Althea Addiction #8: From samples to full-sized & more [haul + #AltheaAngels]

13 August 2018

Hello friends! I know it's been a long while since my last #AltheaAddiction post, but hey, I'm finally back with one + some exciting news to share!! Over the past couple months I've been controlling how much I splurge on beauty products so I've only been getting products that I need and usually only when it's on sale(so you guys probably only see my mini one item hauls on my IG stories haha). This time round I received some shopping credits from Althea thus deciding it was time to treat myself a little and snag some products I've been eager to try out for a long time!

I've already shared this news earlier on my IG stories but I believe I should 'formally' document this again on my blog(so i can read back later and be like wow). This piece of news may not seem like a huge deal to many but it's definitely something that means a lot to me. So if you're reading this, YES!!! I'm officially part of the Althea Angels squad!! (a.k.a Althea Korea Brand Ambassadors) 

To anyone that has been reading my blog or knows me in real life would know that whenever I'm shopping for any K-Beauty products, my first stop to shop at will always be Althea because not only their prices are good, their 'cashback' amount on is also pretty good haha. Basically win-win for my wallet la. Super aunty, I know but to be a part of something I love makes me really happy and it's a journey I'm excited about!

But donut worry!! This does not mean that from now on I'll only be writing about Althea. There's no such rules, they don't restrict the way I write either and I will still be sharing beauty product reviews on my blog(be it products available on Althea or not!) but being part of the Althea Angels club does mean that I will be receiving first hand news on any juicy upcoming releases! This means I'll be able to share the good news and my reviews on upcoming products with everyone sooner than before :D

So as I was saying earlier, Althea was super nice to shower us with some shopping credits to shop and on top of that we also received a lovely welcome gift in this super cute Althea Angels box!

Inside I received an Althea 3rd Bday tote bag, a pretty pink makeup pouch(which I need because my travel skincare is now expanding thanks to acne), a simple hand mirror, greeting card, mini DIY Althea boxes, and TWO new products from Althea! As spotted, the two Real Fresh Skin Detoxer in Green Tea and Rose are Althea's latest products in collaboration with the hit K-beauty TV Show 'Get It Beauty'! These wash off masks are retailed at RM43 each but you can also buy both as a set for RM77 on Althea Korea's website.

I've been testing the two products for about two weeks now and so far I'm loving both. I do have some pros and cons I would like to share about but I shall keep that for a full review blog post coming soon this upcoming week. I've already taken all the photos I need but I've been caught up with work so please bear with me for now okie! 

here's how the welcome card looks like!

and these are the Althea 3rd birthday boxes miniatures!!

Now that my mini Althea Angels announcement is done, we can finally proceed back to our main agenda of the day hahaha! If you would like to see what I recently bought from Althea Korea, please keep reading!

Back to the haul, here's how the classic Althea boxes look like. If you shop on Althea, your order will typically be shipped in this simple baby pink, really sturdy cardboard box. However on special occasions like seasonal celebrations, Althea would release beautiful limited edition designed boxes to pack your orders in! Honestly, I was a little bummed seeing this because if only I placed my order earlier I probably would've gotten their cute 3rd Birthday Boxes instead.

Oh and kudos to Althea for shipping my parcel out so fast! Last time I remember waiting for almost a month for my parcel but this time my parcel arrived within 2 weeks! Was so shocked when the courier abang gave me a 9AM wakeup call saying that he's on the way to deliver me my parcel lol. By the way this is not an Althea Angel perk okayyy! My friend shopped on Althea two days after me also got her parcel a day after mine hahaha! 

and here's my little haul all nicely packed and wrapped around with bubble wrap!

Promo Code
I really love the design team at Althea because not only their seasonal box designs look super pretty and cute, even their little 'promo code cards' are always matching the theme. To anyone planning to shop on Althea, you can use the promo code 'ALTHEATURNS3' upon checkout for 10% off your order! As stated on the card, this promo code expires on September 30th 2018 so hurry up!

Btw if this is your first time shopping on Althea and you don't have an account yet, you can sign up via my referral code [here] to get 20% off your first purchase!! (so I'll get RM20 to shop next time haha)

From samples to full-size
Usually whenever I travel, I tend to pack sample skincare products rather than bringing full sized ones. No doubt out of all the samples I've tried and tested, there's bound to be a few to catch my heart and today I will be sharing the two samples I fell in love with and has decided to purchase it's full-sized version.

