Dressed up for a unicorn party with The Butterfly Project!

29 April 2018

Hey kawans! April is almost over and so far it's been a great month! April Fools this year was particularly interesting because for the first time in many moons, I got to play dress up! As The Butterfly Project (a beauty/lifestyle blogger community in Malaysia) was celebrating their 5th anniversary with a unicorn themed party, I got to dress up as a mystical creature for a day hoho.

Since a big part of The Butterfly Project are beauty bloggers, they clearly know how to glam up for a party. Before leaving my house I was even wondering if I went overboard with my makeup but n-o-p-e, I was proven wrong the minute I stepped into the party venue! All the other butterflies looked magical!

Y'know what, let me just show ya'll some photos and at the same time story you guys a bit on what went on at the party! That way you can see for yourself how magical everyone looked and maybe take note of some unicorn party ideas if you ever plan to host one!

If you've missed my write up on The Butterfly Project's 4th anniversary party, you can read it here!

Upon arrival I was amazed by all the 'butterfly turned part-time unicorns'. I was really happy to see so many familiar faces and after saying hello to a few, I head over to where mama Mira was seated at the registration counter to take my attendance before entering the party area. Just before we entered, we were also given a unicorn goodie bag and a piece of card.

After entering the party space, Eros (our glam photographer of the day) took a few photos of us. I've also realized that this time round I focused more on catching up with fellow butterflies, in the end I didn't take many photos. So bless you Eros for taking awesome event photos!! T v T

Apart from the goodie bag, we were also given this little 'checkpoint card'. The front is our cute unicorn illustration and printed on the back are the activities of the day. The activities of the day include taking as many photos using the PhotoBox from GNG Studiobooth, customize a mini flower bouquet at Everyday Flowers' flower bar, colouring an auto-inflate balloon from Brrrloon, and lastly we get to adopt a unicorn from 50GRAM!

I find this checkpoint card idea pretty good especially if you are hosting a medium-large size party with different activities. This pretty much tells your guests what activities they can be expecting at your party and if there is a goodie bag redemption/games at your party/event, this will come in handy for tracking purposes too. Maybe you could even have a lucky draw at the end of your party for those whom completes all the checkpoints?

photo credits @ Eros
Here's some of the butterfly bloggers at the party! After getting our photos taken by Eros, we quickly grabbed a seat. While waiting for the party to begin, we spent the time taking selfies and having our much needed catch up session.

By the way, what's a unicorn party without some cute pastel decorations? Here's the desserts table! The beautiful balloons peeking into the photo are from Brrrloons

photo credits @ Eros
Cupcake tower anyone? Despite still recovering from my flu and sore throat, I couldn't resist this!

Unicorn cake and table lamp!

photo credits @ Eros
If you're looking for custom made balloons for your party, Brrrloon is who you should be looking for! Their contact details can be found below!

photo credits @ Eros

Also, as cute of a party we're having, we can't just live on sugar. Here are some of the savoury food choices at the event! Since my throat wasn't feeling so well I passed on most of it but y'know I love those meatballs so I guess you can say other than cupcakes, I just kept eating meatballs.

Fun fact: I only decided to eat pretty late so when I saw the meatballs tray empty I was pretty bummed and the minute they restocked all my friends just kept telling me "ehh they refilled your meatballs!!" HAHA. 

oh gosh, literally felt like a waisekmao.

photo credits @ Eros
Shortly after everyone is seated, the party begins! Once again as our fabulous emcee, Leonard is as hilarious as ever, this time with striking rainbow hair! After a short speech and running through the event activities, Leonard and our Mama-unicorn-san Tammy a.k.a the lady boss of The Butterfly Project kick-starts the party with a balloon popping opening ceremony!

photo credits @ Eros
I will forever look clueless in all candid photos, but I swear I know what's going on ok!! 

photo credits @ Eros
One of the party activities was colouring an auto inflate balloon. It was something new to me so thankfully a representative from Brrrloon explained it to us briefly.

photo credits @ Eros
Earlier I mentioned that we each got a unicorn goodie bag right? Sydney and mamasan was sharing with us the list of goodies we should be expecting in the bag. Just in case if anything was missing in our bag, we could let them know :3 Stay until the end to know what is in the goodie bag!

Flowers Bar by Everyday Flowers
photo credits @ Eros

The first booth we visited was Everyday Flowers. At the party, they've set up a beautiful Flowers Bar for us to customize our own mini flower bouquet to bring home! There were quite a number of flower choices available and each of us basically have to pick 2 stalks of flowers, place 'em in the provided basket, write our name on the greeting card, and Everyday Flowers will work their magic.

