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20 September 2016

In other words, print them out and they would make the perfect gift for your loved ones as well as yourself. Whether you admit it or not, many of us are now taking photos through our smartphone cameras. Now the key is where could you get high quality phone photos printed?
I’ve had photos taken from digital cameras to DSLRs to smartphones printed at a number of places and they’ve never delivered the quality I was expecting for. Until I came across the latest trending instant photo printing machine called WePrint distributed by Liberty Printing.

Plus, from personal experience, I’ll say that their quality is pretty good because to put it through the test, I’ve printed photos as well as a keychain from an iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and also a Canon Powershot G7X. There's just something about textured photo paper that gives me the quality feel <3

Ok. I geddit, so how do I use this cool machine??

WePrint is a high quality instant photo printing machine connected via WeChatThe process is simple too!

01.   Open your WeChat app on your smartphone
02.   Scan the QR code on the machine
03.   Upload the photo[s] you want to print
04.   Insert the ID code shown on the screen
05.   Viola! Your high quality photo will be printed in 60 seconds!

After attending a number of events, I think having a WePrint machine in the event would attract more people to it. Because who doesn’t love having photos to keep after an event right? If you tell me photos store in the phone/computer enough already, I beg to differ. To me, no matter how old fashion printing photos seem, I’ll pick physical photos over digital copies anytime!

 Want to know something even cooler about WePrint? Besides of photo paper, users could even opt for magnetic paper, button badges and even phone casings!

Also, companies can even have their very own fancy template on the photos as a form of advertising/add a more memorable touch for their guests’ photos. The blogger template on my photos is super cute kan!

Ok, this sounds cool! Where do I get a WePrint? WePrint machines are exclusively imported, managed & distributed by Liberty Printing. For those interested, I also have a 10% discount code for you guys! <3 So remember, if you’re looking for quality printed materials, check out Liberty Printing’s website for more details!

One last thing,
“What can we print for you? Free instant high quality photos!”
Don’t forget to follow WePrint’s official Facebook page to enjoy free photo printing during fairs!

If you’re interested in personalized gifts, you can also order from them directly here

For business enquiries, contact:

Liberty Printing Sdn. Bhd. (1080784-T)
Add: 6, 6A & 6B, Jalan Harmoni 1A/KU3, Kristal Klang Commercial Centre, 42100 Klang, Selangor.
Contact number: 019-985 8151 (Elaine)
Email: order@libertyprinting.com.my
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