The first one up would be this Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml - RM89. Seems a little pricey but in terms of 'serum prices' I feel that this price is already on the more affordable side. Over the past two years I've been constantly receiving sachet samples of this serum and I guess over time I've just decided that I wanted a full size of this (especially now that my samples stash is running low). 

This Green Tea Seed Serum from Innisfree is a hydrating serum with key ingredients like Green Tea Extract and Green Tea oil. When it comes to beauty, Green tea in general is a very popular ingredient used as it is rich in antioxidants promoting skin-soothing and hydrating properties. 

True to it's hydrating claims, I noticed that after using this product, my skin would feel softer and well-hydrated. This serum has a gel-almost liquid like consistency and feels super lightweight on the skin. Once you spread it over your skin, it actually feels as light as water. My skin takes about 10 minutes to properly absorb the product and after that my skin would still feel soft and hydrated with barely any sticky feeling at all. I don't exactly know how green tea smell like but this product does carry a fresh tea-like fragrant to it. Nothing too strong so it's fine. To sum things up, this Green Tea Seed Serum is kinda like a lightweight 'second moisturizer' in my skincare routine now.

The next sample turned full-sized purchase would be this Laneige Essential Power Skin Refiner Moisture 200ml - RM85. This one here is supposedly used as a hydrating toner. To be honest, I had no idea this was a toner until I read it on Althea's page. K-beauty terminology is always so confusing to me T.T and all this while I've been using this after my usual toner??? Is toning my face twice even okay??? I googled and a lot of people said it's okay to do so on forums but let me know what you guys think!

Well anyways, according to the product description, this product is formulated using Hydro-Ion mineral water which is supposed to provide moisturizing energy to your skin faster and more effectively. Another key ingredient in this product is Betula Alba Juice which is rich in amino acids and minerals. It's supposed to moisturize and soften your skin and relieve dead skin cells.

As you can see the consistency is very watery but slightly thicker than most toners in the market. To summarize my thoughts on this product, I'd say it's very lightweight, it is not super moisturizing but my face does feel softer after using it. As I wash my face in the shower, my face does feel a little warm sometimes from the heat in the shower so this does toning lotion does help to soothe and cool my face slightly. Oh, and I love the scent!

Do take note that this Skin Refiner/toning lotion is available in two variants - moisture and light. Moisture is suitable for those with Normal-Dry skin while 'light' is suitable for those with oily-combination skin.

Products I've wanted to try
We've finally concluded my samples to full sized purchases haul and now let's take a look at a few products I bought that I've never tried before but wanted to! First one on the list is the Petal Velvet Powder in #Pink Lavender. This is a limited edition shade to celebrate Althea's 3rd anniversary and for RM17 you get 3g worth of product.

I've already tried their first Petal Velvet Powder in #Translucent so in a sense I can't really say that I've never tried this product before. However, this #Pink Lavender shade is a new release so I'm not sure if the formula would feel the same as the Translucent one. When I was doing my shopping, there was a promotion going on for this powder in which if I purchase over a certain amount, I am entitled to get this for free and so I did exactly that. By the way, I didn't know that Althea released a #23 warm beige shade too, if I did I would've gotten that as well so I guess that's going into my cart for my next purchase!

I've reviewed their first #Translucent Petal Velvet Powder here so if you're curious on a detailed review on that, you may take a look.

The Petal Velvet Powder is supposed to brighten and smoothen your skin. The #Pink Lavender shade contains colour correcting properties pink and purple pigments to liven up dull complexions. The formula is supposed to give your face a nice a matte finish and keep the sebum away without drying your skin. I have yet to try this product but if you wish to see a full review on this, let me know!

I saw this on Althea previously but because it was out of stock I wasn't able to get it until now. This one here is a leave on hair treatment for dry and damaged hair. Check and check. According to the product info, this leave on hair treatment can be applied onto wet or dry hair. It contains protein to strengthen, protect, and repair your hair, contains hydrolyzed silk to de-tangle your locks, supposedly easily absorbed and not sticky as well.

I have bleached ends and we all know how expensive salon treatments are so I'm really excited to see how this RM6 home treatment would help my hair condition. Although I don't expect it to give me RM200+++ salon hair treatment results, but if my hair does feel as good as how it feels after using the 76Style Ultrasonic/5-step home after-care treatments, I'd be more than contented and would gladly buy like 10 more to keep for bad hair days. By the way, I'm referring to the after-care products 76 lets you bring home after your treatment.

