Great Ocean Road trip - 12 Apostles Attempt 1 - Day 2 in Victoria, Australia

5 June 2018

Ah The Great Ocean Road. Today we'll be continuing my Australia travelogue and here's what happened on day 2! By the way, some people tend to ask me how I'm able to remember my trips so clearly when I take such a long time to publish em, well the trick is: for each trip I'll keep a note on my phone, every night during the trip I'll open up that note to update what I did during the day so that's pretty much how I keep track of what I did haha. For someone like me that tends to go back to my travel posts to relive those memories, I'll try my best to squeeze any time out to finish writing these posts. Even if it takes 3 years LOL. Apart from writing it for myself, sometimes when people ask me certain questions about the places I visited, I guess sending a link to them with photos etc is much easier than typing a long paragraph la.

Anyways, if you're planning to take a Great Ocean Road trip, read on!

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