Happy birthday Althea! + Giveaway!!

20 July 2016

Happy birthday Althea!!! You're officially one year old now! 
So in case you're thinking "Who's Althea???" Let me introduce you to her.
Althea is an online shopping site catered to your K-beauty needs, they are known to have the lowest prices, 100% authentic, safe delivery as well as a 30 day return policy!

Now that we're clear with who Althea is, let's bring in the fun part! Mark your calendars beauty junkies, for the rest of the month of July (20/7 til 31/7), Althea will be celebrating their first birthday and ALL of you are invited!! Now what to expect?

For orders placed on 20th of July onwards, expect a cute box on your way!(while stocks last) I got a baby pink one! 

I know there's still quite a bit to this blogpost but if you want to among the first 1500 shoppers to enjoy freebies such as full size beauty products, pause here and go shop now at Althea! but then remember to come back here and read the rest of their celebration goodies!

Whats the next goody? Pick 3 Top Sellers for 100% REBATE! (Rebate will be credited into your account. )

♡ #AltheaTurns1 Instagram Contest 
Got your Althea party kit? Wish Althea a happy birthday with #altheaturns1 and stand a chance to win amazing prizes such as Macbook Air, Ipad Air 2, iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6 Edge, Canon EOS M10 Selfie Camera, Althea credits and beauty hampers from Althea! 
Prizes total worth KRW10,000,000 to be won.
 Contest starts from 20th July - 15th August 2016
I also want to win a macbook air ok

Much thanks to Althea for sending us on an online shopping spree! Here's my cute beauty box! I was quite surprised that my box arrived way sooner than I've originally estimated since I did place the order pretty near the holiday season! 

Inside the box, you'll get your birthday kit as well as all the goodies you've ordered along with freebies! Fun fact, I couldn't find normal glue in my house to make this hat, guess what I used?


eyelash glue....and some tape

no jokes. 

Now here's what I got for myself as well as some of my girl girls! Managed to get some products I've been dying to try since a long time ago too! ((PS. the sparkly confetti doesn't come with the box ya ^^)) Have been testing out the bb cushion for a week now and I'll be able to post up a review soon so stay tune!!

Just noticed that the birthday balloon in the party kit matches my lips colour!! hehe.

Gotta go rush some assignments and maybe shop on Althea again now /// v /// Don't forget to join the birthday fun and share this post with your girlfriends!! Ciao! 

*this blogpost is partially sponsored by Althea*

Candy gets hungry #4: Golden Milkcow Experience

4 July 2016

If people were to ask me what's the best way to feel rich, I'd say "Go eat a piece of gold leaf." 

I remember a year ago I had a 20% discount voucher for Milkcow and I wanted to use it but I've went all the way to Gardens and I couldn't find a parking lot. The voucher expired but I ended up at 1U watching Insidious and had a candle light dinner. Which means I've never had Milkcow until a week ago. 

Ever since I've first tasted this wonderful mystery called "Milk flavoured ice cream", it has since been my favourite flavour to sought for. If I ever catch the word "Milk flavoured ice cream" I'll wanna try it. Funny thing is, I never knew that Milkcow serves milk flavoured ice cream until recently. So about a week ago I was invited to a tasting event @ Milkcow Sunway Pyramid. In case you don't know what Milkcow is, Milkcow is a premium ice cream brand from Korea exclusively serving milk flavoured ice cream with a variety of toppings to choose from. *cheers* 

These two drinks mark the start of our milky adventure of the day. These milk + pudding combos are called Milky Cool. Milky Cool comes in 5 selections of flavoured milk and pudding. Both Thai milk tea and Thai green tea are RM7.90 each while the other three flavours are RM8.90 each. The puddings are also available for purchase separately @ RM4.90 each cup. I brought my friend, Belle together with me cause I doubt I'd be able to try half of these menu items if she wasn't there with me. The two flavours above are my favourites from the 5. Thai Milk Tea with Green Tea Pudding (left) & Thai Green Tea with Mango Pudding(right)

Honey Milk with Yam Pudding (left), Chocolate with Honey Milk Pudding (right) For me, the honey milk was slightly towards the sweet side so I wouldn't say that it's my cup of tea, or should I say milk haha. Nothing really goes wrong with chocolate so I'd say the combination was pretty alright.

This my dear dear anyone who is reading this, is the most beautiful drink I've came across so far. I can picture people going gaga over this drink labeling it as a very "tumblr" // "aesthetic looking" drink because of the colour combination. This drink is Strawberry Milk with Bubblegum Pudding. I don't know about you but I didn't need to know the name of the drink to guess the flavours. I'd recommend this to people that are bored of the usual drink flavours, this is something different to try! 

Now here's the star of today's event. Milkcow's Milky Gold is a Premium Milk based Soft Serve, topped with an edible 24k real gold leaf! This ice cream is only available for a limited time til the 12th of July, so grab one now before you miss the chance to! 

