Great Ocean Road trip - 12 Apostles Attempt 1 - Day 2 in Victoria, Australia

5 June 2018

Ah The Great Ocean Road. Today we'll be continuing my Australia travelogue and here's what happened on day 2! By the way, some people tend to ask me how I'm able to remember my trips so clearly when I take such a long time to publish em, well the trick is: for each trip I'll keep a note on my phone, every night during the trip I'll open up that note to update what I did during the day so that's pretty much how I keep track of what I did haha. For someone like me that tends to go back to my travel posts to relive those memories, I'll try my best to squeeze any time out to finish writing these posts. Even if it takes 3 years LOL. Apart from writing it for myself, sometimes when people ask me certain questions about the places I visited, I guess sending a link to them with photos etc is much easier than typing a long paragraph la.

Anyways, if you're planning to take a Great Ocean Road trip, read on!

Before we start our road trip to the 12 Apostles, the first thing we did was have breakfast at the nearby Mc Donald's in Crown casino. There's just something exciting about trying menu items from overseas Mcd y'know! So for my breakfast I ordered their Smoky BBQ Brekkie Roll. Not gonna lie, it tasted pretty average haha. It wasn't like 'wow' but I guess it's a breakfast burger I'd wish they'd have in Malaysia la.

 And an iced chocolate!

After breakfast we started our road trip journey. On the way to the 12 Apostles we wanted to grab our long missed Coles roast chicken so we stopped by Clarendon Centre at Coventry St.

Chicky spotted! We normally go for the standard roast chicken but this time we saw this Lilydale free range one and decided to try it assuming it's healthier la. Not sure is it because the last time I had a Coles chicken was 6 years ago and the quality dropped or this Lilydale one just didn't taste as yummy :( By the way, I also bought a pack of donuts from Coles and I guess their donuts really ain't my cuppa tea either T_T

Call me aunty la but overseas veggies always look so much nicer! T ^ T 

I think this was our scenery for two hours?? In case your phone goes out of signal and google maps no longer work(happened to us), getting to the 12 Apostles was actually pretty easy solely based on road signs.

You'll be passing by A LOT of cows and sheeps on the way hahaha. Mom actually stopped the car so we could take a photo of this cow.

rainbow spotted too!

The sky gets dark pretty early during winter so on the way to our motel we've decided to make a stop at the Twelve Apostles first. The whole reason why we're spending a night at Port Cambell is mainly because one, it's too tiring to drive back on the same night, and two, the weather hasn't been all that sunny so there was a chance that we won't be able to get a good shot of the Twelve Apostles during our late noon visit. 

Strong winds in winter sobs

During our first attempt, we literally only got two 'okay' shots of the 12 apostles. This is pretty much why we decided to stay the night and make a stop back here again next morning. Shortly after we arrived, the sky started drizzling sia.

I had a love hate relationship with my pink hair at first but right now I'm really missing it!! (my hair went blue and now it's faded back to boring brown)

Initially planned to vlog during this trip but I guess the wind says nah. 

I've never seen so many seagulls in my life. (way more not in pic)

Since it started drizzling and getting cooler than ever we made our way to our motel. On my previous blog post I wrote a quick review on the motel we stayed at called Loch Ard Motor Inn. If you missed it, you can check out the review here.

As for dinner we decided to have dinner at 12 Rocks Cafe & Beach Bar. Full review on my dinner is available here!! By the way, it's 2018 guys! (well 2017 when I went) and social media is super helpful. Apart from Trip advisor, I also suggest you guys to look up restaurants/places you wanna visit under Instagram's places/hashtags search to see how popular certain places/restaurants are and whether their food looks okay or not haha.

After dinner we got back to our motel, chit chat a little, played some mobile games and had our Coles chicken for supper later on! No photos for that haha.

That's is all for my Day 2 in Australia!! I think I'm updating this even slower than my Japan travelogues but I will be continuing this travelogue whenever I feel like it haha. It's a free and easy thing that I don't have plans to stress on. So I guess thanks for reading and until next time!!

- candy - 

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  1. What a beautiful place to visit! Would love to visit Australia someday. :) Followed you on Pinterest :)

    Hear from you soon!

    Love, Airish

    1. Hey Airish! Yes Australia's a beautiful place, you have to plan a trip there in the future! <3


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