New menu at Morganfield's Malaysia - Best pork sausage I've had in Malaysia?

4 May 2018

Hey everyone! It is time for another food review to grace this blog. This time round I have a quick and porky review to share with ya'll because Morganfield's Malaysia just launched 40 new menu items and I got to try quite a few of it! Before I hop into the review, thank you Racheal for the invitation! Y'know afternoon she jio me go makan durian seafood then night time she jio me for ribs leh omg!! 感恩~

Back to Morganfield's! Whenever people talk about the best place in town for some tender and juicy pork ribs, Morganfield's will always be on the list. There are 27 Morganfield's restaurants worldwide and 16 in Malaysia, the one we visited for dinner was Morganfield's Pavilion KL. Easily accessible via MRT!

It's my first time dining at their Pavilion branch and I'm really liking the rustic vibe this place has to offer. 

Here's the Thursday dinner crowd! Although Morganfield's Pavilion has a pretty decent number of seating capacity available, if you want to guarantee yourself a table, just give them a ring to make a reservation :)

If anyone tells you pigs don't fly, please direct them to Morganfield's!

Other than their famous sticky bones, Morganfield's is also a place many would visit for a drink[s]. They're open until 1A.M. so if you're craving for a rack of ribs and some beer on the side, here's a place to add to your list.

[ The food ]
The mouthwatering moment is finally here!! Out of their 40 new menu items we got to try 1 salad, 3 appetizers, 5 mains and 1 'special dessert'! This dessert is very special as it usually falls under the appetizers category! Keep on reading to find out what it is *wink wink*

01. Porky Salad - RM28.90

A bowl of salad with a whole bed of roasted pork belly waiting for me to dig in? Now that's a bowl of greens I'll say yes to anytime! The pork belly meat was juicy and tender while the skin was nice and crispy. Underneath all that siew yuk are some crunchy pork lard, an assortment of greens, cucumber, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and some almond flakes and sesame seeds for some extra crunch and flavour. I can't have a salad without a good dressing so for their Porky Salad, it's meant to be tossed with a tasty spicy soy vinaigrette. On the side there are also some prawn crackers you could eat it with! 

I've always find roasted pork belly salads delicious hahaha! No matter where I go, if this is on the menu, it's something my family would order on the centre! I really like how they've paired this salad with this vinaigrette too, despite being a spicy soy vinaigrette I think the spiciness was still bearable for someone like me that isn't that good with spicy food haha!

02. Mussels Kilpatrick - RM24.99

What came next was this plate of mussels prepared in Kilpatrick style. While Oyster Kilpatrick was something I've heard of when I was in Melbourne but never got to try, Mussels Kilpatrick was something new to me. Surprisingly, I really loved it!! This dish features a plate of 6 mussels sauteed with smoked bacon & sweet sour tomato sauce topped with cherry tomatoes. If you love seafood and tomato based dishes, I'm sure you'll enjoy this yummy appetizer.

03. Sticky Wings  (Fiery Habanero, Golden Egg Crunch, and Honey Soy) - RM22.90

Morganfield's may be famous for their sticky bones but their sticky wings are also pretty good! Morganfield's Sticky Wings are deep fried chicken wings marinated & tossed in their homemade sauce. Currently there are 3 choices of homemade sauce to choose from - Fiery Habanero, Golden Egg Crunch and Honey Soy. 

Honey Soy has always been my go-to chicken wing favour. Morganfield's take on their Honey Soy Sticky Wings feature a savory combination of honey, soy, and vinegar topped with some almond flakes. No comment on this, I've always enjoyed honey soy wings and Morganfield's nailed it pretty well!

Their Fiery Habanero Sticky Wings feature a play of flavours using sweet peppercorn and honey. Although fiery is in the name I personally didn't find it too spicy either. Tasted great and I couldn't pick a favourite between this and honey soy!

Their Golden Egg Crunch Sticky Wings is basically salted egg flavoured fried chicken wings with fragrant curry leaves. I had more than enough salted egg yolk in the afternoon and since I'm not a big fan of salted egg in the first place, I made a pass on this.

04. Seafood Chowder - RM16.90

If you typically enjoy a creamy bowl of seafood chowder, you'll love this. Asides of assorted fresh seafood, you can also expect corn kernels, potatoes, seaweed, and carrots. Because there's seaweed in this seafood chowder, drinking this made me feel like this is seafood chowder has a  Japanese twist to it? Personally I don't mind this twist at all since it's a charm that sets it apart from all the other seafood chowders I've had in the past and I actually enjoyed this seafood chowder!

05. Citrus Mojito Baby Back - RM69.90

The mains are finally here! First up is none other than a delicious rack of Baby Back ribs. The one we had is their Citrus Mojito Baby Back served along with 2 sides of your choice but we chose Mac & Cheese + flat chips. These ribs are slow cooked in the oven, then finished on the grill. The apple scent in it was pretty faint but it paired with the ribs pretty well. For a finishing touch, chunks of freshly diced green apples, lime and mint leaves covered the top of this yummy goodness!

