Semester 2 - what went on

12 December 2015

College is tough. I don't get how people are capable of taking time out for college, sleep, family, friends, personal entertainment AND have the time to blog. Perhaps it's my time management issues but the stress is real. Thankfully, sem 2 is officially over and I'm just gonna pray hard that I pass the semester. To be honest, it's weird how every end of a semester makes me feel as if a year has passed? But I guess its due to the amount of constant work that when you're finally able to take a break, it feels like year end hols.(ok, I guess it really is year end hols now but you get the drill.) I meant to blog about semester 2 when it kinda first started but it just got busier and busier that I really didn't have the time to do so.

Semester 2 had a fair share of ups and downs in various imaginable situations so I've decided to write a post as a self reminder on the events that happened throughout the semester! 

To start, I guess I should talk about the most healthy activity I was involved in, which really wasn't all that healthy, but hey, for someone as lazy as me to even get up at 4:30 in the morning for a jogging walking event already sounds like a new unlocked achievement! Free coffee and milo at the end of the jog-a-thon was a bliss though. 

Meeting up with the main babe to catch up will definitely be one of my favorite pastimes. And of course 1 Utama is like our most convenient hang out spot (paiseh useless person here can't drive so ya). Instead of the usual starbucks we went for Libary Coffee Bar instead. The drinks were alright, a little too sweet for my liking but the lava cake was a serious let down. It was depressing to cut open a lava cake and not have chocolate flowing out of it, trust me, I stabbed the cake like 3 times then even cut it into half and it still looked depressing. 

Review aside, do you know how rare it is for me to be able to find someone that could just chill and hold conversations with someone like me for hours and hours non-stop? Especially when the weird side of me just threatens to break free??? Which is why I think its nice that there's someone out there that's capable of fully tolerating this madness in me. Sooooooooooooooo missing the days I get to see you every single day at school, or mc d, cause like yknow, our attendance were horrible. 

I don't even get how I can tahan going to college when I have no class, like, my attendance was THAT bad in high school.

My motto is ridiculously 24/7 hungry. Which I think I should consider transfering that motto to Jas lol. Anyways Strangers At 47 is located at section 17. I've been wanting to give this place a go for quite some time after hearing so much hype on it. Definitely no regrets having lunch there with kor, jasbaeb, ash and jojo. The dish I ordered was 'Lethal Shrooms' and as the name has already suggested, it's a mushyroomy piece of heaven tucked underneath a blanket of crepe.

This marks the day I've checked off one of my long time bucket list goals - Getting my hair pampered and dyed at Number 76 :') ---and also getting it dyed purple. Purple was the colour I wanted to dye last year right after my econs paper but the saloon I went to was an organic one which doesn't offer purple hair dye. Even though I couldn't get the purple hair I wanted then, I still liked how my brown with highlights turned out. With the addition of how slow my hair grows, I was able to keep my hair untouched for months until I got it dyed to purple at Number 76. I suppose plus minus 9 months? I'm not sure if I would write up a separate more detailed post on my hair dye experience at 76 but just check around on and off to see aight? I know how MIA I am when it comes to maintaining my blog but I'll try to post as much as possible before sem 3 starts knocking at my doorstep.


The saddest part was probably how fast the colour faded, like it disappeared after a week or two. On the side note, seeing how my purple hair was long faded and how extremely late I'm blogging about it, my hair is already a different colour now. Just this afternoon my faded to brown purple ends have been replaced by purple and green along with some grey. Its like boyfriend goals to have your boy dye your hair for you. I'll post up pictures some time later I guess.

I love birthdays. The thing with me though is that I have some sort of surprise-reaction issues. I have like some serious face problem issue that makes me look as if I wasn't enjoying myself. Honestly I love surprises but when I do get em' I literally need a minute or two to perfectly grasp my senses back. I'm the kind that would just blank out on the spot and have no idea whats going on. But really, thank you so much 1/2 syair and mami and sissy and bby for being such amazing actors. T_T <3 I honestly thought there was no dinner when I got home after the insane 6PM monday jaya one jam ;_; The early birthday celebration after class was really nice, and I got my mille crepe birthday cake-cake goals :') Helium was fun, Soap & Glory smells amazing, furry baa baa white sheep card is cute, room deco was on point, my 18 balloons are still alive after 3 months, pink powerbank is a lifesaver and photos with many many words on it were nice to read, two pikachus will keep me charged up.

