Candy Gets Hungry #8: Sukishi at The Starling Mall, Uptown Damansara Review

2 April 2017

Hey everyone! I'm sure most of us has already heard of Sukiya, right? But have you heard of Sukishi Sukiyaki Buffet Steamboat?

A brief introduction, Sukishi is basically the non-halal version of Sukiya which I've been eager to try ever since I've first heard of it's existence in IOI City Mall, Puchong. As someone who rarely goes out of the way for food, I've never got to savour Sukishi until a month ago. b l e s s  m e  g u y s, because Sukishi Japanese steamboat buffet has finally opened a branch at The Starling Mall, Uptown Damansara. My craving goals for a sukiyaki buffet steamboat that serves unlimited pork slices is finally kilometers nearer to me. :')

The restaurant is located on the first floor of The Starling Mall, Uptown @ F-127, right next to Daiso.

For starters, I'll say what you should be expecting from Sukishi is pretty much similar to Sukiya, but a little more. Pretty much everything you can find in Sukiya is already in Sukishi but here in Sukishi, instead of beef balls, you get pork balls.

My first visit there was a month ago and since I've managed to drag the post all the way to my second visit(I swear I'm not proud of that), I found out that during dinner session, you get prawns(@sukishi) instead of frozen scallops(@sukiya). I'd personally prefer frozen scallops lol

Do correct me if I'm wrong but I don't recall seeing fruits at Sukiya, so here's something else you could find while dining at Sukishi.

Honestly besides of the pork slices, this is one of my favourites Sukishi had to offer. Other than regular green tea, Sukishi offers a variety of dispenser drinks for your meal. I lost count of the amount of honey green tea refills I had.

Next up, we have the ice cream station. I'm not sure why but I personally feel that the ice cream here is tastier and creamier than the ones offered at Sukiya even though the flavours are exactly the same. 

Dipping sauces

My absolute favourites from the counter haha

 Beef slices
 Pork and lamb slices
What I truly love about Sukiya & Sukishi is how generous they are with their meat slices. I've had a few steamboat buffets previously so from past experience, besides of the Sukiya buffet I had in Kanazawa, Japan, no where else in Malaysia beats Sukiya & Sukishi's generosity with free flow of meat (that offers sukiyaki soup base)

Now I kept the most important deets to the last haahaha! *jeng jeng jeng* Buffet lunch is at RM31.80++ and buffet dinner is RM39.80++ with an additional RM2/head charge on weekend & public holidays. Children from the age of 4-11 years old are entitled to a 50% off discount.

Overall I'll say the experience was great, service was pretty good as well since the staff was able to refill my meat rather promptly despite a full house. Speaking about crowds, my first visit was during lunch on a fine weekend and my second was on a tuesday night after work. The weekend lunch crowd was definitely less packed compared to Tuesday night so I do recommend that if you're going with a large crowd especially for dinner, do remember to make a reservation. 

Sukishi, The Starling Mall,
6, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,
phone number: +603 - 7662 5456


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