How to shop on Mogujie & (Jing Dong) in English?

21 March 2018

Hi everyone! If you have been following my blog for a while, you guys probably already know that I have been using this website called ezbuy to shop for affordable clothes, makeup tools, and a whole lot more since 2013! I have always been using their ‘Buy-For-Me’ service and after so many years, my shopping experience with them has been nothing but pleasant.

When shopping online, we’re always on the hunt for the best deals. With that said, let me introduce you to 2 more shopping sites that you could shop on for affordable deals called – (Jing Dong京东) and (Mushroom Street蘑菇街)! These two shopping websites are based in China and in order to shop on these websites directly, you will need to know mandarin. Thankfully, if you don’t know mandarin, ezbuy is here to help you with that.

In case you are unfamiliar, the way ezbuy’s shopping platform works is that their website would list out products from online shopping websites like etc in English. This feature was added so that those whom doesn’t understand mandarin can still enjoy the sweet deals available from China online shopping websites like these two.

This should be obvious by now, on today I will be sharing with you guys “How to shop on Mogujie & in English” via ezbuy. Before we hop onto the “How-to” part, let me show you guys a few goodies that caught my interest from Mogujie and
If you’re into beauty and fashion, Mogujie is a good option to hunt for makeup tools and apparels. Over here I have put together this collage on a few things that I’m quite interested from Mogujie. This is no secret but, simple and comfy has all along been my go-to style. Being a ‘T-shirt kinda girl’, I find the selection of graphic tees available on Mogujie are pretty good. Although it’s been a long time since I’ve last worn false eyelashes, I always can’t seem to hold back and would always end up getting a few cheap and quality ones online. Another thing I can’t control myself on are makeup brushes! The number of makeup brushes I have are constantly growing and these beautiful gradient brushes I came across on ezbuy’s platform looks super pretty (and they’re very affordable too!) Also, don’t you think this pair of converse inspired shoes look really nice when paired with some urban street wear? (Jing Dong)
After seeing what caught my eye from Mogujie, here is a few goodies that I’m interested from While Mogujie is a website catered towards trendy fashion goodies, will suit pretty much anyone because it has practically everything you can think of. Since my makeup collection is expanding, I managed to find these acrylic makeup holders that I really like. Depending on the size you’re looking for, the ones I found are pretty reasonable in price too! Other than that, I have recently switched to a 7plus but I am still using the casing it came with. While searching for phone cases on ezbuy, I found this really nice marble print one. I know the marble hype is pretty much over by now but don’t you think this marble casing looks pretty cool? What’s better is that this is a silicone material so it does contribute slightly to protecting your phone if it falls.

"Two ways to shop from Mogujie & using ezbuy."

Now that you guys are familiar on what you could find from Mogujie and, let’s start shopping! From my personal online shopping experience, there are two ways to shop on Mogujie and via ezbuy. The first method is to copy paste the URL of the items you want to buy from into ezbuy’s search bar. Ezbuy will then generate the product details on their website. After that you would need to fill in your selections and add the item to your cart.

However, in order to search for products directly on Mogujie and’s search box, you will need to search for keywords in mandarin. While you can look into google translate to help you in this, another method you could try instead is by shopping on ezbuy’s website itself.

This brings me to my main topic of the day~

Jeng jeng jeng

"How to shop from Mogujie & in English"
*mockup credit to Anthony Boyd*

The following steps will allow you to shop on Mogujie and in English while only using ezbuy’s website. This method is recommended to those whom are not fluent or does not understand mandarin/Chinese at all. Out of the two methods, this is the more direct and simpler one. However, I personally do think that by using this method, your choices are slightly lesser in comparison to searching on Mogujie & itself. Then again, if you don’t know Mandarin and Google Translate fails you, this function is going to be your ‘China online shopping best friend’.

Now let’s get started!

Step 1: Search the keywords of what you are looking for directly into ezbuy’s search box. As an example, I searched for ‘2018 summer fashion’ because Malaysia’s summer all year round, the common keywords I search for are summer/spring fashion etc!

Step 2: Click the search button and they will display a bunch of products based on your search.

If you noticed, below each product name there is a tiny logo indicating the ‘seller’. If a certain product is from, it would display the red JD logo, vice versa if the product is from Mogujie, it would display a mushroom in pink box logo.

If you are using this method, don’t worry, ezbuy has made their website pretty easy to shop on. To make your shopping experience better, ezbuy has included various filters for you to utilize. Since this is a ‘how to shop on Mogujie and in English guide’, I will be using Mogujie as an example.

After selecting ‘Mogujie’ as your seller, you can play around with the other filters available.

As you can see, because you have selected ‘Mogujie’ as the seller, all the products displayed are products sold on

Let’s say for example you like this pair of heels, click on the product and it will bring you to the product page. From there on, you can choose the colour and size etc directly on ezbuy’s platform. The price displayed is also conveniently converted to MYR for you. If you move your mouse over the image, a pop up ‘zoomed-in version of the product’ will appear so that you will be able to view the product image clearer. Right below the ‘Add to Cart’ button you can also choose to add this product to your favourites or add a remark as well.

For more information on the product, you can scroll down and you will find more photos/details provided by the seller themselves. Ezbuy’s website pretty much extracts most of the info from the seller’s product page, list it on their platform and translate it to English for us shoppers.

Once you have decided on your choices, you can add these pair of heels to your cart. (don’t worry, if you decide that you don’t want them anymore, you can just delete it from your shopping cart later on).

Here is my shopping cart after adding a few more stuff from If you added any remarks, you will be able to see it on your cart before you hit the check-out button.

After clicking ‘check out’ there are 2 more steps before you reach the payment stage. First you will need to select your “local delivery method”. You can choose to self-pick up your parcel at one of their many self-collection stations or choose to have your parcel delivered to your doorstep. I would want to save a bit, so I chose self-collection instead.

Now let me clarify the order summary a little, the ‘shipping fee’ is your international postage for your parcel to fly from ezbuy’s China warehouse to their Malaysia warehouse. The RM18 displayed is based on the economy air freight charges. You can opt for cheaper/more expensive international shipping options under the ‘Review and confirm your order’ section.

The ‘delivery fee’ would be your local postage. Mine is RM2.90 because I chose self-pick up from one of their self-collection stations. This amount will vary if you opt for home delivery instead.

After everything is set, just click ‘Pay Now’. You will be prompted to ‘top-up your ezbuy wallet’. Just follow the top-up instructions and make your payment via bank transfer/visa etc. Once you’re done with that, go back to your pending orders and pay for your order. When you are done with that, all you have to do is wait for your goodies to arrive! :)

Simple as that!

Before I sign off, if you’re someone like me that is indecisive and often times totally clueless on what keywords to search for (or is just plain lazy to search), ezbuy’s team is constantly looking out for the best deals and putting em’ together in different collections for us shoppers. For example, this one here has a decent selection of goodies under RM30. I guess even if you’re lazy, you can still shop and get deals thanks to these curated collections haha!

If you think the under RM30 selections are cool but not for you, ezbuy has many more selections picked out. These are some examples under their Trending Now tab. As there are too many collections on ezbuy, I won’t be able to list all of it, so hop onto ezbuy’s website to see em’ for yourself here.

Okay la, that’s all from me today! I’m going to stop eating your online shopping time so, adios and enjoy your shopping spree!

If you are not a member of ezbuy yet, sign up here and get a free RM15 cash voucher when you shop on ezbuy.

Thanks for reading, and until next time! 😊

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