And of course the boyfie would pakat with your mami again to scare you on your birthday-day itself. Ever since being half-scared to death from opening my room door twice on the same week, every time I open my room door I have to mentally prepare myself for any surprises -_- I know how many girls now would be like 'screw flowers, just get me like chicken nuggets or fries' but I still have like that little ounce of old fashion in me that wanted to at least receive flowers once??? Tenks for the flowers and the UD palette, <3 I know how hard you've worked over the weekends to get em for me T v T and tenks Jing, cause, yknow why ;) <3

103 Coffee Workshop - I will never forget spending a public holiday having a consultation session. Things you do for your cgpa, really. Still, I am really thankful and shocked that our tutor would spare his holiday to have a consultation session to save our grades. :') The rose latte there is really interesting and you can really taste the faint rose aroma in it. I was a little let down by how long we had to wait for the bill though. In my opinion, the food there wasn't all that great but one definitely have to give their rose latte a try! Finding the location might be a little troublesome for people staying in PJ that has never stepped foot into Sri Petaling though haha. But just Waze it there and you'll be fine! Parking was pretty easy too as opposite of the row of shop lots the cafe was situated at was a covered carpark! :)

I meant to make a butterfly knife but I don't have the time or know how to??? So I took the liberty to make a very...cute..karambit instead. I know how kinda cacat (handicapped, or in this case, bad) it looks but I'm actually pretty proud of this piece. Mainly because I'm horrible in cutting. It would've saved so much more work if I used mounting boards for this instead but for my hands, even if I'm given a really good expensively sharp blade, cutting mounting boards are like a big nono for me, especially when it involves so many curves. So instead I opted to cut a dozen+ layers of 120g/m^2 drawing papers and a dozen more card papers to make it solid :') 

Cheers to my bbq gang :') I've found a new love for taiwan sausages and these will forever be the crew that knows about my unconditional love for seafood tofu <3 Even though I can't go for bbq often because my throat is just plain weak, I'll still make exceptions for them because bbq-ing with them is a bliss - v - I mean, it's not an everyday thing to have your friends bbq food then feed you :>

Finally got the chance to attend a halloween party (?) 
Well it was fun to play dress up for a night - v - 

Now let's have a short educational stress management talk. Handling stress wasn't tough for me, nor was it easy. Crying over lack of sleep, crying over the fear of not being able to pass your own expectations, crying over not being good enough, crying over being lost, crying over the fact that you have no idea why you're crying, is horrible. It's tiring, it's hopeless, and sometimes you really just don't know why you do it. Perspective is key. I have two moods when I'm rushing my assignments. I don't draw well, I can't put my thoughts into visuals, it's tough for me, I'm not illustrator/artist material, nope, lol. I try though, I try hard and I try to live too. I'll make time for everyone important in my life even if it costs me my sleep, I'll just get my work done. So really, perspective is key. Look and analyze your life from another point of view, push your regrets aside and just constantly remind yourself that you can do it, relax but don't over-relax yourself! :>

Perhaps spending your childhood camping in front of a graphics forum had its pros and cons. For instances, I don't stress over designing as much as I would've stressed over if given that I had 0 experience or knowledge on it. I probably wouldn't even be in a multimedia course if given I never stepped foot into that graphics forum since I was 9. So having seen so much since such a young age, there are some online graphic designers' work that I've looked up to for a really long time, having produce work that isn't on par with a certain standard literally pisses me off lol. Stress and feels and own its own solitary post, move on.

Did vector illustration for my final art & design fundamentals assignment, the process of sticking the book together had me crying so many times but I guess it was worth it la, The number of book covers I have in the end marks the amount of times I've either printed something wrongly or cut something wrongly :') I've reprinted the same file so many times on so many types of papers to the point where the guy working at the printing shop really hates me already lol. So there you have it, plus minus 100RM ft. berber. (she's only about a month old ok, the original berber had left me years ago ;') )

To celebrate the kinda-end of the semester, me and Yhang went for Sungha Jung's live at PJ Live Arts. To cut short, the live was amazing. I have a soft spot for anything guitar related so you can pretty much tell how happy I was to go for a pure guitar live. Also, I love love love lives, I would believe that I'm someone that could attend any music live and still enjoy myself. Our seat was all the way at the back, center la and our view was pretty sweet. :> The hall wasn't as big as I imagined so it was perfect! And did I mention the sound system was pretty good?

I saved the best for last. Happy very belated Yan, sot gai :3 Full syair squad is a very very rare sight ok. I will never forget my very long dilemma over two different set meals and how Publika's playground is meant for kids below the age of 10. :') Love yu girls :3

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