Some of the flowers~

Wrapping magic in process!

Here are the flowers I've picked out! Also placed my unicorn checkpoint card in the basket as they will be giving me a stamp on the 'Everyday Flowers check box'!

So excited to see my finished bouquet!

Viola~ Here's my mini custom bouquet from Everyday Flowers fresh out of their Flower bar! I like how they've added some purple flowers as a finishing touch too! This actually gives more contrast to the bouquet!

If you are planning to host a party with a flower bar, below are Everyday Flowers' contact details. I think having a flower bar at a party is an interesting idea. Not only is this a beautiful piece of souvenir your guests could bring home with them, having a flower bar is also pretty nice as your party decor aesthetics!
Everyday Flowers 
T2-07-07 The Square,
One City, Subang Jaya 47650
Tel: 014-663 4913
Social:   Facebook 

Unicorn Adoption from 50GRAM
The next activity was a quick yet super adorable one at 50GRAM's Unicorn Adoption booth! From the 'adoption certificate' above I guess you can say I'm now a proud mama of Kotaro the unicorn!! I'm really bad with names so when I know I was suppose to think up a cute name, Kotaro it is!

name inspired from this cutie...

Here's my baby unicorn! Super cute and I bet most of you had no idea that 50GRAM actually has such a cute unicorn mug for sale. So if your girlfriend likes unicorns and also flowers from 50GRAM, you know what to do right? *wink wink*

side view of my unicorn

For now Kotaro is a 'fake flowers holder' on my table. Probably only a matter of time before I start drinking coffee/tea from it!

This unicorn mug retails for RM39.90 and if you are interested, you can get yourself one from 50GRAM's website here! Just in case you don't know, other than this cutie, 50GRAM is actually an online florist. If you're looking for a bouquet of flowers to go along with this mug, you can find all their details below:


KL HQ Address:
Level 18-03A & 18-06,
Menara K1 Commerce One,
Lorong 3/137C, Bedford Business Park,
Old Klang Road,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 018-2618 219

Social: Website   |   Facebook   |   Instagram   

GNG Studiobooth
After adopting baby Kotaro (my unicorn mug), the girls and I went straight for GNG Studiobooth's (a.k.a Glitz&Glam Studiobooth) Photo booth! They were also one of the sponsors at last year's party and we had so much fun taking photos with their photobox! This year we got to try a new service from them which is their Boomerang PhotoBox with unlimited photo printing! This is yet another fun party activity I enjoyed. To me these photos are kinda like printed memories from the party that I could bring home as a little souvenir!

To match our unicorn theme, the team from GNG Studiobooth has placed together a sparkly amethyst purple backdrop for us! Cute props were also available for us to take quirky photos with. Best part is that our photos will be printed instantly and we could print as many as we want!! If you want, you could even have the soft copy of the photos sent to you via email.

Here we have the fun and bubbly team from GNG Studiobooth!

On the left is how my Boomerang shot turned out!! So cute that they've added our unicorn design as a frame! And on the right are the soft copy of my solo photos! In case you're wondering, the difference between a GIF PhotoBox and a Boomerang PhotoBox is that a GIF PhotoBox would capture a series of photos forming a GIF animation. A Boomerang PhotoBox instead captures an on-the-spot live action video recording. You can see the difference between the two on GNG Studiobooth's website as they've showed examples of the two.

The printout quality of these photos are really good! They are printed on a waterproof, anti-fingerprint material and the colours looked pretty vibrant too!

GNG Studiobooth (Glitz&Glam Studiobooth)

23, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 6,
Sri Edaran Light Industrial Park, Batu 7 1/2,
52100 Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 016-528 5810 (Hon Leong)   //    017-870 7290 (Ling Ching)

Social: Website   |   Facebook

Balloon Activity & Decorations by Brrrloon
The last booth we visited was a more chilled, laid back and interesting one as we got to colour our own auto-inflate unicorn balloon from Brrrloon!

photo credits @ Eros
Here's the team behind Brrrloon! Over at their booth we get to relive our childhood colouring days using the marker pens they've provided, then watch our auto-inflate balloon come to life. This auto-inflate balloon is pretty interesting, they are the first to bring this into Malaysia so let me show you guys how it works!

Step 1: Colour your balloon

Step 2: Hit the center of the balloon a few times


After shaking for 30 seconds or so, here's my inflated unicorn balloon! By the way, the GIF above was taken on yesterday, meaning my balloon is still full of air after 28 days!! 

