Candy Gets Hungry #6: Everything is Popssible - A Magi Planet Popcorn Studio review

20 January 2017

Work is starting to pile up these few days, which is actually a good thing for me since I personally like how it keeps me occupied. Though I must admit, staring at the computer screen for long hours does drain my energy and give me constant headaches @_@ Anyways, to those reading this post, I just wanted to pop in and give a short review on these yummy popcorns that has been keeping me and my colleagues at work company as a yummy addictive office snack. :p

Before I begin, I would like to thank All Young/Magi Planet for sending these popcorns to me to try. I won’t dwell in much about Magi Planet but you know there’s always that one store at shopping malls giving out free popcorn samples? I’m not sure if there are other brands out there that does the same, but the ones I always see giving out free samples generously are from Magi Planet (formerly known as Planet Popcorn) And when knowing that Magi Planet was rebranded from Planet Popcorn, I already knew that it’ll be good!

So, as I’ve mentioned earlier, Magi Planet has sent me a bundle of 8 packets of popcorn to try (, 4 flavours in total. Namely, Chili Cheese, Crystal Salted Caramel, Takoyaki, and Corn Soup. Their popcorns are available in two sizes, 1 regular size pack as well as a handy “travel pack”. To identify which packet was which flavour, I had to look at the back where there is a label with the flavour, grammage, ingredients etc listed on it. However, a quick recommendation for the brand would be to include an English label for those who does not read mandarin. Now moving on~ Let’s find out which flavour did I love the best and the least :o Also I have rated the popcorns below next to the name with the highest being 5 ♡s

Chili Cheese 
This was by far my favourite! I’m not a fan of spicy food but there’s just something about this flavour that draws me in so much! This flavour has a sweet and salty taste to it. All the popcorns had a fluffy crunch which was pretty nice because it doesn’t stick to my teeth even though they were both soft and crunchy and the same time!! Though for those that would prefer a solid crunch when it comes to their popcorns, keep this in mind alright? As for those that isn’t into spicy flavours like me, I would  recommend this to you guys because it has a nice cheesy flavour to it with just a touch of spice. I did wish that this was a little less sweet though!

Corn Soup 
I’m surprised that this flavour really lived to its name! In fact, it was the only flavour that truly wow-ed me because it felt like something I’ve never tried before. I loved the corn flavour in it but wasn’t so big of a pepper fan. The pepper wasn’t spicy or hot but rather I personally dislike strong pepper flavouring in my food. Apart from that I did find this flavour slightly sweeter than I personally wanted it to be. Some of my colleagues really loved it though!!

To me this didn’t really taste like takoyaki but rather those sweet-savoury Japanese biscuits with seaweed on them? Yup! I think that’s the best way I could describe this flavour. Although it doesn’t taste like what it’s called, I’d say it’s close? Overall taste of this is pretty tasty :)

Crystal Salted Caramel 
This is by far the most popcorn-like flavour a popcorn could ever get. This flavour will bring you back to the basics but I highly recommend it to those who finds the typical caramel popcorns too sweet because in my opinion this was actually the least sweet out of the bunch I’ve tried. If you’re concerned about the saltiness from the Himalaya salt used, fret not because only a touch of salt was added and it actually gave a great flavouring to it :)

Overall, I think these flavours tasted great. Although when it comes to flavours, I do believe that it is a hit and miss sort of thing for everyone depending on our individual preferences. But one thing for sure is that these flavours really do live up to its given name, so good job on that Magi Planet!
If you’re interested in getting your hands on these popcorns, I have a promo code for you guys! Just key in CANDACELOVEPOPCORN for RM10 off your purchase upon checking out :) Just remember, everything is popssible!!

Until next time! 

*** Although these popcorns were sent to me, the review above is based on my honest opinions ***

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