How to print a name card - Gogoprint printing service review

31 March 2017

Hii~ today's post is another review / semi-educational post about printing your own business card! So recently I've been attending more events (hopefully more after my internship ends) And one thing I've learned from them is the importance of having a name card with you. I had one previously (and tq so much Potter for gifting them to me T v T) but I can no longer give them out during events because the information on that card is outdated. *sobs*
So since Gogoprint had reached out to me the other day to review their printing services, I saw this as an opportunity to stop being lazy and finally get myself an updated business card for my blog. As I explain my ordering process, I'll also include my thoughts on their service along the way :) 

For a site that you're able to order various printing services from, their website is fairly simple to navigate. On the main page itself, I've selected the printing service I want and it then brings me to the details page of that particular service. 

For my business card, I've decided to print full colour on both front & back on 310g art card paper with a matte lamination finish. 

At Gogoprint, you can print any quantity in between 100 to 50,000 pcs. Also you have 4 "production speed" to choose from. As most first time customers, I've chosen to print 100pcs and followed with the normal production timeline as I wasn't rushing for these cards.

The highlighted yellow on the right are certain things to double check before placing your order. Also I highly recommend saving your business card in PDF as any other format submitted will cost you additional RM200. 

After your order is added to your cart, check your details again under the "show details" link then proceed to make payment once every thing is correct. 

After paying for my cards, I've proceeded to upload my PDF file accordingly to the given instructions. 

For my name card, I've opted to come up with a quick and simple design on Adobe Illustrator. Fret not, if designing isn't your cup of tea, I noticed that you're also able to contact Gogoprint for their design services as well.

I also figured that when zooming into the canvas by 200%, the size of the canvas on my screen is pretty close to the physical card size. (200% because my screen has a higher resolution) It may or may not work for everyone else but this trick that worked for me really helped me in estimating what font size I should use for the card. Also if you're working on illustrator like me, remember to add crop marks when exporting the PDF file.

 Double check one last time and you're good to go! :) 

Personally I do find that Gogoprint's website was very easy to navigate. I'm also glad that my cards turned out much better than I imagined as the colour was pretty accurate to my screen's. I'd say their delivery was pretty fast too. The estimated arrival time for my cards was supposedly on Wednesday but these got here on Tuesday instead. So +1 on that

As mentioned earlier, the quality of the cards were pretty good as all the text was printed nice and clear. Although I do think that their prices is a tiny bit higher compared to some other smaller printing companies, but for the quality of the cards, I'm cool with the cost, plus they offer a free standards check too :)

*This post is a sponsored review but all opinions stated are my honest opinions*

Styling a bodycon dress ft. 3 simple makeup looks

27 March 2017

Hey everyone! I've officially reached the last week of my internship and honestly, I really don't know how to feel about this. I hope I did alright and also hope that I didn't cause anyone too much trouble :') Anyways, emotional speech aside, lets talk style.  

If you ask me what's the best timeless dress out there, I'd say bodycon dresses. Bodycon dresses comes in different cuttings and designs but one thing they do best is flaunting your curves beautifully. If you don't already own one, you've obviously yet to find the best bodycon dress suitable for you. Fear not, today let's walk through a few of my favourite bodycon dresses and ways to style them from head to toe. 

First off, let's start with something basic and casual. If you think bodycon dresses are restricted to parties, you're missing out big time. You can definitely make it casual by getting a striped bodycon dress. Mix with a denim jacket/nude coat and complete the look with a pair of white sneakers. A style like this is perfect for those who wants to look girly yet comfy at the same time. 

For a comfy casual style like this, you could opt for a slightly toned down no-makeup makeup look. This look is all about being effortless, quick, and basically focusing in making yourself look awake when in actual fact you're probably still sleeping on the inside. To start with this look, I've filled in my brows and concealed all my uneven skin tone and acne. To make my eyes look slightly larger, I drew a thin line with my favourite burgundy liquid eyeliner, finishing off with a hydrating coral lipstick. 

The following bodycon dress design I'd like to add to this list will give off a cool vibe and it's also my favourite out of the three. High neck bodycon dresses. Wear it on its own or pair it with a nude coat for a more sophisticated look. This look is great for traveling as you'd sure want to get as many gram-worthy ootd shots along your trip. Plus, this look is timeless and trendy across all countries. Strappy heels will definitely add an extra spice so don’t forget to pack a pair on your next trip!

Since you'll be taking a few more extra shots of yourself with this look, here's an elevated version of the previous makeup look above. Keeping the look simple, this time, dust a cool brown shadow on the outer 'v' of your eyes. To add more colour to the face, I've also dusted a soft pink blush on my cheeks topping it with a littttlllleeeee bit of opal highlight. On my lips, I've dabbed on a magenta lipstick lightly and blend it all over with my fingers to achieve a more soft pink lips.

Last but not least, black never goes out of style and this applies to the little black dress. So if this is your first bodycon dress, get yourself the little black bodycon dress and pair it with classic black heels for a polished look. This dress will definitely double up for various occasions from parties to even casual meetings when paired right. If you did not notice, my selection above are mainly dresses which covers the arms because for a personal recommendation, as someone with larger arms, this is some sort of a 'personal hack' to flaunt dresses while being able to show some skin and hide the meat at the same time ahahha!

I had each look planned to match a different mood yet keeping everything effortless. For a night party look to match the black dress moodboard I've paired above, I've added more dimension to the eyes by further adding onto the last makeup look above. 
What I've added here is a touch of burgundy eyeshadow, thicken my eyeliner slightly, draw some fake bottom lashes with my liquid eyeliner, spam the highlight and switch up to a bright red lipstick. 