Here we have the classic Milky Gold. I only remembered to take a selfie after I've took a bite out of it T_T Have been super excited to try this when it first launched because I didn't get to try gold leaf soft serve when I was in Japan last year. </3 Personally I'd say that their milk based soft serve has a very settled sweetness to it. Not too bland, not too sweet. The gold didn't really taste like anything to me but I still felt like a million bucks after eating it so I think if eating gold leaf on yummy ice cream helps with your self esteem, by all means, go for it! 

Now because it was my first time at Milkcow, with so many flavours to choose from, I couldn't decide which to try next! In the end I asked Iman to recommend me their best seller which was this:

This flavour here is their best seller -ever! Milky Cube (RM13.50) is their premium milk based soft serve topped with natural honey comb and drizzled with natural honey liquid. As you can see, the ice cream itself already looks prettier than me so no wonder I've seen this so many hundredths of times on instagram! T v T So happy to finally be able to try it and see what's the hype over it. This is also Belle's go-to flavour every time she visits Milkcow!

Look at the colourful rows of macarons in display! We got to try a few too.

Before I say anything about the macarons, can I just take this moment to appreciate their cute packaging? I know the packaging isn't fancy or what not but the size and material of the box is really cute and flattering. Now back to their macarons, I love how big and round they are. They are fluffy and as for the taste wise I'd say it was pretty nice. We got to try the flavours salted popcorn, salted caramel, and rose & lychee. (left to right) Each macaron is priced at RM4.50/pc and RM13.50 for a box of 3. Macarons in general are very sweet but out of the three, I love their Salted Caramel one best (lavender colour) You'd expect Salted Caramel to be brown but it's a mystery how it's lavender coloured instead (good for surprise perhaps?) Salted popcorn was the largest and fluffiest one of em' all, while the rose & lychee macaron was probably the most out of ordinary yet still yummy one. Personally I do find the rose & lychee one a little too sweet for my liking but love the combination of flavours!

This sums up my post for the day! Thank you for Milkcow for having us that day as well as Iman & Amanda for walking us through the variety of menu selections! Remember guys, go get yourselves a cone of Milky Gold before you miss it!!

Milkcow Locations:
IPC Shopping Centre - Lot G23A
Ipoh - No.1 Jalan Panglima, Ipoh Old Town
IOI City Mall - LG K8A
The Gardens Mall - LG-K23
Empire Shopping Gallery - LK-06,Lower Ground
Sunway Pyramid - LG2.08A
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur - P6-08
Penang - Auto Mall, Maritime Piaza, Persiaran Karpal Singh

- this is an invited review but all opinions stated are unbiased -

Etude House Color lips-fit in #PK002 Silhouette Fit Pink review

1 July 2016

I've been procrastinating forever to write this because each time I feel like writing, I take a new batch of photos and never really got to editing them haha. This batch of photos were taken from my Hong Kong trip a few months back. I've also brought this lip tint to Japan with me back in December. So I guess you could say I've pretty much tested this product in 3 different seasons. I remember telling my friend that I want a barbie pink shade and fell in love with this lip tint ever since I got it. TQ Shin babe for bringing this back from Korea /// v ///

I got the shade #PK 002 - Silhouette Fit Pink

✦ Directions 

01. Shake well before use.
02. Apply smoothly with tip. Lightly dab onto center of lips for gradation. Delicately apply for full cover.
03. Apply a layer of Color Lips-fit WH901 after color for moist gloss.

I did not purchase Color Lips-fit WH901 because I'm not too fond of lip glosses. This lip tint goes on wet and dries matte to a subtle powedery finish. Do take note, this lip tint is quite drying.

Close-up on the applicator. Excuse my seasoned applicator wand haha ^^"

Swatch on wrist

Other shades included from this range

Close-up on the lips. This is an even application of the tint but the gradient lips trend can be easily achieved by applying one dot of tint on the center of your upper lip and two dots of tint on the center of the bottom followed by blending it out with your fingers. I don't remember how much I paid for this but if I'm not mistaken it's around RM45-50 As you can see, because my lips are already more on the dry side, it just further dries it. So each time after applying this I'd apply some Burt's Bees lip balm on top of it.

✦ My verdict 

Easiness of application: 
A lot of product will be picked up by the applicator when you pull it out from the bottle so I tend to try to wipe any access within the inner rim of the bottle when I'm pulling it out because for this product, a little goes a really long way. If you're constantly using this for a gradient effect, this product is gonna last you for quite some time.

Long lasting? No //
I have to reapply my lip tint after every meal I have. I remember the first time I wore it out for a whole day activity and I had to reapply after my first meal and instantly regret because I didn't bring it out with me. Let's say I had ugly lips that day lol. Though I guess its a case to case thing because it stayed on like a good girl on my friend's lips the entire day! 

If you catch their promotion prices, this tint is definitely worth every buck. In fact it's currently on promotion in Korea, retailing at 4500won (about RM15+)

Very cute. The colour of the bottle isn't misleading either. Y'know how often when you're browsing through testers and you stumble upon this beautiful shade, you pull the cover off and the real thing was just plain disappointing? Yeah. 

Would I repurchase? 
If it's on sale, definitely!

✦ What I like 


✦ What I dislike 

Drying (very drying for my case because I generally have dry lips)
Not long lasting

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