3D2N Sabah staycation trip ft. bestie

15 July 2019

Hello kawans! In my previous post I mentioned that my next post would be beauty related but I just really felt like writing this now so please bear with me😚! If this isn't your first time stumbling across my tiny little online journal, you probably already know how much I like writing about the places I've been to(no matter how long ago my trip was lol). These kind of posts kinda help me preserve my memory and I guess I try to keep em as informative as possible for anyone reading. Well, last September(not too long ago right😅?) my bestie and I went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for a short super chill staycation and here's a short travelogue post on it! If you're interested to see how we spent our staycation, do keep reading! :D

4D3N in Melbourne City ft. lotsa food [major throwback]

12 July 2019

Hello it's been awhile(nothing new there haha) but hii, I'm finally writing up the finale post for my major major throwback Australia travelogue. Every day I don't finish writing this, I feel this sense of guilt and I don't even know why lol so let's get this done asap. My last blog post was a throwback to my 3days and 2nights spent at Uluru, Northern Territory Australia. For this post, I will mainly focus on the Melbourne CBD area so I will be sharing about where we stayed, what we kinda did, and mainly what I ate during my 4days and 3nights in Melbourne city.

This post is a continuation to my last post, if you have not read it, here's a quick link to it. For the other parts of my 'major throwback' Melbourne-Uluru-Melbourne travelogue, you can find a list to all the other parts at the end of this post :3

Mandatory heads up to those reading: this is a throwback to 2017, so please only take this blog post as a rough guide as you'll probably need to cost in the inflation for the prices mentioned and some of the food I mentioned might not be on the menu anymore etc.

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