NYX cosmetics is now in Sunway Pyramid + my haul & swatches!

9 February 2018

Guyssss NYX Professional Makeup just opened their 3rd store at Sunway Pyramid!! OK, I know la. NYX already has two stores in Sogo & IOI but I'm never one to visit malls 40 minutes drive away from me, so when they announced their 3rd store opening at Sunway Pyramid, I was like "I HAVE TO GO!" Now enough of my excitement, let me just show you some photos and share with ya'll how my day went!

And if you want to see what I bought + my mini reviews on them, keep reading until the end!

I got to Sunway around 9:50 and because I don't go to Sunway often, I got lost 10 minutes after I stepped into the mall. Champion, I know. Thank goodness I wasn't too far away so Zoelie found me pretty fast HAHA. 

When I got to the store, there was already a pretty big group of NYX fans queuing for the launch event. As soon as the opening ceremony took place, theygave us these quirky glasses. The glasses they gave out had a small 'mystery gift' token attached to it. Too bad we could only redeem the mystery gift on the next day though :(

Thankfully for Butterfly Project, I  received a media invitation and didn't have to wait any longer to enter the store.

First thing that caught my eyes was their Love you so, mochi collection!! The collection features two eye shadow palettes and two highlighter palettes in a creamy soft mochi-like texture!

Here's their peach tones eye shadow palette! I swear the holo text under the store's lighting was bomb!

Also swatched some of the colours that caught my attention! The coral shimmer shade on the right is love!

This one is their 'pastel' eye shadow palette that I was looking forward to! Since it'll only be dropping in stores next month, I'll probably be shopping at Sunway again sooner than I thought. Though rather than pastel, it looks more electric-pop doesn't it haha

One of their highlighter trio palettes!

Don't know why but I swatched the other highlighter palette instead. Similar to the eye shadow, the texture of the palette really feels like mochi and the formula is so creamy that blending it out was pretty easy. The glow wasn't very blinding so I think if you're looking for a subtle glow, this works!

They also have a selfie bar!

Couple days before the event I watched Tati's review on their Powder Puff lippies and after swatching it in the store, I gave into temptation and bought one haha.

I've also heard many good things about their butter lipsticks. Needless to say after swatching, I grabbed two. So hor, this is like the perks of new store testers, everything's new! Swatch that time also happy.

Also spotted this beautiful palette near the cashier!! 

Was super indecisive about what I want so in the end I think I was shopping and swatching products for like an hour. 

After we paid, we got to try our luck on a lucky draw outside the store. Of course I wanted to win one of those huge prizes la but it's ok I still got a mini liquid suede lip creme from the lucky draw. I've heard mixed reviews on this lippie so now I can finally test and see if I like the formula!

---------------- n y x ----------------

So during the event, NYX also gave us a RM50 cash voucher to spend and of course I had to buy some goodies! Behold, jeng jeng jeng here's the small bag of goodies I splurged on!

My haul is like 90% lippie and one colour correcting concealer haha

1. NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer Wand in green. This retails for RM26 and weighs 0.11 oz/ 3g. I have un-even redness on my face along with acne problems and while a layer of bb cushion is enough to even out my skin tone, I've always wanted to try and see how much I could improve my makeup with a colour corrector.

So when you're looking for a colour correcting concealer, you'll want to find something not-too-drying. As you will still be layering foundation, concealer and setting powder, it's important to find one that is light-weight enough to not cake up your face but still serve it's colour correcting purpose.

I swatched this in the store and because it blended out very easily and did not feel drying on my skin, I decided to buy it home to try out. 

At the moment, I'm still currently testing this product out so I can yet to do a full review on it, but sooooooo faaaaaaaar my thoughts are...

while it's very easy to cover up under a medium-semi high coverage foundation + concealer, the green-ness is still pretty evident when covering up with a medium coverage foundation + concealer. It's not dry and a small amount really goes a long way, so work with small dots.

I've constantly forgotten to include this but this time I remember leh. OK So here's my 100% bare naked lips. I have dry lips so if you have dry lips too, we can relate la. Plus this time I forgot to exfoliate with my sugar scrub so the following swatches are gonna be extra helpful for those who are not accustomed to exfoliating your lips.

2. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Pink Lust (sample size) - free // RM35 for full size. Got this mini lippie for free during the lucky draw but that doesn't stop me from reviewing. (Thank you Nyx Cosmetics!)

Here's a swatch of Pink Lust on my hand.

Swatched Pink Lust on my lips as well.

And here's how Pink lust looks on me. As you could probably tell, Pink Lust clearly doesn't suit me that well hahaha. It's a very cool tone purple-pink and looks kinda off for my undertone but seems like I might be able to pull it off in a party??? I also feel that my makeup was a little too light to pull this super fun shade off. 

The colour aside, I'm also having a love hate relationship with the formula. It's okay enough for me to consider getting another shade to try out but I don't love it enough to rave over it. The formula takes a while but will eventually dry to a matte finish, it felt a little heavy on my lips but still moderately comfortable to wear AFTER it fully dries. When applying, the formula also felt a little too oily for my liking but overall I wouldn't mind wearing this as long as it dries completely. Definitely would opt for a different shade though.