I've been dealing with pretty bad acne for a few months now so I've been watching a bunch of 'Acne Skincare Routines' and stumbled upon this youtuber called Joan Kim. She's done many videos on how she fought acne and after watching a few of her videos, I've decided to subscribe to her channel! In one of her 'favourites videos', she mentioned about Pyunkang Yul's Moisture Ampoule and her overall review on the product was pretty good. 

Okay, on top of my acne struggles, I do get the occasional 'very dry skin days', so I'm definitely up for any 'moisture care products'. Since I saw this selling on Althea, I've decided to add it to my cart and after hearing about how the brand never uses any harmful ingredients in their products, I really hope Althea would bring in more products from Pyunkang Yul.

According to the product info, this product is supposed to provide long-lasting moisture to your skin throughout the day, smoothen and revitalize the skin, help remove dead skin cells, stabilize skin's temperature, and reduce redness. I probably won't be doing a full review on this but I might share my thoughts on this product via IG stories after I try it out!

I know this post is super long but we're almost done! The last things I bought during my haul are these facial sheet masks! I don't recall if I've ever made an Althea purchase where I don't buy facial masks but I just can't help getting more :') I'm the kind that would always want to have facial sheet masks on standby at home for days where my skin is feeling irritated or when I'm having new breakouts, or simply feeling way too dry. Anyways, here's the two I bought the other day! One from Dear, Klairs and the other from The Face Shop.

There are two variants of this facial sheet mask from Klairs. One is this Midnight Blue Calming Mask and the other is the Rich Moist Soothing Tencel Mask (white one) The Rich Moist Soothing Tencel Mask is recommended to those with dry and sensitive skin but I'll probably get that during my next Althea purchase instead. 

This time round I got the Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask because it has properties that I'm really interested in like pore care, cooling effects, and also acne spot care. I have enlarged pores and acne concerns so after watching the Wishtrend review on the mask, I'm 100% excited to try this out! I love writing about facial sheet masks but depending on the results and if I have the time to, I may or may not write a full review on this so we'll see after I try it out!

I've been debating if I wanted the hydrating or soothing one but in the end I got the soothing one because I still have a stash of hydrating sheet masks at home. There really isn't much info on this face mask on the internet but based on a quick google search, Madecassoside is an ingredient commonly known for it's skin healing and anti-aging properties.

The one and only mask I've tried from The Face Shop previously is their Dr.Belmeur Daily Repair Soothing Gauze Sheet Mask and I really loved the results it gave. Although there isn't much product info on the Solution range, there were many positive reviews on it so I've decided to get one to try anyways. Will share about it if I'm impressed by results!

This sums up my recent Althea haul unboxing and I hope you guys enjoyed reading despite it turned out wayyy longer than what I expected??? I haven't wrote so much in such a long time and I have so much more I wanted to talk about like my acne problems, the head spa I tried out recently at 76Style, my Aori Ramen review??? but I guess I'll just have to postpone all that further until I've finished up some work I have on hand first. Next up will be my full review on the Althea X Get It Beauty Skin Detoxer collab so stay tuned!!! 

Sayonara and thank you for the shopping points Althea!! 

- Candy -

*The products bought are partially sponsored however all products chosen and my opinions on em are 100% mine*

I rented a capsule coffee machine for RM1??

5 August 2018

Ciao friends!! If you've read my blog entry on my little visit to Malaysia Coffee Fest 2018, you probably already know that during my visit to the event I rented a capsule coffee machine from Arissto Coffee's booth. After placing my order at the event, the machine was delivered to me about two weeks later and I promised to write a detailed post covering the renting process and how much I paid etc. As I've been using the machine for a full week now, I'm finally ready to share my first-week impressions on the machine and their capsules with you guys!

If you're interested to read my two cents on the RM1 Arissto Smart Coffee Machine rental promo, do keep reading until the end!

Jumping right in, this slim and sleek machine here is the capsule coffee machine I rented from Arissto Coffee. It is their Smart Coffee Machine and based on the website, the machine retails for RM1580. If you sign up for their coffee machine rental promotion, the 'monthly rental fee' for this machine is only RM1 per month with a minimum purchase of 1 box of capsules each month. Oh and no deposit is required either!!

Any maintenance required for the machine is free (unless you literally break and drop the machine then i'm not sure what's going to happen la) and the machine is delivered by Arissto's staffs themselves so they will be there to help you set up the machine and teach you everything you need to know about it.