As mentioned earlier, all the balloons at the party are from Brrrloon, including the one Tammy and Leonard popped during the opening ceremony! This design in particular is my personal favourite! As Brrrloon is a party supply and rental store, some of the services they offer are personalized bubble balloons, helium balloons, auto-inflate colouring balloons, balloon powered toys, balloon sculptures, balloon arches, and the list goes on!

Block Gurney, Unit G-1-2, Plaza Arkadia,
No.3, Jalan Intisari Perdana,
Desa Park City, 52200 KL
Tel: 018-2777130
Social: Website   |    Facebook

TBP Best Dressed Awards!
photo credits @ Eros
As the party was about to end, it was time for the Best Dressed Awards Ceremony with Tehmina as our emcee for this grand finale moment. To find our winners, each of us were given a golden sticker to vote for the most glamorous unicorn in our eyes and the winners will walk away with prizes sponsored by Trollbeads!! 

photo credits @ Eros
And here we have the winners of TBP's Best Dressed Awards! Congratulations Syafiera, Rawlins, and Bella!! *cheers*

 Unicorn Goodie Bag Unboxing!
Last but not least, I believe it's now time for me to unbox my unicorn goodie bag for you guys! 

01. Dear Beaute (Japan) Himawari Hair Care Samples

First up in the goodie bag are these hair care samples from the Japanese brand Dear Beaute Himawari. This is a series of oil based hair care products targeting different hair concerns. The yellow/orange one is for Rich & Repair while the cyan/teal one is for Volume & Repair. I got samples for their oil in shampoo & oil in conditioner.

I won't be using these so soon as I tend to keep samples to bring along with me on trips(this includes skincare). My hair was never strong to begin with so after rounds and rounds of bleach and colouring, conditioner and hair masks are now part of my best friends crew. In the scenario where I encounter really drying shampoo/useless conditioners in the hotels I'm staying at, I will always have these conditioner/shampoo samples as backup! For long trips, I'll even bring a travel size conditioner with me haha! 

If you are interested to purchase Dear Beaute's Himawari Hair Care products, they are available at selected Watsons/Sasa Malaysia stores. You can also purchase these online at Guardian Malaysia's e-shop here.

02. Wanderlust Things Unicorn Necklace (RM14.90)

The next goodie in my goodie bag is this gold unicorn necklace from Wanderlust Things. There are two colour choices available - silver and gold. The one I got was the latter one but under different lighting, it looked kinda rose gold to me.

If you've read about my write up on The Butterfly Project's 4th birthday party, you'll know that last year Wanderlust Things had sponsored each of us a box of unicorn brushes! By now you could probably already tell that Wanderlust Things is an online store selling all sorts of trendy/mystical goodies. On their website you could find a variety of stationary/home decor/accessories/beauty tools. For my fellow mystical creature fans, Wanderlust Things also features a Mermaid and Unicorn category!

If you are interested to get yourself a unicorn necklace you can get it HERE.

If you are unicorn obsessed, Wanderlust Things is currently taking orders on their Unicorn Surprise Box! It retails for RM52 and you should expect some iridescent/pastel and of course unicorn themed goodies in this box! Preorder closes on the 20th May 2018 and this magical box will be out for shipping on the 31st of May. For those interested, you can get it here.

Wanderlust Things

E-mail: wanderlustthings@gmail.com

Social: Website   |   Facebook   |   Instagram

03. NYX Cosmetics Malaysia Vivid Brights & Lip of the Day

Following up we have some products from NYX Cosmetics Malaysia! NYX has given us some very 'unicorn coloured' products like their NYX Vivid Brights Liquid Eyeliner in VBL09 Blossom(RM30) and NYX Lip Of The Day Liquid Lip Liner in LOTD08 Cherished(RM35). One is an eyeliner and one is a lip liner, both products seemed to have an identical applicator, and almost identical formula. 

NYX Vivid Brights Liquid Eyeliner - Blossom (RM30)

Their Vivid Brights eyeliner series are fabulous for parties or even at times when you're just itching to try something different. Personally I'm not sure is it because I'm either not fair enough or too fair because up close you would be able to see the eyeliner pretty clearly but from far, it isn't as obvious as I hoped. 