Rating for formula: 5/10
Rating for this colour on me: 2/10

Next up I have here is their Butter Lipsticks in Neon Lights and Heat Wave. These retail for RM32 each and weighs 0.16oz / 4.5g. I swatched these two in the store and loved the colours. Although I kind-of have a dupe for Heat Wave, I just couldn't resist.

Upon opening, I noticed some water droplets on the lipstick. That's most probably cause I left the lipsticks next to my window and it started melting?? @_@ But magically after opening and using it twice, the water droplets has now disappeared and has yet to come back.

3. Butter Lipstick in Neon Lights - RM32. Here's how the lipstick look like.

You get this much product. (The tip looks slightly rounded here because I got this shade after using it twice)

 When swatched it looks like a beautiful coral-pink shade.

Here's how it looks closeup. The formula is rather sheer so if you have dry lips like mine, you might want to consider exfoliating before using as it could get quite patchy on dry flaky lips.

From far though I really love it as an everyday coral lipstick. Also it feels super comfortable and not too sticky compared to other lipsticks of it's kind.

Rating for formula: 7.5/10
Rating for this colour on me: 8/10

4. Butter Lipstick in Heat Wave - RM32. One thing I like about this lipstick is that the colour of the product itself matched the packaging very well.

Decided to swatch both Heat Wave and Neon Lights next to each other so ya'll can compare. Very obvious, Heat wave is a red-pink berry shade. 

Here's how Heat Wave looks on the lips. Although the dry-er parts are still very mildly accentuated, the formula of this shade seems more acceptable compared to Neon Lights. There's just something about red lipsticks being easier to get the formula spot on y'know.

I have no comment on this. Love the formula, love the colour!

Rating for formula: 9.5/10
Rating for this colour on me: 10/10

5. NYX Powder Puff Lippie in Puppy Love. This lippie retails for RM38 and contains 0.4 fl. oz /12ml. I'm not too sure but 12ml sounds a lot for a liquid lipstick right?? Anyways, this was in my "must buy list" especially the shade 'Puppy Love' cause it looked like the perfect pinkish nude.

 Puff applicator

 Puppy love has a matte finish and looks really beautiful for everyday!

Doesn't look all too bad on the lips either. Under bright natural lighting it kinda looks like my natural lip colour but a more 'lively' version if that makes any sense??? Ok, scroll up, look at my bare pale lips for a moment, scroll back down, you'll know what I mean.

If this shade doesn't scream every day wear, I don't know what does. Ok, colour on point! As for the formula, it's definitely a matte powdery finish but doesn't feel too heavy on the lips. Though in terms of comfort, I guess I'll call it borderline comfortable? If my lips were any dry-er that day, I'll most likely pass on this. Application was also a tinyyyy bit troublesome for me because it felt like I had to squeeze quite a bit of product to fully cover up the entire lips and also if your lips are extra dry, this lippie would look quite patchy.

Rating for formula: 7.5/10
Rating for this colour on me: 8.5/10

6. Soft Matte Lip Cream in Ibiza. Their soft matte lip cream retails for RM35 each and contains 0.27 fl. oz / 8 ml of product. Ever since I got myself the shade Amsterdam, I've always wanted to try more shades from their Soft Matte Lip Cream series.

 Here's a swatch ob Ibiza on my hand.

Closeup swatch of Ibiza on the lips. 

Here's how Ibiza looks on me. Personally I feel that Ibiza is a very nice sweet rosey pink shade and is pretty suitable on a daily wear basis too! To be honest I think all the shades I bought are very daily wearable la HAHAHA.

As for the formula, it dries down to a matte powdery finish, very similar to the powder puff lippie above but in terms of comfort, the powder puff wins. While this may be a little drying on the lips, I don't find it too bad to the extent where every crack on your lips is accentuated la. However, that's really a case by case situation cause there has been situations where my lips are so dry that I couldn't pull off any matte lippies.

Also one more thing ya'll probably should know about this range is that it has a total of 46 shades to choose from so I'm sure you'll bound to find something you like. So far I own Paris, Amsterdam, Moscow, and now Ibiza. Paris is a straight up sharp cool tone pink (similar to Pink Lust, but more wearable for me??), Amsterdam is a beautiful bright coral-red shade that is like a fav among a lot of my friends, and Moscow is a funky purple shade that I have bought but has yet to play around with.

Rating for formula: 7/10
Rating for this colour on me: 8.5/10

That's all for my haul! I've also uploaded a quick swatch video on my instagram, so do check it out if you have time!! I was playing with my camera's video settings and started venturing into manual mode for recording, so far it's been pretty fun so I might consider doing more makeup videos for fun in the future hahaha. 

Oh and if you live in KL area, NYX Cosmetics just announced their 4th store opening at Play Up, Fahrenheit 88 (ground floor) this Saturday 10th of February! There's gonna be 50% off on selected items and the first 200 in line gets a free lippie *wink* (TnC applied) 

Thanks for reading and see ya'll soon on my next post! Bye! 

NYX Professional Makeup Sunway Pyramid
G1.80, Sunway Pyramid,
3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway, 47500,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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  1. wow!! you bought all different of lipsticks from NYX!! I think I found someone can accompany me for shopping already hahaha



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