Candy filled thoughts #3: Keeping track on life

12 June 2016

Been a while since my last blog entry. Life has been pretty hectic as usual, and I put the blame on my recent rather serious hair fall problems on my college life. I have not exactly wrote about it but last month I was in Hong Kong for about a week or so for a short holiday and just this morning I got back from a very very impromptu Singapore trip. Not sure to say if I'm just insane to travel when my workload is so impromptu-ly heavy or am I just not allowing the semester to sink in yet.


So many things has been happening around me lately. I've also slashed off a bucket list goal on yesterday. Not because I've finally done it, but rather the fact that I no longer have the chance to. Being able to meet Christina was A Dream since I've first stumbled across her collaboration video with Sam & Kurt. Ever since that day I've been trying to keep myself updated with her songs and her success. It was great to see her making it big, it was nice seeing how far she's gone with her dream and her talent over the years. For someone that has 0 interest in The Voice, I've made sure to watch every single episode of the season she was in. Til right now when I'm typing this, I'm still trying to take in this piece of news. 

Thank you for all the songs you've covered and released over the years, your voice is amazing. My only regret right now was not making it to her performance in SG. 


Today also marks the day my boyfriend asked me out. Time flies so quickly, I'm grateful for everything you've done for me. No matter how small or how big it is, thank you so much. I know I'm not so much of a romantic. I love supernatural horror, like plague, so yes, thank you for bringing me to horror movies. On the side note, Warcraft is a pretty nice movie, so many sad scenes though T_T 


Until next time! xoxo

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