12 Apostles attempt 2 and Brighton Beach in the winter - Day 3 in Victoria, Australia

7 February 2019

Hello ๆœ‹ๅ‹ไปฌ(friends)! Happy Chinese New Year!! I'm spending CNY in Hong Kong this year at my uncle's so since I'm having my short sembreak at the same time, I've decided to pick up my long forgotten Australia Travelogue! Without any further ado, here's what I did on my 3rd day at Victoria, Australia(last last september :'D).

By the way, this is part 2 of what I did during my Great Ocean Road-trip so if you have not read part 1, you can read it HERE. Rest of my posts related to this Aussie trip will also be listed at the bottom!

First things first, a quick recap. During our first visit to the 12 Apostles, we arrived late afternoon and the weather wasn't exactly photo-friendly thus we made a second attempt on the following morning(thank goodness we decided to stay a night at Port Cambell). Next morning, just before heading to the 12 Apostles, we made a quick stop at Gibson Steps first.

Here you get to see the Two Survivors.

I know a lot of people would head down to capture more photos but it was drizzling when we got there so we made a pass and captured a few photos from above instead.

I procrastinated so long to write about this trip my hair colour has probably changed 3 times since this bright pink LOL.

Once we're satisfied with our touristy photos at Gibson Steps, we took a short drive to the 12 Apostles. By the time we got there it was no longer drizzling. We were lucky that the sky was starting to look pretty clear too!

The 12 apostles (well, what's left remaining at least) looked clearer compared to the day before despite the slight haze/mist going on! Just when we were about to leave for our next destination, we also spotted a double rainbow! Can ya'll spot the 2nd rainbow?

About noon-ish we began our road trip back to Bella Apartment at Southbank, Melbourne to stay a night before catching a domestic flight to Uluru(Ayer's Rock) next morning. As we were driving back, we made a quick 1-2 hour stop at Brighton Beach for some mandatory 'Melbourne tourist photos'

Every bath house is painted differently, giving you many photo ops!

Spotted cute birdies too!

This trip was when the iphone 7plus just came out so here we are testing out the iPhone portrait camera LOL 

Randomly snapping a few tourist photos with my then pink hair! Thinking back, I really do miss my pink hair but I guess for the next few months I'm gonna have to grow my hair out and treat my hair fall/dry scalp problems first before playing around with colours again :( Plus I really can't  stand how my hair colour fades to a golden retriever brown after a month+ so for now I'll just keep my hair dark.

PS. If you rented a car for your trip, there's an outdoor carpark right in front of Brighton Beach. Carpark rates are approximately 5$ per hour...? (I can't remember exact prices though) 

Just before sunset, we checked into Bella Apartment again for one last night. Just like the previous nights, we got a city view again :>

For dinner, we wanted to eat at an Italian restaurant called 'Gradi' located within Crown Melbourne. It was dinner time and since we didn't make any reservation beforehand, there was a long waiting time ahead of us. 

At the time, we were already super hungry, so along with an hour++ waiting time, we left our contact number with the waitress and walked over to the nearby Ten Miles stall at Crown Food court area for a snack.

Ten Miles serve what we call 'zap fan' a.k.a mixed rice dishes. They also have fried rice/noodles to pair up with the dishes.

Just to fill our stomach a little, we all ordered a plate of noodles + sweet and sour chicken to share while we wait for a table. Can't remember exact prices but I do remember that 'zap fan' here was yummy and affordable(or at least compared to everything else at Crown)!

After maybe an hour or two wait, one of the staffs finally contacted us to inform us that a table is available. When we got there, we probably had to wait for another 10minutes-ish before we were actually seated.

Entrance of Gradi

Linguine Pescatore ($38 AUD)

Spaghettini al Granchio ($39 AUD)

Margherita Verace ($27 AUD)

Overall I think the food at Gradi was just alright?? Perhaps it's because I've tried better pastas back in KL so after seeing so many good reviews on Gradi, I've set my expectations a little too up there.

I'd say the pricing at Gradi is just a tiny bit pricier than your usual italian restaurants in Melbourne (plus it's in Crown Casino itself), so pricing wise, I think it's pretty standard(but after converting to MYR, your wallet will cry la). The waiting time on the other hand was probably what made our dining experience not that great because after we were seated, we still had to wait another 20-30minutes for our food to be served.

All in we waited almost 2 hours for pastas that tasted just okayyyy so it was clear that dinner that night wasn't exactly satisfying :( Pastas aside, personally I think the only one worth ordering again was probably their famous Margherita Pizza.

With this said, this dining experience was from one year++ ago so who knows maybe they've improved since then. Despite the long wait and so-so food, the staffs there were all in smiles though!

and that is all for now! Until next time!!

- candy-

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Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask Review / Favourite Althea product?

10 January 2019

Hii kawans!! How's your 2019 so far? For today I wanted to squeeze some time out to share with you guys a product I've been really loving over the past month and it's the Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask. I believe that this product has been out for a few months now but I did want to give myself some time to properly test it out before I write my review on it. If you're interested to find out more on Althea's Milk Peel Cream Mask, do keep reading(and I really hope you do because this product is one of my personal favourites from 2018)!

