Innisfree Second Skin Mask - Soothing First Impressions

5 September 2018

Annyeong kawans! The Innisfree Second Skin Mask has been a sheet mask I've been eager to try for a very long time and I finally got my hands on one yay! I'm not sure when did Innisfree released their Second Skin Mask series but over the past few months I've been hearing a lot of talk about em. I got mine from Innisfree Pavilion KL but it should be available at all Innisfree shops. It took me so long to decide whether or not if I want to buy this mask you guys! I literally went into Innisfree, left because I couldn't decide, shared a Mango Snowflake with my bestie, and after that went back into innisfree to purchase it.

Anyways, now that I've tried one, I'm finally ready to share my first impressions review with you guys!

Here's how the packaging looks like. Looking at Innisfree Malaysia's website, the Second Skin Mask series is available in 5 variants - Brightening, Firming, Soothing, Nourishing, and Moisturizing. As my skin's main concerns are usually acne, lack of hydration, and uneven redness, I got myself the Second Skin 'Soothing' mask to try. Their Soothing mask is the one in mint/light green colour and based on Innisfree's website, retail price is RM20.50 per mask.

"This 5-in-1 tight fitting mask is enriched with panthenol to provide concentrated moisture and exfoliation to dehydrated skin, helping to make it look clear and smooth."

The Innisfree Second Skin Mask claims to give your skin 5 effects, I'm not sure is this it(because it was written in Korean on the packaging) but on the website it states that this mask is supposed to help improve your skin's barrier, texture, elasticity, transparency, as well as increasing the moisture content in your skin. Before I continue with the review, let's take a look at my skin's current condition.

As you can see, my current skin condition is...not good at all (this was already way better compared to two months ago) and this is also partially a reason why I have not been posting any beauty reviews in months. While most parts of my face are pretty clear with only a few tiny blemishes here and there, my left cheek on the other hand is my main concern because there's a patch of acne going on. 

Zooming in closer to my insecurities, you'll also be able to see that apart from acne, another concern I have is uneven redness especially around the nose area. But in order to keep this review as quick as possible, I won't be going in-depth about my acne today but perhaps I'll share more about it in the future after it clears off for good??? LOL I wonder when.

Back to the review, here's how the sheet mask looks like straight out of the packaging. The Innisfree Second Skin series are actually bio cellulose masks a.k.a masks made out of mesh-structured fermented microfibers so that it would fit on your face perfectly like a second skin. The Bio Cellulose Second Skin Mask from Innisfree is fermented using Jeju Soybean.

[ Instructions ]
1. Wash my face with a gel cleanser, apply toner
2. After allowing the toner to set in, take the mask out of the packaging
3. The mask is placed in between two sheets of mesh layers.
4. Remove one side of the mesh
5. Gently place the exposed side on your face
6. Remove the other mesh sheet
7. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes (of course I went for 20)
8. Remove the mask and gently pat your face while your skin absorbs all the essence

I'm just making a wild guess on this but I think bio cellulose masks are so fragile and delicate that the mesh layers are there to serve as a 'protection layer' so when you're applying the mask, it won't tear that easily.

Having the mask on right now and looking at it, the mask really does look like a second skin but too bad it wasn't a perfect fit :( The material is very fragile and it will cling onto your skin very quickly and easily. Because of that, putting the mask on was slightly challenging as I was trying my best to make sure I don't tear it while I'm adjusting. When I had the mask on, my skin felt really nice and cooling and with the mask wrapped around, my face felt a little tighter too. 

Here's a closer look on how the masks look like. The mask sheet is translucent, very soft, and kinda feels like jelly?? Btw, I took these photos after I was done with my 20 minute pamper session so no, I wasn't playing around before putting it on my face okkk. After 20 minutes the mask is no longer drenched in essence but it still felt a little cooling and wet o_o

20 minutes is up! Now let's see if it showed any immediate results on my face.

This is how my face looks like after patting any leftover essence into my skin. Usually when it comes to soothing/moisture/hydrating facial sheet masks, the 'immediate effect' I expect from it would be softer skin, a little less redness, and at least a slight glow/sheen on my skin.

Final verdict: 6.5/10
After using the Innisfree Second Skin 'Soothing' Mask, my skin felt softer, a little cooling, and the redness around my nose area reduced slightly as well. My complexion looks more even and overall less dull which was something I absolutely appreciate from this sheet mask. However in terms of hydration, I find it lacking a little as it's not as hydrating enough compared to other soothing masks I've tried.

Would you repurchase?
I don't see myself repurchasing this mask any time soon because of it's price tag. I understand that bio-cellulose sheet masks usually aren't cheap but personally I think RM20.50 for a sheet mask in general is borderline pricey especially because I use sheet masks very often I'll probably keep expensive masks like these for months before deciding to use em (I kept this for almost 4 months lol).

Although I must say, I loved how lively my skin looked immediately after using it, I just don't find the mask moisturizing enough to justify the price tag?? I think for a little less than that, I could find better options in the market so at the moment, I don't plan on repurchasing this and even if I do, I'd probably get their moisturizing mask to try out instead.

Who would I recommend this to?
I would recommend this mask to those having uneven redness on their skin. However if you're looking for something more hydrating, I recommend looking into other options.

That is all for my review today! I hope you guys find this review helpful! I'm always open to suggestions like if you want these posts even shorter or more photos? less photos? Let me know! Also if there's a particular product you'd like to see me review, do let me know too!

- candy -

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