06. Southwest Chicken B.L.T - RM32.90

If you fancy some chicken on your visit, this is their Southwest Chicken B.L.T. burger. It has a boneless chicken thigh marinated with a special blend of seasoning topped with some pork bacon strips. I mean, who says no to bacon anyways? Love the crunch this burger has to offer but if you'd ask me, I'd prefer to have the marinate a little stronger in flavour. Served along with it are some thick cut fries and coleslaw.

07. Sizzling Rib-Eye - RM69.90

This may look a little messy but I guarantee you it's a yummy plate of steak. The choice of meat used are top choice non-frozen Australian rib eye. Have this grilled to your preferred 'doneness' and have it smothered in their homemade creamy mushroom gravy. This dish is served with tasty and sweet caramelized onions, red skin mashed potato, sliced eringil mushrooms and garden veggies.

08. Smokin' Duck Pasta - RM29.90

If you're looking for some carbs, Morganfield's also has a selection of pastas available. Here we have here is their Smokin' Duck Pasta. Topped with sliced smoked duck breast, this pasta is tossed with pork lard (wow), sugar peas, chopped onions, tomatoes & garlic. Found this very cute because a slice of garlic bread was served on the side haha!

09. Captain's Catch Mini Platter (for 2pax) - RM102.90

Saved my favourite main ever for the last!! This platter features a rack of half slab spare ribs (choose either Hickory BBQ/Garlicky BBQ/Smoked Peppercorn/Asian Charred/Rib Rub) and is served with beer battered White Perch Fish Fillets, Spicy Devil sausage, Herby Hog sausage, garden salad and french fries. 

By the way, I've been looking for a place that serves pork sausage as good as the one I had at a cafe in Singapore for a really long time and I'm so happy to finally discover this Spicy Devil sausage at Morganfield's. It's savoury with a tiny hint of sweetness in it, not very spicy and so far after so many pork sausages I've tried, I think this is the closest to the one I really miss from Singapore T.T Thank goodness they offer a pork sausage platter on their menu!

10. Roasted Pork Belly - RM22.90

So after 5 mains, I told you we had a "special dessert" that is from the appetizers category right? This happened when we were asked if we were full yet and Kellaw decided to order "Porky Salad without the salad" hahaha a.k.a a plate of Roasted Pork Belly for RM22.90!

We all agreed that if there was one thing our stomach had space for after all the food you saw above was more of some of that good roasted pork belly we had earlier. Lucky for us Morganfield's actually does serve roasted pork belly on it's own! Their roasted pork belly is served their homemade Garlic Aioli sauce along with some refreshing cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

[ Drinks ]

11. Southern Fruit Tea (Mango) - RM16.90

Can't eat so much and not drink anything right? Part of their 40 new menu items is their Southern Fruit Tea. This tall glass is filled to the top with with chilled tea infused with fresh fruits and natural fruits syrup. For a final touch, this drink is topped with a scoop of natural fruit sorbet. Choices available are green apple, mango, raspberry, passionfruit, kalamansi, and lychee.

12. Sizzling Mango Iced Tea - RM14.90

Although this isn't new, I've decided to include it in this post because how often do you find a chili in your drink?? This drink features mango puree, spicy mango syrup, spicy jelly in chilled tea. Don't worry so much about the spicy word in this drink. Not sure is it that my tolerance for spiciness has magically improved but this drink does have a fizzy sizzling feel but it really wasn't all that spicy. I actually liked this drink as I'd occasionally steal a few sips of this from my bf. Order this even if it's just for it's aesthetics, you won't regret it!

Morganfield's has quite a few promotions available, click here to see all promotions available. Two promotions that has caught my interest in particular is their "Birthday 1 year free spare ribs" and also their "Oinkingly top value set lunches"! Allow me to briefly explain it here, for full details do read it up via the link above ya.

Birthday 1 year free spare ribs
If you can't think of where to celebrate your birthday, you might want to consider Morganfield's. Gather all your friends and family, spend a minimum of RM500 on your birthday(3 days before & 3 days after also applicable) and you will be entitled to redeem 1 half slab pork ribs per month for 1 year! So if you're planning to make use of this promo, remember to make a reservation first and read the TnC on their website!

Oinkingly Top Value Set Lunch
This promotion is pretty direct, and pretty worth it for those interested to try Morganfield's for a cheaper price. Here's their set lunch menu :)

That is all for my review on some of Morganfield's Malaysia's new menu! Thanks for reading and I hope you guys are as hungry as I am writing this! Also, thank you Aunty Lilly and Uncle Hong for pinjam-ing me your LED light haha!

Morganfield's Pavilion KL
C4.03.00, Level 4, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Shopping Mall,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2141 3192

Business hours: 11AM - 1AM daily

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This is an invited food review however all opinions stated are 100% mine.

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