Althea addiction #3: Repurchases & Snail skincare??

23 November 2016

It's a rainy day today and I barely did any work because I woke up deciding that I need 10 hours of sleep. Long story short, I woke up in noon and couldn't find the motivation to touch my assignment backlogs until 4PM. After struggling with self-hate because of my lack of productivity despite being so near to my datelines, I've finally dragged myself to Starbucks so I could focus better. After an hour of coding, here I am desperately hoping to get this post out because I need. to. write. and also cause I get super happy coming home to this pink packaging almost every month. (Now you know how addicted I am to Althea.) In fact I can't believe that I've placed another order even though I've yet to try out every product I got during my first Althea purchase. Alright, let's make this quick cause my mood is feeling slightly better after typing all this.

As usual, underneath that neon fuchsia pink wrapper, you'll get this baby pastel pink box with all your goods inside. This time I ordered a cleanser and Sam ordered a mint shampoo from Innisfree(not in pic) so I guess that's how I got my first big box haha!

All the products were individuall wrapped with bubble wrap! Super happy that they did this because during my last order, a cleanser I ordered had this little cut at the top and some of the product kinda leaked out and thank god it only ruined the lid of the box and nothing else T v T

Raved about this Calmia Foot pack in my previous Althea haul post. Since I was ordering, I might as well restock on this because it was THAT good.

I tried out the tea tree innisfree capsule pack masks previously and thought I'd grab a seaweed one to try out this time. Planning to try out every one of them one by one. Maybe one new type with every purchase?? 

Heard so many good things about DIY cushions so I thought I'd get one of these to see if I could step up my foundation game LOL. (also cause I really want to make full use of my pretty drying Loreal foundation that I love very much before I started ditching the foundation and solely rely on concealer)

Picked this baby up because I'm obsessed with lip products. I'm always up for affordable makeup and I don't own any orange lip products so I think it's okaaaayyyy to make this purchase???. (ok, let's exclude my benefit tint ok haha, but it's running out la)  Well anyways, I can't wait to try this out and show you guys how it looks! I'm not sure what to expect from this, if I did not recall wrongly, I probably only own 2 lip products from the KBeauty world including this!! So I hope to expand this collection soon ahaha. This is the Velvet Moist Lip Tint in 03. Mandarin Orange by the way!!

Last product from this haul is this 24k Gold Snail cleanser from Elizavecca. TBH I think this deserves the best packaging award. I totally did not expect a gold brick in my box! Super love for this packaging and can't wait to try it out once I'm done with the current Innisfree one that I'm using and also loving! I think RM25 for a cleanser + such a win packaging is actually quite a good deal? We'll see! Haven't used anything with snail mucus filtrate (OMG what) in it and although I'm kinda scared, at the same time I'm actually super excited to try more products with snail...'essence' in them!

That's it for my haul. Typed it in a rush so please forgive me for any typos. Gonna go back to my assignments now, ciao! 

Semester 5 // A self reflection + rant

20 November 2016

Hi, this semester is killing me, but I'm not giving up.

but I kinda still wanna rant.

because ranting feels good, and twitter has a 120 cap going on, so yeah.

I actually noticed that I'm constantly ranting about how I'm gonna fail the semester throughout my past 5 sems, but this is probably the first time I'm so close to my datelines yet so far from making any progress. Y'know I've grown so used to crying over my assignments during the previous sems, at some point, I just stopped?

The reason I stopped was simple. Every time I cry over an assignment, my eyes go puffy the next day - it was not cute. But I was very tired of making time. I just had to cry from the stress and lack of sleep. Often times I even questioned why I'm in a design course when I can't draw well. (people legit ask me this: why you in design when you don't even draw?? IDK)

A heads up though, no matter how much you think design isn't all about drawing, being able to draw saves you a ton of time. All my "I can't draw buddies" can relate. To deliver the results we hand up for our work, within the same time span as everyone else, we had to redraw that same thing 10 times just to match everyone else's standards. (and most of the time, we don't even match lol) But was all that worth it? It depends. Til today, I'm not sure was it worth it either. Perhaps I'll update my thoughts on this after I land my first job.

So what exactly am I blogging about today? I don't know either haha. I've kinda decided to write this post because after 6 months of not crying over assignments, I cried two nights ago. (over assignments) and it felt great the next morning.

I guess I just wanted to write.

To my dear self, never stop loving yourself. Always remember there are people out there that cherishes and values you (no matter how much you suck in making time for them now because you value sleep and health a little more now) There is always a backup route in life, your cgpa isn't everything even though 90% of the time you think it is. There are alternatives to scholarships. Sleep early tonight, wakeup earlier tomorrow and start work. Good night. 

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