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26 May 2018

Hey everyone! The other day I visited a Schwarzkoph event so here's a quick write up on how the event went. If you're into hair care products, the brand Schwarzkoph shouldn't be an alien to you. It's a brand you probably can't pronounce or spell the name but the minute you see their iconic logo, you'll be like "Ohhhh!! that one!"

As I was saying, Schwarzkoph turns 120 years old this year! To celebrate, this year the brand is taking a step back from conventional beauty stereotypes to celebrate diversity and individual expressions of style, beauty, and fashion. Be it rocking colourful hair or your natural messy bed hair, Schwarzkoph's #CreateYourStyle campaign is telling you to embrace it all. Basically, you do you!

For years I've always pictured Schwarzkoph as a high end brand that could only be found in hair specialty shops like Hair Depot. Who knew they also carry a pretty decent range of hair care products targeted to keep your hair clean and healthy at an affordable price? Best part is that you don't have to hunt down any Hair Depot shops to get hold of these products, they're available at selected Watsons and Guardian stores! One of their best selling series is this all cyan coloured 'Schwarzkoph Extra Care Hydro Collagen' series. This particular range consists of 3 products - a shampoo, conditioner, and express repair spray.

Schwarzkoph Extra Care Hydro Collagen Shampoo - 200ml (RM18.00) / 400ml (RM28.00)

The first product I'll be sharing briefly about is the hydro collagen shampoo. There are two sizes available - 200ml and 400ml. The terms 'Hydro' and 'Collagen' already sounds like something I think my bleached hair would need. This shampoo is recommended to those with normal-dry-coarse hair and it claims to restore moisture to your hair. It has a pH value of 4-5 and it's formulated with Marine Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid for moisture absorption and retention.

Schwarzkoph Extra Care Hydro Collagen Conditioner 400ml - RM29.00

Recommended to people with normal-dry-coarse hair as well, this conditioner claims to provide long lasting hydration and keep your hair smooth up to 72-hours. When it comes to conditioners, you'll only need a small amount so 400ml is going to last you for quite some time.

Schwarzkoph Extra Care Hydro Collagen Express Hair Spray 150ml - RM35.00

The final product in their Hydro Collagen series is this hair spray leave in conditioner. This product claims to provide intensive regeneration and moisture to your hair. It's supposed to repair the hair structure and smoothes the hair surface making it easier to comb through.

Here are some other ranges in Schwarzkoph's 'Extra Care' range. The holo packaging on the 'purify & protect' series lowkey makes me feel super happy HAHA.

During the event there was also a photo studio. There were props available and we could get our photos taken by the photographer and have it printed out on the spot.
Now what's a hair event without some hair styling demos right? 3 local influencers were invited to have their hair styled by a stylist from the Schwarzkoph team. From left to right are Mawar Rashid, Emma Shazleen, and Sharifah Eleen Al-Baity. The following are some BTS photos!

After the hair demo session, it was time for a prize giving ceremony to end the event. During the event there was a 'most-creative instagram post competition' going on where the winners will walk away with RM900 worth of Schwarzkoph products and here are the lucky winners! Congratulations!

That's all I have to share today and thanks for reading! If you're interested, the mentioned Schwarzkoph products can be found at selected Watsons and Guardian outlets. Prices for these products range between RM18-RM35. Until next time!!

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