I recommend that for best results, go over your eyeliner twice so it will look more obvious. I have their Vivid Brights eyeliner in Sapphire and I absolutely love the colour, the price, and the formula but what I dislike is the applicator. The applicator isn't bad but it's just not beginner friendly so you do have to take some time to master it. (the applicator is those attached to the lid type and not the pen kind)

The formula is alright. It is very runny so remember to wipe of the access at the edge of the bottle. I personally would even draw a stroke on my hand just to even out the product on the applicator to avoid any makeup mishaps. You do have to give it a couple of seconds to dry and it'll dry down to a matte-powdery finish.

NYX #LOTD Lip Of The Day Liquid Lip liner - Cherish(RM35)

This one here is an interesting product. A sparkly liquid lip liner. I tried this product in two ways because it just felt weird on my lips. The swatch above is me applying Cherish all over my bare lips. Honestly, looking at the photo, I'm really not hating it but oddly off camera, it looked very patchy. First things first, I get that it's a lip liner so I guess with that in mind I understand why the tiny applicator. The formula is almost similar to the Vivid Brights eye liner but this one had a very very slight tacky feeling to it after it dries. It also felt pretty dry on the lips. 

If you wish to use this as a lip liner, I suggest to use a lipstick and add some 'dimension' to your lips using this. Picture this as a more precise highlight for your lips maybe? At least that is what I would use this for in the future.

The second method of making this product work is by attempting to use it as an eyeliner. The idea came about because 1. the applicator looked 99% similar to the Vivid brights applicator 2. it dries down almost completely and 3. it's long wearing. (and it's extra resistant to water + smudge compared to the eyeliner itself.)

So while I think this works as a liquid eyeliner, I wouldn't call it a great eyeliner either. Personally I find creating a solid wing with this really tough. (probably achievable but will take more time) It should work better with darker shades from this range but this one being a light shade(almost matching my skin tone) add along it was meant to be a lip product so it felt a tiny bit greasy(?) makes it pretty tough to draw a wing. I do foresee myself adding a bit to the center of the crease/inner eye corners for a reflective pop next time though! 

Smudge test: 10/10

Water resistant test for both: 10/10
Waterproof test for Blossom eyeliner: 5/10 (I actually removed my eye makeup with just water and cotton)
Waterproof test for Cherish lip liner: 7.5/10 (it wasn't easy to remove with makeup remover wipes)

These products are available at NYX Stores and online retailers.

NYX Professional Makeup Malaysia
Store locations: IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, SOGO KL, Sunway Pyramid, and Midvalley Megamall
Social: Website   |   Facebook   |   Instagram

04. Koji Dolly Wink's false eyelashes (new collection) (RM58.90)

I know a lot of us were surprised to see this in our unicorn goodie bag. Each time you ask for false lashes recommendations, people would most likely tell you Dolly Wink.(Westerners will probably suggest you Ardell la haha)  So yes, their false lashes are pretty famous. At the party we each got a random set of Dolly Wink false eyelashes from their latest collection. There were 4 types - No.28 Lovely Girl, No.29 Pure Dolly, No.30 Chiffon Nude, and No.31 Airy Doll. The set I got is No.29 Pure Dolly. 

Inside the set you get 2 pairs of re-usable false eyelashes and a mini eyelash glue. These are what one would call premium eyelashes, the lashes don't fall off the band easily and they actually look pretty natural compared to other brands. Being premium eyelashes, they are re-usable as long as you store them properly. Quick lash tip: After using, I would soak 'em in warm water so the glue would dissolve/come off easily. After that I would store it in a small plastic container. While I love their eyelashes, I'm not a fan of their lash glue. I personally prefer the brand Duo which you could get from Sasa Malaysia. 

Dolly Wink false eyelashes and products are available at selected stores like Sasa Malaysia/Watsons.

05. belif Malaysia Bestsellers on-the-go travel kit (RM89)

As the product description suggests, belif has placed together a travel skincare kit with their bestsellers. As I was in the midst of testing out another range of skincare products, I did not get to try these during my recent short trip to Ipoh. However similar to the Himawari hair care samples, I would most likely try these products on my next trip.

Random fact: Their travel size aqua bomb moisturizer has been on my to-buy-list for as long as I remember but I never seem to have any luck on getting hold of it because it's always sold out! As I'm still looking for a moisturizer to replace my Kiehl's one, I'm gonna see if belif's aqua bomb moisturizer is able to please my demanding skin.

This belif Bestsellers on-the-go travel kit is available at belif Malaysia stores retailing for RM89.

belif Malaysia

Store locations: Sunway Pyramid, Queensbay Mall, IOI City Mall, Viva City Mall, Midvalley Megamall, and KLCC.

