Boat Noodle Chinese New Year Menu review

29 January 2018

Sawadeekaa~ Hello kawans! I recently got to try Boat Noodle's Chinese New Year menu, so today I'm here to share with ya'll what's new and also my personal favourites! For those who has never heard of The Original Boat Noodle, it's a restaurant chain in Malaysia that serves all sorts of Thai street food!

If you've ever chanced upon people on Instagram flaunting their tall stack of small bowls, chances are they've just finished eating a meal at Boat Noodle!

Before we get to the food, let's first talk about their new drinks. On the left we have a Mango Smoothie (RM5.50) and on the right we have their Blue Butterfly (RM5.50).

The Mango Smoothie (RM5.50). The first drink we got to try is their Mango smoothie. Although I do think that their mango smoothie tastes like ice blended with mango syrup, I'm surprised that they got the sweetness balance on point. It's not too bland, not too sweet, just nice! Usually when drinks involve syrup, it'll always turn out way too sweet for me, this one here was perfect! Even after the ice started to melt, it still tastes pretty refreshing on a hot Malaysia day.

The Blue Butterfly (RM5.50). For those looking for an even more refreshing + less sweeter option, I highly recommend this as it's also my personal favourite out of the two drinks we tried! This drink here is a cup of iced blue butterfly pea flower tea served with some lime juice.

When you pour the lime juice into the blue tea, the drink changes colour to purple!! Super insta-worthy pls! If you're always wondering what's that colour changing drink people order at fancy atas hipster cafes, this is it guys, but for like half of the price! Plus this drink is not only insta-worthy, it tastes great too! I liked how balanced the sweetness is mixed along with the slight sourness from the lime juice. Super refreshing and soothing for my throat while I savour all the spicy Thai food!

Now that we've got our drinks covered, it's time for the food! Specially for CNY, Boat Noodle has introduced these Prosperity Yum noodles and Thai Fried chicken! If you're familiar with their famous small bowls of noodles, the Prosperity Yum is served in the same concept but with creamy tom yum broth instead! Prosperity Yum...Tom Yum...geddit??

The Prosperity Yum (RM1.99/bowl) is a small bowl of noodles served in creamy Tom Yum broth with crispy wanton skin, and a selection of either chicken or beef meatball topped with some cilantro. For the Prosperity Yum series, you can also choose between two types of noodles - Springy (pic on top) or Thai rice noodles (bottom pic).

The picture above here is their Prosperity Yum with Thai rice noodles. Personally I prefer having the rice noodle option (+beef meatball)  because I find that this choice of noodle soaks up the broth nicer!

Thai Fried Chicken (RM12.90). Lastly, we got to try their Thai Fried Chicken served with Thai chili sauce. If you love fried chicken, you have to try this! The chicken is fried until it's crispy on the outside but still very tender and juicy on the inside! If you like a sweet + savoury combination like me, eat your chicken with the Thai chili sauce dip! I promise you'll like the chicken even more than you already do with the extra flavouring from the sauce!

This sums up my review on Boat Noodle's chinese new year menu! If you plan to try these dishes, I suggest you to do so asap as these menu items will only be available until the end of February! Depending on the feedback, Boat Noodle might continue serving them in the future so I'll just pray hard that Blue Butterfly and the fried chicken will stay hahaha! #waisekmao

PS. Since it's not my first Boat Noodle visit, I might as well share a small confession! I still remember back when my college was still at Jaya One, we would sneak out of class just to snack on Boat Noodle's Pathumthani, Ayutthaya (their classics) and Crunchy Thai Popeye's Tempura. Back then it was like our first semester in college so we felt super proud especially cause the seniors in class were like "why you guys go toilet so long" but, little did they know we just had a Boat Noodle snack HAHAHA. So if you're planning to try out Boat Noodle's CNY dishes, you might as well try these out too haha!

Thanks for reading and see ya'll soon again on my next post! 

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