How much I paid in total??
Each box consists of 10 capsules and if you signed up for their rental promotion, each box of capsules is only RM21.60. I don't drink much coffee at home so I only opted for the minimum 1 box of capsules a month. In total, every month I'll be paying RM22.60 /month (RM1 to rent the machine + RM21.60 for 1 box of capsules). No deposit!! 

The only down side I can think of is that because my capsules are delivered to me once every four months, and I'm ordering 1 box a month I can only choose 1 capsule flavour for that four months. Not sure if I understood correctly la but basically from what I did understood is that for my 4 months worth of capsules (total 4 boxes), I cannot mix and match different capsule flavours. If I choose Luna, all 4 boxes will be Luna. For example if I want Luna and Passion for the next 4 months, I'd have to order 8 boxes. This is what I understood la. Anyone reading this and has signed up for this promotion, if I'm wrong do let me know me ya!!

Here's a few of Arissto's signature capsules I've tried. Luna, Passion, and Amico are coffee based capsules. Choco is chocolate and coffee milk is just milk. For a full range of capsules available you can refer HERE. We also heard that a series of tea capsules will be launching soon so I'm definitely excited to try their tea series once it's launched!

Since I've tried all the capsules above, my favourite of the bunch is Luna (top black one). Although recommended for Espresso, I personally enjoy using Luna to make myself a cup of cafe quality caffe latte for half the price of what I'd normally pay for one at cafes.

How to use Arissto's Coffee Machine / Is it easy?

Using the machine is super easy!! I'm extra so I'll follow the recommended two-steps. If you're not particular, I guess you could skip the first step??? But I'll share what I normally do anyways!! So first things first, make sure your water compartment is filled.

Flip the switch on and wait for a beep sound that indicates the machine is ready to be used. When it's ready, the two cup buttons would be lit up.

Next, before I put any capsule in, I'll place my cup on the holder and press the large cup button to rinse out any coffee residue from the day before. I'll only do this process once a day before my first cup of coffee. (this is the first step I mentioned)

Water will come out and if there's leftover coffee residue in the system, the water will come out brown, so don't panic, that's normal. After it's done, I'll pour the water away and I'll begin to make myself a cup of coffee.

The process is pretty much the same. Just lift the lid up.

and pop the capsule of your choice in

press the button, and watch the coffee pour out. I don't have an exact measurement but from my rough estimation, the small cup button is about 1/4 cup of coffee while the big cup is around half a cup of coffee.

Small cup gives you this amount of coffee and since I only drink latte/cappuccino, I'll be adding milk.

Arissto also sells Coffee Milk capsules. You could get these for the full Arissto Coffee experience. All ya gotta do is repeat the process once more with the milk capsule instead.

Once you lift up the lid, the capsule will automatically drop into the tray below! So if you're planning to use the milk capsules, once the previous capsule has fell into the tray, you can pop the milk capsule in.

But hor, alternatively if you want to save cost a bit, you can also opt to use fresh milk la. I'll always have fresh milk at home so at the moment I'll just stick to that. Apart from saving some $$, if you prefer other variants of milk like almond/soy/coconut etc, feel free to experiment and improvise!! I tried their Amico capsule + soy milk the other day and it tasted pretty good!100% trying soy milk with Luna next time!

By the end of the day I'll pull the tray out and give it a quick wash and that's it!

Simple DIY Affogato
When Lewin and Teh delivered the machine and taught us how to use it, Lewin also shared us some 'coffee recipes'. They gave us a few capsules of Passion so we attempted to try and see if we could DIY our own cup of Affogato with it.

We didn't wanna try anything weird so we played safe and bought a tub of Vanilla ice cream.

Placed the capsule into the machine and selected the small cup.

and viola! The combination tasted better than I expected and thank goodness the vanilla ice cream was sweet enough because Passion was really bitter haha. In fact I think Passion would go well for a cup of iced caffe latte too!

Final verdict:
Overall for the past week I've been SUPER HAPPY with my decision to rent this machine. I enjoyed every cup of 'Luna' latte I made and my mom has been going on and on about how impressed she was with the Affogato haha.

Personally, for someone that hardly drinks coffee at home, there's no way I'd pay RM1580 for a capsule coffee machine and on top of that, I'd still have to purchase the coffee capsules right? I'll admit, apart from being too lazy on most days  to even make my own cup of coffee at home (despite the machine being so easy to use), I would still visit cafes for the ambiance. So cost wise, buying a coffee machine and rarely using it really isn't that worth it for people like me.

