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4 April 2018

Hey everyone! Lately my blog has been bombarded with food postings so here’s something fashion related for a change. If you’ve noticed, recently more and more charm bracelet jewellery brands have been popping up in Malaysia. While most of us are familiar with Pandora, let me introduce you guys a hidden gem from Italy called Aurora Italia.

I won’t be going into detail on Aurora Italia’s background but one thing that caught my interest is the trade in value of their jewellery pieces. The main difference between them and most charm jewellery brands is that Aurora Italia carries jewellery and charms made out of either 18K gold or 18K white gold.

They have also recently launched their 18K Rose Gold collection!

Now that we’re on the same ‘mini future investment page’, here are a few types of bracelets Aurora Italia has to offer. Prior to customizing your charm bracelet, you will first need to choose a base. At Aurora Italia you can choose from 3 types of bangles, and 2 types of bracelets.

Bangles you can choose from are:
Enchanted Aurora Blanc Bangle (RM 1,968) - a.k.a the white gold bangle on top.
Enchanted Memories Bangle (RM 1,908) - this bangle is not on the picture above but you’ll see it as you continue reading this post, but basically this is the yellow gold version of the Enchanted Aurora Blanc Bangle. 
Enchanted Gold Bangle (RM 1,798) – a.k.a the yellow gold bangle on top.

Types of bracelets:
Enchanted Gold Bracelet (RM1,858) - a.k.a that 18K yellow gold bracelet with a heart shape lock
Enchanted Leather Bracelet (RM 228) available in 4 colours – black, pink, purple, and blue.

Here’s how the pink leather bracelet looks like on my wrist. Despite being a leather material, you can feel free to add any charms you like to their leather bracelets.

If you’re into choker fashion, their Enchanted Leather Bracelets are long enough to wear as a choker. Although possible to add charms to it as well, personally I wouldn’t do so as this looks good enough on its own. Pair it with a full black attire and I guarantee you’ll look badass with it.

Now let’s take a look at their charms. During Valentines they released this love collection and I’ve already spotted a few that I really like. Mainly the one with stars on the right and also that out of focus one at the bottom that really reminds me of sailor moon. I believe that charm is called ‘heart to heart’? But I’m just gonna call it the sailor moon charm. If I ever buy myself a charm bracelet, this is one charm on my ‘must haves’.

All their charms made out of 18K gold would indicate ‘18K’ on it. These two charms are one of their best sellers and is part of their Enchanted collection. If you want to take a look at these two charms, ask the sales assistant for their ‘Forever Love Aurora’ charms. This design is available in 18K yellow gold as well as 18K white gold.

I’m one that is weak to anything cute and adorable so I absolutely have to highlight this particular charm. Aurora Italia released this charm during Chinese New Year and I think this is by far the cutest charm I have ever seen. Naturally, this 18K yellow gold Fortune Cat charm (RM528) is on my ‘must haves’ list. If you’re planning to get a charm for your girlfriend whom perhaps is an entrepreneur, get this ok?

Another best seller of theirs would be this rose charm called ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (RM638). Gift this to any Disney Beauty and the Beast fan and they’ll be jumping for joy. Other than Disney fans, I think generally most ladies wouldn’t mind a rose charm either. In case you’re wondering, this charm is also available in 18K white gold.

Earlier I mentioned how much I love that out of focus ‘heart to heart’ (RM338) sailor moon looking charm right? Here’s how it looks like in HD on their ‘Enchanted Gold Bangle’!! While you can mix and match your own charms, Aurora Italia also has ‘ready to purchase sets’ available. These sets are placed together by the Aurora Italia team based on different occasions and seasonal celebrations to save those whom are indecisive but still looking for a gift for a special someone or themselves.

This set in particular would be suitable as an engagement gift. Keep the sailor moon heart shape charm, the wedding ring charm as well as the ‘You & Me’ charm, then if you’re feeling more thoughtful, replace the cube charms with something symbolizing your relationship with your loved one. That way it would seem more ‘customized’! If you’re thinking ‘still not enough effort la, but I really don’t know what she would like!’ no worries, their sales assistants will be there help you out!

Tried it on myself! I always thought gold would look horrible on me but surprisingly it’s not bad leh. To take a look on more charms in the ‘love’ category, you can check out their website here.
By the way, I feel that the photos on their website don’t do justice to their charms. If you’re at Mid Valley, Queensbay Mall, or Plaza Gurney, drop by their store to take a look! Don’t paiseh, my theory is ‘see don’t need to pay one’ ok?

Yet another ready for purchase bracelet. This time featuring their ‘Enchanted Memories Bangle’. (The one that isn’t in the picture above showing the different types of bracelets ^^")

If you’re into something more colourful, I find their Murano Glass charms pretty nice as well.

Also tried on their Enchanted Memories Bangle and personally I prefer this instead of the Enchanted Gold Bangle because I like the sparkly stone on the lock haha! (But of course that means a little more $ la)

One last charm that caught my eye is this very nice and simple ‘My Queen’ charm (RM298)! Some people you could gift this charm to would be yourself or perhaps your girlfriend/wife and even your boyfriend/husband! I noticed that when creating your very own charm bracelet, your bracelet tends to look prettier when mixing in a dangling charm or two.

“Yer, yellow gold very aunty leh. Show me something less aunty please!”

Confirm got such people one. Worry not, my young in numbers and heart friends, Aurora Italia also carries a white gold collection! Not silver, but 18K white gold. At first glance I thought it was sterling silver but when I found out that it’s white gold I instantly went ‘Oooh so got trade in value also!’ Haha so aunty!

Anyways, this collection is called Aurora Blanc.

Similar to their 18K yellow gold series, they have all sorts of charms available for any special occasion you can think of. This hot air balloon charm would be great for those whom enjoys traveling and freedom!

Although this doesn’t apply to every charm design available, a number of their charms are available in both 18K yellow gold and 18K white gold. So if you like a specific design from their yellow gold collection but you think white gold suits you better, just check with the sales assistant if that design is available in white gold :)

A closer look on this ready to purchase Aurora Blanc charm bracelet featuring their Enchanted Aurora Blanc Bangle. If your special someone or you yourself loves traveling, this would be a pretty nice gift/treat.

And yes I tried it on too hahaha

Another awesome thing about Aurora Italia is that they probably have the most atas membership card I’ve ever seen. At the moment they are running a promotion in which if you spend RM3,000 and above on a single receipt, you will automatically be rewarded with this Limited Edition Aurora Gold card.

You see that shiny gold chip there? That is a 0.5g 999.9 gold bar. Do take note that this membership is only available at Aurora Italia’s kiosks (Gurney Plaza, Queensbay Mall, Mid Valley) and Aurora Italia’s website. Limited cards are available so it is given out on a first come first serve basis.

Trying on all these bracelets and bangles really makes me want to get one for myself (especially the heart one and fortune cat)! Anyways I guess my post ends here, if you’re looking for a charm bracelet for a special someone or yourself (coz sometimes you have to treat yo self), feel free to check out your nearest Aurora Italia as they have some pretty cute/elegant designs!

Thanks for reading! 

Aurora Italia Mid Valley
GK-03 & 04,
Mid Valley Megamall,
58000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +6011-1059 1750

Aurora Italia Gurney Plaza
170-G-K13 Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney
10250 Georgetown
Tel: +6011-1058 1750

Aurora Italia Queensbay Mall
GF-K6 (Postal No. GF-126), Ground Floor,
Queensbay Mall, Persiaran Bayan Indah,
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Tel: +6011-1060 1750

Social links: Facebook   |   Website

*This is a collaboration post with Aurora Italia Malaysia*

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