Candy gets hungry #3: Tsujiri Uptown

17 April 2016 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Craving for japanese sweet treats? Love green tea? Then you've probably heard of the highly raved Tsujiri Malaysia located at Uptown Damansara, PJ! After hearing this name so many times and everyone telling me I absolutely have to try this place, I can't possibly turn down my bbgs asking me to go on an ice cream date with them right? No matter how empty my pockets felt that day! 

Tsujiri is located at Uptown. The word 'uptown' sounds pretty scary when placed along the lines with the word 'parking' right? Thankfully, their underground car park is opened so we parked there. I'd suggest finding out which exit to park near to, that way you guys won't have to walk to far. So far, I've visited this place twice and here's my honest thoughts on it.

I really love the clean minimalist feel Tsujiri has to offer. The chairs are pretty comfortable to sit on as well. I personally find the tables slightly close to each other though. Just slightly, but I guess the crowd at night really requires such seating plan. Both of my visits to Tsujiri were on weekday afternoons so I didn't have to worry about long queues. Lucky me! 

 Tsujiri Houjicha Parfait ( RM16.50 ) - You can choose between brown rice flakes or corn flakes.

 Chiffon cake houjicha parfait ( RM16.00 )

O-matcha latte - Large ( RM13.00 )

Plain O-matcha soft serve ice cream in a cup ( RM 6.50 ) Got this during my second visit cause I had to visit someone. Toppings like shiratama, kinako kuromitsu, red bean, chocolate chips or genmai are available as add-ons well! You may also opt for a cone instead! 

Taste  |   3 /5
Personally, Tsujiri did not give me a WOW feeling. It's not bad but it's not exceptionally good either.  I personally prefer their O-matcha green tea ice cream more than the houjicha one. The crunch from the corn flakes definitely contributed some points. The o-matcha latte was surprisingly pretty good. I'd prefer it slightly sweeter, but the texture of the drink was so smooth and nice, we enjoyed it very well hehe. Oh, I do love the love letter biscuits that came together with the parfait though! They make a pretty good match ♡ 

Price  |   2.5 /5
I find their parfaits a little on the pricey side? The soft serve in a cone/cup however seemed like a pretty fair price though. I'll say its definitely worth the try if you're into matcha. if not I don't know why you'd even think of going to Tsujiri

Presentation  |   4 /5
Pretty good I'd say, otherwise it wouldn't be such an insta-worthy dessert place to visit right? ;)

Would I re-visit?
For the o-matcha latte? Definitely! 

I do recommend all green tea lovers to try this place out though! They also have a 10% discount for aeon card members on weekdays. So don't forget to bring your card along if you're planning a visit on a weekday! 

until next time! byeee 

Tsujiri Malaysia @ Uptown Damansara
58, Jalan SS21/58,
Damansara Uptown,
47400, Petaling Jaya,

Tel: +603 7733 5541

Business Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 1pm to 11pm
Fri - Sat: 1pm to late
Sun: 12pm to 11pm

* Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All opinions on this post are 100% mine. *

Candy filled thoughts #1 : education choice

13 April 2016

For the past 3 weeks I had been enjoying my much needed semester break. I remember how I narrowed down my selections when picking a course to pursue for college. It started with my hatred towards maths, no joke. I wasn't particularly good in it, but I wasn't horrible in it either, I think. However I was really bad with memorizing formulas. I wasn't really fond of accounting either. As you can see, my lack of love towards these subjects has already crossed out two major fields of study. All this while I've enjoyed designing and writing as a hobby but I guess my fear towards presentations had strike off 'mass comm' in my choice of study for me, leaving graphic design as a solitary choice. 

Then people asked me how I ended up in creative multimedia instead. 

To be really honest, I have no idea. 

All I wanted was to learn web design cause it was the 'cool' thing on this virtual pet game website I log onto every single day back in primary. It's funny how each time I've quit the game I went back to it. Even funnier how I don't really 'play' the game right from the start but go onto the site's forum just to talk to people all over the world about design. Let's just say, meeting a few amazing designers on the site's graphics & programming forum had inspired my life a little. Trust me, it was really weird being a 10 year old then to talk about design and coding ._. But I guess it's a norm now to find 9 year olds learning how to function photoshop. I used GIMP previously, and I swear using it so much has it's pros and cons. 

Pro: you understand photoshop better.
Cons: you can't get use to photoshop.

Recently I've been having a little more free time so I decided to take some simple "name tag" commissions on the site's forums again. I've downloaded a number of new fonts to play around, so what's a better way to test em' out than to use em in name tags. I really miss the days when the forums were buzzing non-stop though. :( Well, just wanted to share some of my personal faves over here. 

^^^^^^^ love Cara ^^^^^^^

I guess my results for last semester was pretty alright, I'm actually really looking forward to next sem. Especially after seeing web design in the timetable! I don't think I'll like the subject? Pretty sure I'd get pretty stressed up over it as well but hey, it's something I've been hoping to learn since 10 years ago!! Definitely looking forward to it! Fingers crossed hoping that I'd actually like it too! I know many friends that has managed to self-taught themselves web design and are designing very beautiful php layouts so I do have hopes to be able to match up to their standards :')

So how did you guys chose your education/career path? Don't forget to follow my blog for more bits and bits of life that I find interesting! :) 

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