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2 October 2020

Hello kawans! Last month, I finished using this serum I bought back in Vancouver and that kinda led to a sudden prompt to start a little 'beauty empties' category on my blog. This serum here is the Sensitive Fix Advanced Calming Complex serum from a brand called Hylamide.

I don't think a lot of people(or at least in M'sia) has even heard of Hylamide(I too, didn't know about them until last November), but they're actually a brand under The Ordinary's parent company - DECIEM. I got this to try last year during DECIEM's 25% Off Black Friday Sale, along with some other products from The Ordinary like their Marula Oil and Nicinamide.

If you're interested to read what I think about Hylamide's Sensitive Fix serum, do keep reading! :)

Part of Hylamide's Booster series - Today I'm finally sharing my two cents on their Sensitive Fix Advanced Calming Complex serum. This is a "targeted serum for skin sensitivity to reduce signs of irritation and redness". Directions say to apply this serum twice daily to counteract visible redness and sensitivity. As for it's price - 30ml retails for $18CAD before tax. (but if you're shipping to msia direct from Deciem, it'll be $17USD 😤) In terms of consistency, it's very lightweight and closer to a watery consistency as oppose to the usual thicker serums. Indeed, very 水水的.

For your convenience, here is the list of ingredients in Hylamide's Sensitive Fix serum taken from the product page. I am no dermatologist so I'm not gonna dwell much into it. My rule of thumb when trying new products is to: read up reviews(including the ones on Deciem's website), go through the ingredients list then google and read up on each ingredient.

After getting the product, always do a patch test!! I'd do a patch test on my hand first, then on the next day, do a patch test on a part of my cheek or something. Skincare's really all bout trial and error so when trying new products (especially if your skin is prone to breakouts) you gotta be careful!

Like many serums, this one comes with a dropper too.

Tiny bit of serum that the dropper couldn't reach. I didn't have a backup for this so I was trying to stretch this tiny amount for as long as possible. Good thing pouring the very last bit of product out wasn't a challenge(I know with some bottles, the last bit of product very difficult to pour out one!).

Current Skin Condition: I think before sharing what I think about this, I should perhaps write a little update on my current skin condition. So compared to a year and a half ago, my skin has actually improved ALOT. I still have some acne and blackheads(prob a lot more of this now) but I don't have a lot of angry acne bumps anymore. Also, can you believe that the last time I went to a facial was a year and a month ago??😯 I know it's FAR from perfection or even what I would consider good skin but I'd still call it a win. 

Improvement on my acne struggles aside, I still get redness around the sides of my nose. Occasionally maybe when the air is stuffy or maybe my hands just weren't clean and I touched my face💀, I'd get like a patch of redness on my face, similar to a mosquito bite, but its painless and not itchy at all. My mom calls it sensitive skin and I find the term 'sensitive skin' a little too generic, but guess I'll just roll with it.

My thoughts + Would I repurchase: I know that all products perform differently across all skin types and I ain't gonna lie, this serum was pretty useless when it comes to getting rid of the redness around my nose😪. But wait, even though it did not do what I wished it would, I actually found myself LIKING this serum enough for me to consider repurchasing it😂. 
Surprised? Yeah, same, but hear me out.

I have been using this serum every morning before my moisturizer. Sometimes when I'm lazy, I'd use just this and skip the moisturizer👀. I really like the watery consistency, how quickly it absorbs into my skin, and basically how it gave my skin an added layer of hydration in the mornings. Malaysia is also super hot so while it doesn't get rid of redness, it actually does calm my skin a little, and I like that.

These days when it comes to deciding if I wanna repurchase a product, I would wait 2 weeks(or more) after finishing to see if I miss using it. If I do, I'll repurchase or "budget" it into my future expenses😂. I finished using this almost two months ago and now I've been missing it every morning so UNLESS I find something similar, I'm probably placing an order some time in November because ya girl spent way too much on STUFF last month😭. In the meantime, I'm back to using the Innisfree Green Tea seed serum in the mornings. I've been pretty loyal to that serum for it's hydration factor but a part of me feels that I like this Hylamide's one more now😳 ----in fact, to the possible extent of not repurchasing my green tea seed serum when I'm done with it👀.

That's all I have to say for this serum, and thank you for reading! I'm almost done with two moisturizers I've been alternating between the past few months so if I'm feeling it, I'll share an update again!

Until next time, and stay safe!
♡ Candy ♡

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