Famous cheesecake from The Tokyo Restaurant, Lot 10 review

6 May 2018

Hello kawans!! Have you heard of the rumoured 'Best Cheesecake in KL'? I keep seeing all the food pages recommending this and my friends have been posting about this super delicious cheesecake on their instagrams too! So for a very long while, I've been eager to try this famous 6th Avenue Cheesecake from The Tokyo Restaurant (located inside Isetan, Lot 10) and a few days back, I finally did it!! 

I was in the area to check out the Chanel pop-up Coco Game Center with the bestie and after that we decided to do some shopping at Pavilion! It's been awhile since the last time both of us actually had time to shop, so I guess that day was our #TreatYoSelf day? Didn't get anything from Chanel though, still recovering my bank account sobs.

The Tokyo Restaurant is located on the 4th floor of Lot 10 Shopping Center nestled inside Isetan. We don't visit Lot 10 that often(my first time stepping into Lot 10 summore!!) so it took us awhile to find the place. Upon finding it I immediately took a liking to the interior of this place. 

As we approached the restaurant entrance, the staff asked if we're here for dinner or just desserts. We got there around dinner time so if you plan to have dinner there as well, the staffs will take you to a table inside the restaurant. If you're only there for desserts you will be seated at this seating area in front of their restaurant instead. We were lucky enough to get one of the more comfy soft chairs so while we savoured our cake, we got to take a rest from all the walking!

The 6th Avenue Cheesecake~

After approximately 5-10minutes wait, our cheesecake is served! From first glance, it looked basic. However upon taste, I think I've ascended to heaven HAHA! Just kidding ahaha! The cheesecake was very rich and moist, it tasted very cheesy. If you're a fan of slightly strong cheeses, you'll absolutely love this slice of cheesecake. However if you're not into strong cheeses you might not enjoy this as much as others? Paired together with their cheesecake is a generous amount of whipped cream. 

To be honest, I enjoyed the whipped cream more than the cheesecake haha. The whipped cream has a slightly strong milky taste that I absolutely love! The sweetness for me was perfect but I know that to some people, their whipped cream might be a little too sweet for their liking. It all comes down to personal preference. It could just be me but their whipped cream tasted almost like the cream layer on top of Koi's Macchiato drinks!!

Overall I personally think this slice of Cheesecake is really worth trying. It costs RM20/slice but for the quality it offers along with the 'fancy-ish' ambiance you'll be dining at, it's 100% worth it! Been quite some time since I've last came across cakes that I actually enjoy, so I'm definitely revisiting this place once I lose some of those calories T_T 

Kiamsap tip!! If you plan to order any drinks, you might want to order anything other than regular iced green tea(RM10)! Most of their drinks like coffee/juices are priced around RM14-RM18 so you may want to order those instead! We did not see how much they charge for green tea prior to ordering, so don't make the same mistake as us unless you're really craving for regular iced green tea hahaha! If you die die want iced green tea but you're also feeling kiamsiap, after your cheesecake you can walk back to Pavilion for Ippudo. They serve green tea for RM3!

That's all for my review! 100% recommend trying this! If you've tried their savoury food do let me know if they're any good! I wouldn't mind making a second visit to have their cheesecake and maybe try some of their mains too hehe!

Btw, I noticed it's been awhile since I've last written something casual like this and now that I've cleared off my schedule slightly(kind of...), expect more quick and fun reads here! When I'm feeling like it I'll also continue on my Australia travelogue from last year huhu! Thanks so much for reading and follow my instagram @yumizo_ for more current updates! I know I haven't been updating my IG very consistently but I'll try my best to post more!! I do however update my insta-stories pretty frequent aahhaa!

See you soon and until next time!! 

- candy -

The Tokyo Restaurant 
4F Lot 10 Shopping Center,
50, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Tel: 03-2119 2622

Business hours: 11AM - 11PM daily

Social: Facebook   |   Tableapp reservation link

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