Famous Japanese Crepes from Harajuku - First impression + mini review on Marion Crepes Plaza Mont Kiara

12 February 2018

Hello everyone! Yesterday I visited 76 Style for my long needed hair rescue session and noticed that the famous Marion Crepes from Harajuku's Takeshita street has finally opened it's doors for business at Plaza Mont Kiara (next to Mc Donald's). Seeing that there was only a short queue, we decided to get one of their crepes to snack on.

Upon entering the store, we were engulfed by super kawaii baby pink walls. On the right there was also a glass display of their super yummy looking 'wax display crepes'.

If only the weather was cooler, the pink-ness in the shop's interior would really remind you of Harajuku lo.

While waiting in line, we looked through Marion Crepe's menu. As it was impossible to capture the menu without the sun's reflection, I've briefly touched up the less clear words for ya. We weren't very hungry so we got their Strawberry Chocolate Whipped Cream crepe (RM15) and a cup of iced latte (RM7) to share.

 Frying the crepe!

 Flip flip~

And finally the toppings!

And our crepe is ready!! There were three customers in front of us and I think the whole ordering + cooking process was around 10-15minutes wait? 

Here's a closeup of our Strawberry Chocolate Whipped Cream crepe for RM15. I haven't had many Japanese crepes to compare, only ever tried one in Singapore and one in Odaiba. Both were great and was really packed with toppings. To be fair, initially I was thinking "ok, this is too little filling" but when you're actually eating it, you'll notice that the filling in this crepe is actually enough one lol. Anymore would probably end up a little too messy?

If I want to go extra picky on this, one thing I did not like is that some bits of the crepe kinda stuck to the wrapping paper. Probably cause they had to assemble the crepe immediately so the heat kinda got the crepe to stick onto the wrapper la. On the bright side, the strawberries were pretty fresh, they weren't exceptionally sweet but it wasn't sour either. Overall I think this is a very "basic" crepe option to order and nothing much could go wrong haha.

Lastly we also ordered a cup of iced latte for RM7. When taking my first sip, I was a little surprised that the latte was sweet. Not very sweet but still sweet. So if you're used to drinking un-sweetened latte, let them know. Usually I'd avoid sweet lattes because I usually hate the taste of syrup in iced lattes but oddly enough, the sugar in this latte was very acceptable for me. The coffee tasted almost like white coffee but nicer and milder? Kinda reminded me of Nescafe to be honest hahaha but still good la.

So apparently they've only opened few days ago and right now is still their soft launch period. The grand opening will be on the 1st of March 2018. I'm glad to see Marion Crepes coming into Malaysia, but they certainly have some parts to improve on so hopefully they'll live up to the Harajuku hype by time for their grand opening.

That's all for me mini-yet somewhat long first impressions review on Marion Crepes Mont Kiara! Hopefully they'll bring in more flavours in the future like their cheesecake topping!

Thanks for reading, until next time!!

Marion Crepes Plaza Mont Kiara
Plaza Mont Kiara, 
No.2 Jalan Kiara,
 Mont' Kiara,
50480, Kuala Lumpur.

Business hours: 8:30a.m. - 9:00p.m.

Contact number: +6 03 6411 8918

* PS. I did not intend to review this but ngam ngam we saw it open and I was at Mont Kiara so we just decided to try it out. Did not have my camera with me so I apologize for the photo quality T ^ T *

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