Social: Website   |   Facebook   |   Instagram

06. Gift from Mamasan (eye brush from Wanderlust Things)

I kept the best for the last. This card and angled brush is a gift from Tammy a.k.a mamasan a.k.a the founder/lady boss of The Butterfly Project community. Honestly, just hosting the party alone for everyone to meet each other/makan makan and simply keeping this community alive is already the best gift she could've given us!! I won't be repeating how grateful I am to be part of this community but thank god for TBP I'm no longer some loner wondering if writing blogs are still normal.

Quick review, you can get this angle brush from Wanderlust Things' 10pcs unicorn eye makeup brush set here and the set retails for RM89. This angle brush has very soft bristles but the arrangement is packed/stiff enough to help you achieve a smooth and easy winged eyeliner. You could also use this angle brush to fill in your brows :D

That is all the goodies in my unicorn goodie bag. Thank you for all these lovely products!! Now what is a party without selfies?? I was still recovering from my sorethroat + fever (yes, I was sick last year too sobs) so please enjoy my very short selfie spam: 

photo credits @ Eros

 with Zoelie!

 With Dash!

Hello Sylvia!!

With the kawaii Tiffany Lee!

Ridley on the left and Tiffany Khoo on the right! 

Finally met Grace IRL haha! Hello again Yana!


Adding this too because my only photo with Cindy(top left) is out of focus and would only look moderately clear in this tiny size sobs T.T

Unicorn #MOTD Makeup of the day
Here's my attempt on a very pinkish unicorn makeup! Pretty much all I did was spam pink shadows here and there then apply A LOT of Colourpop's Valentines collection 'Tough Love' highlighter. Couldn't find my rhinestones collection from Taobao and didn't have time to order new ones so I bought these from Daiso's nail art decos. For the first time in a very long time, my eyelashes no longer look bald! I could not remember the brand of these lashes but I got em after seeing Sydney wearing em on her instagram post! Took me awhile to put them on because the last time I wore false lashes was years ago! As for my unicorn horn, bet ya'll didn't know how I cheated and because I'm so proud that no one really noticed until I mentioned it, I shall expose myself here.

So my horn started with this one. I bought this at 1Utama's Balloon Wonderland for less than RM25 I think. A little pricey in my opinion but I needed it! I've went to multiple party stores with no luck so this will do. I wasn't a fan of the rainbow stuff and flowers on it so I bought fake flowers from Kaison to attempt some Frankenstein action.

In the end, the flowers were too heavy and did not stick so thankfully my bf came to the rescue, we went hunting again the next day and I found this flower hairband at Mr.Diy for uh under RM10? Bought it home and wanted to cut the unicorn horn and ears and 'attempt' to stick it onto the flower hairband.

But ya lazy girl here decided to try and just wear both hairbands to see how it'll look. In the end I guess that was the most brilliant decision made. 

So here's me wearing two hairbands to the party. No one noticed until I self exposed myself hahaha. Only flower I actually glued on was the middle pink one haha!

The Butterfly Project fam!

That is all for my very very long blog post. This could possibly be the longest blog entry I've ever written too(usually if too long I'll separate into two posts). I had fun writing this and I hope you guys reading it didn't fall asleep or something! The party was great and it was fun meeting everyone again! I talked to more people this time because I think after meeting a few times you tend to get less awkward haha!

If you're a beauty/lifestyle blogger, join the Butterfly fam here!! It's F-R-E-E and there's gonna be more parties and events/workshops similar to this in the future!! 

Thanks so much for reading and until next time! 

♡ Candace 


  1. What a fun reliving of the party! 😍

    1. Hahaha nice seeing you again at the party!!

  2. OMG! You genius woman! I thought it was one headband the whole time...well, you completely fooled me for sure!..hahahaha... reading through your whole post makes me want to 're-visit' the event once more...thanks to all those tiny details that highlighted the event...

    and damn..that nyx products just won't budge huh?.... hahhaha makes me want to try both out...but i will probably skip the lip liner...i got scared when you said it dries out...hahahahha

    1. Hehehe *wink wink* more like exposing my laziness though /_\ Yes do try the nyx products! The lip liner instead of applying all over the lips you can use it like a highlight instead!

  3. Love the blogpost! Too bad i didnt get to talk to you that day. Too many people to say hello too that i didnt have enough time to even say hi to you. Sobs! Anyways, amazing write up and im impressed with the gif images you added in the post. Sending you lotssa love and i hope to see you around the next time :)

    Love, www.alizasara.com

    1. Thanks so much Aliza! Nice to finally meet you the other day at the schwarzkopf event! <3


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