However, if I can rent a coffee machine for RM1 a month, then why not? Especially when the coffee capsules from Arissto is actually pretty good. Best part of it all is that if I ever feel that I don't want the machine any more, I can just have it cancelled easily before the next capsules delivery, and I don't have to worry anything about not getting a big sum of deposit back or anything either!

With these said, my first week with my Arissto machine has been great and I recommend that if you're someone that has always wanted a capsule coffee machine but has always think that buying one is too expensive, you could look into this RM1 Smart Coffee Machine promotion as well! 

If you're interested to find out more about this RM1 Smart Coffee Machine rental promotion, you can do so by filling up the form in this link HERE! Alternatively you could also give Lewin a call/text via this (+60 16 462 2126) number! 

P.S I'd like to mention quickly that this post is /not sponsored/! The link above is Lewin's partnership/affiliate link and I'm just helping to share it out. I don't get any commission from it okie! I signed up for the promo, rented the machine, and bought the capsules with my own money during the event. All opinions stated are personally what I truly feel about this promotion. I've always wanted a good capsule coffee machine at home and this promo is really a 'wishlist' checking decision so I'm genuinely happy ya'll! 

I'm not sure how long will this RM1 Smart Coffee Machine promotion be on so if you're interested remember to check out the link above/contact Lewin to find out more!! If you've signed up for this or is currently using their machine, let me know your thoughts on it too and maybe recommend me your favourite capsule flavours :D 

Signing off now bye!!

- candy -

2018 Neffos Summer Launch event

29 July 2018

Are you looking for an affordable sleek-looking designed phone that takes good photos? I gotchu covered! The other day I was at Bangsar attending Neffos' Summer launch event. During the event Neffos has unveiled 4 new smartphones complete with a Full View Display, a larger battery capacity, Arcsoft registered photography capabilities and latest dual-band Wi-Fi technology. If you're interested to see what new products Neffos has to offer, do keep reading!

Hello Malaysia Coffee Fest 2018

24 July 2018

Hello kawans!! Two weeks back I got an invitation to Malaysia Coffee Fest 2018 and since I got to try so many types of coffee and tea during last year's event, of course I'd make time to visit this year's event. Malaysia Coffee Fest 2018 was held at 1 Utama Shopping Centre and this time round the event has showcased a total of 96 brands. Since there were so many booths at the event, let's take a look at a few booths that caught my interest!

Great Ocean Road trip - 12 Apostles Attempt 1 - Day 2 in Victoria, Australia

5 June 2018

Ah The Great Ocean Road. Today we'll be continuing my Australia travelogue and here's what happened on day 2! By the way, some people tend to ask me how I'm able to remember my trips so clearly when I take such a long time to publish em, well the trick is: for each trip I'll keep a note on my phone, every night during the trip I'll open up that note to update what I did during the day so that's pretty much how I keep track of what I did haha. For someone like me that tends to go back to my travel posts to relive those memories, I'll try my best to squeeze any time out to finish writing these posts. Even if it takes 3 years LOL. Apart from writing it for myself, sometimes when people ask me certain questions about the places I visited, I guess sending a link to them with photos etc is much easier than typing a long paragraph la.

Anyways, if you're planning to take a Great Ocean Road trip, read on!

Loch Ard Motor Inn Quick Review - Where to stay at Port Campbell?

31 May 2018

Hello friendsss! I visited the 12 Apostles last winter and since we stayed a night at Port Campbell, I figure I'd sit down and type out a quick review on the place we stayed at called Loch Ard Motor Inn. We were there during last September so do take note that booking rates might be slightly different by now.

#CreateYourStyle with Schwarzkoph

26 May 2018

Hey everyone! The other day I visited a Schwarzkoph event so here's a quick write up on how the event went. If you're into hair care products, the brand Schwarzkoph shouldn't be an alien to you. It's a brand you probably can't pronounce or spell the name but the minute you see their iconic logo, you'll be like "Ohhhh!! that one!"

As I was saying, Schwarzkoph turns 120 years old this year! To celebrate, this year the brand is taking a step back from conventional beauty stereotypes to celebrate diversity and individual expressions of style, beauty, and fashion. Be it rocking colourful hair or your natural messy bed hair, Schwarzkoph's #CreateYourStyle campaign is telling you to embrace it all. Basically, you do you!

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