I hope you ladies find this post helpful when you're mix and matching the perfect bodycon dress ootd along with the three simple and effortless makeup looks to cater three different occasions. Now that you're inspired, it's shopping time! *cheers* 

* This post is a collaboration with Zalora Malaysia *

Althea Addiction #7: 24k gold mask & a mask that really helps with acne?

7 March 2017

Ever since I've started my internship, I don't recall the last time I've found time/energy to type a blog entry T_T (It's so rare I get to leave at 6:30pm today so I actually have time to rest and blog at night!) But one thing I did find time is to stock up on masks!! I'm always eager to try new and funky masks, or really anything in general that'll help my face and is a cheaper alternative to a facial visit haha! I've been procrastinating this post for about a week so I've actually tried a few of these masks - in which I'll be including a short review on the ones I've tried below. On the side note, I find writing about my hauls really helpful in preventing 'accidental purchases' haha! (btw, I just bought my second bronzer in life lmao. My makeup collection is officially complete and I should stop shopping for new makeup. haha. jokes)

I pretty much get all my korean beauty products from Althea, so here's my usual favourite hot pink parcel. I ordered this parcel the same day I finished my favorite acne mask and I've never appreciated it's speedy delivery than ever. It literally took only a week to fly itself to my doorstep from Korea.

Got my 2-minute appetizer entertainment with this fine piece of bubble wrap. 

As you can see, besides of the sheet masks, everything else is also wrapped in bubble wrap. 

First up is Innisfree's capsul recipe pack - Jeju Bija & Tea Tree. (RM7 each) This mask is also the whole reason I made this purchase. Give me a bit more time to write a thorough review for you guys ok but 4 days of using this baby, my acne cleared up big time. So when I ran out, I repurchased 5 at one go. FYI, this is my 3rd time repurchasing so you know something works when you are repurchasing it non-stop. I personally use it chilled so after each use, i'll wrap it up with a Glad wrap and store it in the fridge. 

Next up is the SAEM's Sebum removing cotton swab. (RM10 a pack/ 40sticks) Because I don't own any sebum/black head extractors I've decided to get this to try and have my own DIY home facial. One end is the extractor and the other is regular cotton. Whether or not if this really works, I'll keep you guys posted! 

Believe or not but this 24k gold wrapping mask by PIOLANG (RM69) has been in my cart since new years eve! I've been holding back because I told myself I really have to finish up my existing masks. But since I really needed my innisfree acne mask, I thought why not. So here it is. Liquid gold

The mask seemed to be leaking from the side slightly but nothing too big as I could clean it up easily. I guess you can say the liquid gold was being quite a teaser. 

It comes with a spatula - which is great! But honestly the first thing that came to mind was "This packaging ugly lol" 

Ugly packaging aside, this was really really really. like. really satisfying to look at. 

allergy test haha. Also at this point I was really tempted to paint my whole body gold.

more sheet masks. Some of these were on promotion so I stocked a few up for those emergency nights where my face is just screaming for help. 

These Lebaton masks were retailing for RM3 each so i got about a mixture of 10(Aloe Soothing Essence Mask & Aqua Hydrating Essence Mask) on standby in case some of the random sheet masks I got from SaSa runs out. I actually did try the famous ' korean 1 sheet mask a day ' routine. Sure it was really effective and costly at the same time, but some nights I just really want to shower and sleep. I'm so tired that I don't even want to spare 10minutes to pamper my face and I'm sure we're all secretly like that. sleep > face 

On the side note, I've also tried these masks out and although they do keep my face hydrated, I personally didn't really like how sticky my skin felt even after a long period of time after removing. 

Another mask I saw that was under RM5 haha. So I bought one to try. This is Pure Smile's Original Essence Mask Royal Jelly. (RM3.70) 

This is one out of the two masks I bought from the brand APIEU. I've tried the gold one and have yet to try the silver one. But here's my thoughts on the gold silk blanket mask. (RM7) 

I can't read Korean but I'll assume that I was suppose to leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes. Each mask has their specific wear time so I try my best to keep track of time while doing masks. 

I ain't gonna lie but this mask looked weird yet cool at the same time! It was so cool that it had this dual-chrome effect to it! But for odd reasons it just looked weird too haha. I really hope to like the mask but like the Lebaton one, I'm not a fan of this because this mask too, left a sticky touch on my skin. Asides from that I guess it doesn't really suit my face shape :(

This is probably the priciest single sheet mask I've purchased. I'm not a hardcore sheet mask believer so it's rare for me to purchase any sheet masks above RM10. So I made an exception to this hoping it'll really really work.
 This mask here is Dr.Jart+ 's Dermask Micro Jet Clearing Solution. This series of masks is retailing in Sephora for RM26 but I only got mine for RM15 on Althea! (so at least I'm getting a good start lol) Anyways, this mask is suppose to control blemishes and correct uneven skin tone. So a part of me is really hoping this works because really this sounds like everything I need in a sheet mask. 

Last but not least, I had to end this haul post with some form of makeup product. This is another product from the SAEM - Water candy tint in soft persimmon! (RM18) I know I own a lot of lip colours but I don't really have an orange water's...fine??? Will test it out soon when I have time and maybe I'll do a blog post again soon on a collective lip swatch? We'll see haha. 

Okay, officially ending with this innisfree green tea balancing skin miniature set. Got this for free in my parcel! I've previously tried their green tea face wash and I loved the scent! Can't wait to try these out as well! Thank you <3

On another very unrelated side note, my internship is ending soon and honestly, I never knew how much I enjoyed editing videos until now. At the mean time, I'm really struggling with deciding what major to further my studies in and also what university to enroll in T_T I'd love to write more but I need to work on some editing and then get some sleep soon in hopes that my health will improve tomorrow. Seriously most flu medication don't work on me anymore T_T

Good night!

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