Althea's Milk Peel Cream Mask - an AHA, BHA Triplex Exfoliating Creamy Milk Bubbles Soft Peeling Mask. In simpler terms, this product here is a gentle daily exfoliating mask that turns from a clay to whipped cream-like texture when it comes in contact with water. It is formulated using AHA & BHA to gently exfoliate/remove any dead skin cells and clogged sebum from your face.

As evident in the name itself, this exfoliating mask also contains milk protein extract - which based on the product info page - is used to moisturize and revitalize your skin. I had expired milk in the fridge, so before discarding it, this photo happened.

Back of the packaging is all in Korean but some main info I managed to grasp is that this product is indeed a wash-off-mask and you can leave it on your face for 30-seconds to 1 minute.

Each bottle contains 50ml of product and it is retailing on Althea.kr for RM36. You can find this product under the 'Althea exclusives' tab or just click the link HERE!

Here we have the product itself. The packaging design is simple but the short info printed on the bottle itself is there to tell you exactly what the product is.

According to the product info page: this product is suitable for those with combination skin types, enlarged pores, and rough skin that is in need of some gentle exfoliating.

The product comes in a pump dispenser. Personally, I'm not a fan of this pump because there are times where I'd have to press it 2-3 times in order to get the product out. That being said, it's no biggie as I know that the pump is used to keep the product from oxidizing.

Straight out of the bottle, this is how the product looks like. This is also typically the amount I need for my face.

 It starts off with a creamy clay texture

When it comes into contact with water, it will lather up into an airy whipped cream like texture

[How I use this?]
Step 1: Apply onto dampen skin. So basically I would splash some water on my face first before applying the mask on.

Step 2: Dot dot dot! You have to work fast with this product because it starts bubbling into foam very quickly so I prefer to dab it all over my face first before spreading it out.

Step 3: Spread! After my Picasso dotting moment, I'll apply it evenly all over my face and watch it slowly bubble up into a foamy texture.

A closer look on the "foaming process"

Step 4: Let it chill on your face for 30seconds-1min, then wash it off. I typically only leave it on for approx 45seconds.

I swear it was fun seeing the foamy texture disappear as it sets. Once the time is up, wash it off your face and carry on with your typical routine. By the way, just in case you're wondering. I personally am not sure whether facial wash comes first or this comes first but for my own convenience, I'll usually wash my face with a cleanser after using this mask. The proper way might be the other way round, but that's just how I personally do it because I like washing it off in the shower and I keep my cleanser in the shower too LOL.

[Final thoughts]
Overall rating: 9/10
A shocking 9/10 ya'll!! Basically this product exfoliated my skin pretty nicely. My skin felt smoother after using it but it did not feel moisturized. Despite turning into a foamy-whipped cream texture, it did not feel drying for my skin either. However what made me rate this a solid 9/10 is because this Milk Peel Cream Mask also worked like a healing booster for my acne!! The results are especially noticeable when dealing with larger 'acne bumps' a.k.a the huge ones forming on your skin that you can't pop!!

A quick note: Even though it is stated on the product page that you can use this daily, I personally wouldn't recommend doing so as in the end of the day, it is still an exfoliating product.

For me, the frequency of me using this product goes like this: If my skin didn't surprise me with any huge acne bumps, I would only use this product on alternate days/ twice a week. With that said, if my skin does surprise me with those annoying to go away huge acne bump[s], I will use it consecutively for 2-3 days straight.

I'm no science/medical student so I'm not going to hop into some ingredient lecture but what I've noticed on my own skin is that after using this for 2-3days straight, those huge acne bump[s] would flatten slowly day after another and it would disappear after 2-4 days. Usually if I don't do anything and just carry on with my typical skincare routine, those huge acne bump[s] would just be sitting there for like 2 weeks and it won't go away until it becomes 'ripe enough' to be extracted. By then if you itchy hands and attempt to extract it on yourself without proper after-care, that's where things get troublesome, painful, and problematic. Been there, done that, controlling my 'itchy hands' from then on!!

There you have it! That's how this product has performed on my skin but because my skin and yours(even if you have acne issues too) is different, I can't guarantee the same results. This review is solely based on my own skin.

Overall, apart from the pump that isn't working as smooth as I enjoy, the product itself has been nothing but a blessing to my skin so this is a product I will 100% be repurchasing once I run out of it(unless I stumble across something better). Not only is this product by far my absolute favourite Althea Exclusive, it's also easily sitting within my top5 products of 2018 list!

[Quick round-up]
What I liked: Sped up my acne healing process, skin felt smoother, really affordable given how well it has performed on my skin!
What I dis-liked: The not-very-smooth pump, not moisturizing(but luckily not drying either)

Thank you for reading! This sums up my first beauty review of 2019 and I really wanted it to be a good one because it's been SO LONG since I've wrote about/ encountered a product that has worked so well with my skin ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ‘Œ Apart from this, I did encounter another 1-2 more products that I have been really happy with but reviews for those will have to wait until I get my final project sorted out!

Last but not least, although this isn't my first post for 2019, it is my first beauty review post so here's to wishing everyone and me included clear skin, good grades, and good health for 2019!

If you're interested to try this product out, you can it HERE :)

Until next time!


*Disclaimer: This product is sent to me for a review however all opinions stated are 100% mine based on results shown on my own skin.*

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