Last piece of my Japan trip - Day 7 & 8 in Tokyo, Japan

17 January 2018

こんにちは! January is almost over and on today I'm ready to strike out a 2 year old resolution of mine!! *drumrolls* Every day for the past two years I've been telling myself  "Ok I'll finish my Japan postings today" and the word 'tomorrow' just pops in. With a collection of tomorrows, 2 years and a month flew by. But ya know what they always say, better late than never, right?? Guilt aside here's the grand very-long finale to my Japan travelogue. Hope ya'll enjoy!!
/-/-/-/-/-/-/     S h i b u y a   X   H a r a j u k u    X    O d a i b a      /-/-/-/-/-/-/

So continuing from this post where I reviewed my brunch at Sushi no Midori (Shibuya Mark City branch)....

After brunch we continued our Tokyo shopping adventure. This time properly checking out all the stores in Shibuya 109. How I wish I could buy out the entire EMODA, IGNI, Moussy, Murua, EGOIST, Fig & Viper, and Sanrio store!

 Right outside the mall they had this tablet christmas tree installation leh!

First shop we checked out was IGNI. It's year end sales season and I think IGNI was having quite alot of deals so the store was packed. But srsly not just their clothing, even the store design looks super chio!!

Random photo with my lil sis cause there's a flowery Samantha Vega wall!

Fast forward to the top floor of Shibuya 109, there was a Sanrio shop and I almost lost it when I saw all the gudetama merchandise. There were also Gudetama Gachapon machines there and I think we went home with about 6 gachapon eggs?

Didn't take many photos in Shibuya 109 cause I was too busy shopping so here are some extra shots I took while we were heading to our next shopping destination.

Jeng jeng jeng! Harajuku!!

As we were planning to visit Odaiba on the same day, we only got to spend a short while at Harajuku's Takeshita street. If you're looking for discounted kitkats from Japan, look out for a pharmacy-looking store on the left. The store is nearby the entrance and a packet of kitkat is about plus minus 300 yen depending on the flavours. The common ones like green tea and dark chocolate are generally cheaper. Just remember to look out for the expiry date before purchasing! They even sold packets of gummies and sweets for 100+ yen. (and I'm talking about the ones sold in Shojikiya for like RM8) so I kinda just bought a whole bunch back as souvenirs haha.

Other than this Harajuku is like a street fashion heaven to me. During then I was in search for a brim hat and I was lucky to find the perfect one at WeGo. Plus it was under 2000yen so definitely a win! Since the time spent at Harajuku was so short I really want to visit this place again to check out more indie fashion stores in the future!

Happy girl after shopping in Japan.

Before heading to Odaiba, we went back to our hotel to drop off our harajuku and Shibuya shopping loots. Wanted my coffee fix and BOSS Coffee never felt cheaper in my life :')

After lazing awhile in our hotel room til almost dinner time, we made our way to Palette Town in Odaiba! *cheers*

Our first stop in Palette Town was Venus Fort! Upon stepping into this mall I was in awe by its roman architecture. Though apart from it's interior I didn't find many shops that caught my interest  ^^"

Spotted this shop called macam macam from afar hahaha!

So the only shop that caught my interest in Venus Fort was Kiddyland. I originally wanted to check out their Harajuku branch earlier that day but since we spent too much time at WeGo I had to pass on Kiddyland. Surprisingly we stumbled upon a branch at Venus Fort and spent about half an hour there? We ended up getting a whole bunch of Gudetama Gachapons again!!

When we got hungry we walked over to the neighbouring mall with the famous giant Gundam figure for dinner.

 After trying many Japanese restaurants, convenience store, street food, and supermarket food, we've decided to try out a Japanese food court!

After dinner I came to a conclusion that food in Japan tastes decent pretty much every where. Every meal I eat I'll just think to myself "If only I can eat good food at this price everyday!" or "Can I move to Japan pls??"

After dinner we went over to Aqua City to shop a little more and check out the Rainbow bridge and Odaiba's Statue of liberty.

So while I continue to dream of the day where I can take a photo with the original Statue of Liberty, I guess this mini one at Odaiba can make do for now!

