Favourite sheet mask? Mediheal N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask Ex. review

30 June 2017

I've been writing a lot lately. So much that I'm kinda not used to it. I guess I should say welcome to me stress writing. Pouring words out is actually a form of de-stress for me. With so much stress built up, not only my state of mind, even my skin is at it's worst. I swear the only thing keeping this skin from reaching an even worse state is skincare. 

The Butterfly Project has recently started this new monthly blog detox activity for bloggers to write about a specific topic. What's interesting is that this is a non-sponsored activity so it actually encourages bloggers to write and express freely, not being pressured by lighting/editing perfection. Basically going back to basic blogging. (literally still me rn cause I'm basic jk) 

This month's topic is 'Favourite Sheet Mask', and seeing my skin really needed to de-stress with my favourite sheet mask ever, while my mind needed to pour words out, here I am participating this activity 30 minutes before closing haha. 

My favourite sheet mask is non-other than Mediheal's N.M.F (Natural Moisturizing Factor) Aquaring Ampoule Mask Ex. 'What a mouthful' was what I thought. I guess the longer the name, the cooler the sheet masks sounds? Anyways, who cares if the name's long, as long as it works, right? I was actually first introduced to this sheet mask when I got it in my Althea box from Butterfly Project's Christmas Party last year and I've tried so many moisturizing sheet masks, not one has made my skin happier than this has. I've also tried Mediheal's A:PE Proatin Mask (Soothing) the other day when I really needed the N.M.F one but couldn't find it at Watsons, but although I was alright with the results, I'm really not a fan of the scent. The N.M.F one has a much milder more pleasant scent. 

For those who are new to the brand Mediheal, they are actually a korean beauty brand that is pretty well known for coming up with masks with custom solutions based on individual's skin concerns. This N.M.F (Natural Moisturizing Factor) mask that I love gives me softer skin instantly! Meaning I didn't need to wait til morning to see the results, I can feel that my skin is softer right after using it. 

Directions to apply is similar to most facial sheet masks. First cleanse your face, apply toner, then put the mask on. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes then remove it and continue on with your skincare. For mine, after this is just moisturizer + sleeping mask. 

For starters, this mask actually fits my face pretty well. (Apart from the nose la. I got big nose, I know) Other than that, the mask isn't one of those super thin delicate type that would break easily. This was actually a pretty medium-thickness mask. Not too thick, not too thin, just right. There are also times when certain masks are drenched in essence. Being moist with essence is good but literally drenched to the point where it starts dripping down my face/into my eyes sort of drenched? No thanks. Thank goodness, this was super moist enough and was still moist after 20 minutes but wasn't drenched in ampoule to the point where it was dripping :D

This mask was actually pretty tough for me to find because it's always sold out at the Watsons I go to :( It's also sold out on Althea for a really long time! Only recently I've discovered this facebook ad that this website called "Yoskin.com" has stock for this mask. In fact I was pretty lucky to purchase this during their promotion! (the promo seems to be extended too!) I got 10 pieces for RM64! 

If I were to get this sheet mask individually from other sources + no promotion, it'll cost me RM13/sheet leh! I find RM13 on the pricey side, especially when I'm someone that tries to use face masks as often as possible lol.

PS. This mask does leave a slight sticky finish.

This sums up my review on my favourite sheet mask! Thought I'll also share a little about my "masking activities". So what I do during 'mask sessions' is that I'll try to de-stress my mind for 20minutes while de-stressing the skin. 

I'll either write stories/blogposts/journal with a mask on or play some phone games. One more thing I do while putting a mask on is drinking water. Not like I don't drink water all day, but I generally try to drink more water while having a mask on. (idk why) Basically just getting my health straight again y'know. I'm all about caring for my mental health lately, I've start to realize that what truly matters ain't that pass or fail/cgpa stuff, if your health's poor, your cgpa ain't gonna save you. It'll just watch you die slowly, but literally. Although deep down, I'm still panicking and still really afraid to fail, I'm trying my best to take it easy now. (like i can't wait to slack for at least 2 months after I'm done with this.)

Ohhhhh and, I know that this game is pretty old but I've only started and completed the entire Naruto series recently....so it's natural that I've only found out about this game now. Those Naruto fans out there interested, the game's called Naruto Blazing ahaha! 

So yes, I'm on my way to be a hokage now. 

Bye design life.

Bye guys! 


  1. I used this mask before but didn't see a very clear results coz i brought only one piece lol😂😂😂 Should get more to try out aldy! (Ps:thanks for recommend the Naruto game I love it so as I'm a big fan of
    Naruto haha 😂😂😂)

    1. Oooo possibly cause my skin was very dry la so the results were more obvious haha! But it does leave a slight sticky feeling though! Hahaha ikr! I was super hooked on it the past few days cause they were having an event in the game hahaha

  2. Looks like the mask worked really nicely for you - I am certainly intrigued with the effects. Will need to check it out soon.


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