30 April 2015

entering college, new life, new blog.
I had to switch back to blogger because I calculated the cost and figured that I don't wanna self-host my blog anymore. haha, 

pic creds to Jas baeb // & Ryan's cam is dope

Well that aside, yup, I survived the first week of college and so far so good I guess. I've always been more of an introvert in the past, having feared to make the first move and all but I guess walking up to a total stranger and placing your hand out, then proceeding to introduce yourself ain't thaaaaaaat tough. 

Despite it being just the second week of class, the amount of work you get in college is already starting to scare me. I mean, I already have like 1 presentation and 3 assignments pending. Then there's also the need in me to balance out my social life too! Let's just say late nights & waking up early then putting on contacts is a big nono in my book. So how? hobo to class every day with specs la. Even my makeup game died completely. :( I initially wanted to look less like a decaying zombie for college okkk... but I guess scrap that, pandas are pretty much well loved too, no?

Assignments and presentations aside (trust me, presentations scare me to no end. Just cause I've somewhat been able to approach people to make friends now, I still blank out and my brain just decides to malfunction the minute I get in front of the class.) I'm having a pretty good time. My breakfast buddies are entertaining, lunch breaks are pretty ok, met really nice and cool new friends that double as your ranting buddy & inside jokes buddies. 

I checked the back up I did on my old blog, my last blog post was way back in January...I think? Seeing how long I've been away from blogging, there's so much to talk about, but I guess I'll leave those for another time...or...never haha. I do have more makeup reviews & food reviews coming up soon! 

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To better days in college!

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