At one of the lower floors in Aqua City there's a souvenir snacks shop with a whole bunch of kitkats in all sorts of flavours you can imagine. These two kitkats are some of the more interesting flavours we found in the shop. As it is a souvenir shop, prices of the kitkats were quite pricey but we still grabbed a few just to go back and try haha.

Not a pretty toilet but it was empty and conveniently had a full length mirror.

Ended my last night in Japan with one final snack from 7-11 T.T This one here is an apple yogurt. Tastes so good!! T v T but I wish I bought another one of those Tarami peach jellies instead though T.T

/-/-/-/-/-/-/     Last last last day in  J a p a n     /-/-/-/-/-/-/

The next morning we woke up super early to catch our airport transfer bus to Narita. Although our flight takes off at Terminal 1, since we were early, we managed to catch the free airport terminal shuttle bus to Terminal 2 to check out the Pokemon Store!! And behold, my pikachu paradise!

The thing with Japan, even though food over there is considerably quite affordable for us, physical goods wise could be quite costly ^^" We were so bedazzled by all the cuties in the store yet so intrigued by the price tag lol. So when we have decided to leave the store without getting anything my mom was like "aiyo come all the way just get a few things la, I'll buy for you two."

and so I ended up picking up a bottle of pikachu biscuits, a pikachu file, and a pikachu mechanical pencil.

/-/-/-/-/-/-/     After pokemon merch shopping and returning to Terminal 1     /-/-/-/-/-/-/

Once we were done with our shopping we head back to Terminal 1 via the shuttle bus for a quick snack before departure. Only problem was...while we were on the way to grab lunch, my sister noticed that her own bag of "Just-purchased-Pokemon-goodies" went missing.

Apparently she left it on the shuttle bus.
*ultimate facepalm sia*
Since we had a little bit of time, I had this crazy idea of going back to the shuttle bus area and hop onto every shuttle bus we see in hopes that it'll still be there. Surprisingly, my mom bought the idea so while my sis and aunt went to grab lunch at the lounge me and my mom went on our shuttle bus 'somewhat-hop-on-hop-off' journey. Needless to say my 5% of Japanese knowledge paid off. But thank goodness we were sitting near the door so the whole process of hopping onto the bus and checking if the bag was still there on the seat only took less than 10 seconds. 
After 4 rounds of hopping on and hopping off before the bus leaves we finally found the bus that we took!!! Surprisingly no one took it!!
To teach my sister a lesson, we hid the bag of goodies and drama queen abit told my sister we couldn't find it. Only until the plane took off we surprised her with her pokemon goodies hahahaha. Swear her reaction was priceless!

Since we were flying on Christmas day, Singapore Airlines had a christmas menu available! (top pic turkey meal) But my love for Japan is still strong, even after days of Japanese food, I still opted for the Japanese menu available hahaha. (bottom pic) Teriyaki chicken rice with cold udon. I definitely can't say no to that la. (even though it looks messy but econs airplane food ma, as long it tastes good then ok already right?)

Some of the snacks I brought home with me!

 Other than Kirin milk tea, my whole fam agreed that we liked Coke lime and decided to bring some home too!

 Literally bought this jar of biscuits cause I wanted to keep the jar.

 These gudetama biscuits tasted so good! If I didn't recall wrongly there's cream cheese filling in em.

 Favourite kitkat flavour from my trip would be this Hojicha roasted tea flavour!

Last but not least how can I possibly leave Japan without bringing home some Japanese makeup? :3

Well I guess this sums up my entire Japan Travelogue! Honestly 10 days is really not enough and I hope to visit this beautiful country again soon! There's so many things I have yet to do and on the top of the list is probably dining at Ichiran ramen and attending a GazettE concert T.T This travelogue took so long to finish and initially I planned to just drop it off mid-way but then each time I'm missing Japan I just end up continuing the Travelogue as a motivation to work hard so I can re-visit this place again in the future!

and now that my Jp travelogue is done, stay tuned for my Australia travelogue! :D

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  1. Nice! I always wanted to travel to Japan. One day, one day...! Buy all the Gudetama!!! Nice spotting the Macam Macam shop :)

    1. Yeah I think the only thing I bought most during the trip are gudetama gachapons haha. Hopefully you'll be able to visit Japan someday!!


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