept Black Set Review

25 December 2017

Merry Christmas everyone!! This year we've decided to spend Christmas in a more quiet chill-day style. I honestly thought it'll be dull at first, but surprisingly a nice and quiet family bonding session over toffee nut frappuccino followed by grocery shopping was actually quite enjoyable. Plus, mom made wagyu beef burgers + salad for dinner!

Anyways Christmas aside, today I'm here to share another makeup review! By now ya'll probably know how much I love finding quality multipurpose makeup products that I could bring along with me when I travel right? So if you're into "space saving" products, be sure to read this review! :D

It's Skin Avocado High Nutrition mask sheet review

12 December 2017

Annyeonghaseyo~ My aunt recently went to Korea and I guess she did quite a bit of K-Beauty shopping over there. When she came back, she brought home a bunch of different facial sheet masks so I took the liberty to snag a few to try out for myself hohoho. For today I'll be sharing my first impressions and review on this Avocado High Nutrition sheet mask from It's Skin.

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