Loch Ard Motor Inn Quick Review - Where to stay at Port Campbell?

31 May 2018

Hello friendsss! I visited the 12 Apostles last winter and since we stayed a night at Port Campbell, I figure I'd sit down and type out a quick review on the place we stayed at called Loch Ard Motor Inn. We were there during last September so do take note that booking rates might be slightly different by now.

#CreateYourStyle with Schwarzkoph

26 May 2018

Hey everyone! The other day I visited a Schwarzkoph event so here's a quick write up on how the event went. If you're into hair care products, the brand Schwarzkoph shouldn't be an alien to you. It's a brand you probably can't pronounce or spell the name but the minute you see their iconic logo, you'll be like "Ohhhh!! that one!"

As I was saying, Schwarzkoph turns 120 years old this year! To celebrate, this year the brand is taking a step back from conventional beauty stereotypes to celebrate diversity and individual expressions of style, beauty, and fashion. Be it rocking colourful hair or your natural messy bed hair, Schwarzkoph's #CreateYourStyle campaign is telling you to embrace it all. Basically, you do you!

Famous cheesecake from The Tokyo Restaurant, Lot 10 review

6 May 2018

Hello kawans!! Have you heard of the rumoured 'Best Cheesecake in KL'? I keep seeing all the food pages recommending this and my friends have been posting about this super delicious cheesecake on their instagrams too! So for a very long while, I've been eager to try this famous 6th Avenue Cheesecake from The Tokyo Restaurant (located inside Isetan, Lot 10) and a few days back, I finally did it!! 

New menu at Morganfield's Malaysia - Best pork sausage I've had in Malaysia?

4 May 2018

Hey everyone! It is time for another food review to grace this blog. This time round I have a quick and porky review to share with ya'll because Morganfield's Malaysia just launched 40 new menu items and I got to try quite a few of it! Before I hop into the review, thank you Racheal for the invitation! Y'know afternoon she jio me go makan durian seafood then night time she jio me for ribs leh omg!! 感恩~

Althea's Bare Essentials 3-step skincare review on acne prone combination to dry skin

1 May 2018

Hi kawans! A couple weeks back I received a box of products from Althea but I've yet to share what is in it with you guys. I know it's a little late but the wait is finally over!! I've been testing these products for a few weeks and I'm now ready to share my thoughts on Althea's first ever skincare line - Bare Essentials. 

In case you've never heard of it, Althea Korea started out as an online e-commerce store selling authentic Korean beauty products including brands like Laneige, 3CE, Peri pera etc. Last year they surprised everyone with their first ever beauty product - the Petal Velvet Powder, and just last month they've released the Bare Essentials skincare line. After all, before you hop into makeup, skincare always comes first!

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