Althea Addiction #6: Mask mask masks

15 January 2017

Hey everyone! I'm back again with ANOTHER Althea Addiction post to showcase yet ANOTHER Althea unboxing haha! This time it's a small one because I only picked up a few things from their site that I've been tempted to try out for quite some time.

I ordered my box during their Christmas season, which explains why I got their beautiful navy Christmas box. Like all of their Christmas boxes, it came with these super cute cards! (I know la I have been quite busy lately so now only I post )

And here's what I got! So far the only masks I've tried out of the three are the Petitfee Gold eye & spot patch masks and the Float mask bundle. I've only opened the float mask bundle yesterday and the only mask I've tried from the bundle is their nose pore mask. At first I thought it was those nose pore strips where you stick on your nose, once it's dry, you peel away then you can see all your sebum on it HAHAHA, but NO. It's not!!! :O

I checked back Althea's website to see the instructions on using this nose pore strip and apparently it's a much more gentle way of clearing the sebum sitting on the surface of your nose. All you have to do is put it on your nose then 15-20mins later, the essence of the nose pore strip will magically soften/melt the sebum away. My nose felt super duper smooth until now! It's one of those rare sheet masks where I can actually feel an instant effect omg. But before I give a full review on it, I'll put a few more sheets to test first!

Also, CNY is coming! My mini-thank you surprise for everyone will be announced really soon! So stay tune alright! Also, if you like the box you see above(just the box, not the contents! ahaha) remember to check back my blog this week to make sure you don't miss out on my thank you surprise ok!

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