Candy Gets Hungry #5: Cheese wheel pasta in Petaling Jaya @ Jekyll & Hyde, Empire Damansara

3 January 2017

I haven't done a 'Candy Gets Hungry' post in a pretty long time! So here's another fancy one to share with you guys!

Couple weeks back I was at Empire Damansara attending Cure's media event in which you could read about it HERE :) I remember about a week before the event, I watched one of Buzz Feed's "worth it" videos featuring pasta. That's when the cravings started to kick in but!!! I fought it!....Until the next day I came across a facebook ad on Jekyll & Hyde's cheese wheel pasta and gave into temptation. So since I knew that I was gonna be at Empire Damansara til 5, I might as well stay for dinner so I've decided to share that post to my boyfie. Thus, he had became my calorific partner in crime. 

Jekyll & Hyde at Empire Damansara has two sections. Hyde is a gastropub + cafe and Jekyll has a classier fine dining sort of setting. This is actually my second visit to Jekyll & Hyde. My first visit there was an impromptu one with Kirstin. We had their pork bolognese spaghetti lunch set that comes with a glass of bottomless ice lemon tea for RM15. The meal size was a decent portion, however if you're a big eater, it might not be filling enough. Personally I haven't came across many places that serves pork bolognese and the only other place besides of Jekyll & Hyde that I know of is J&D Espresso. Both places served pretty good pork bolognese but I personally think Jekyll & Hyde's lunch set was the more "value for the buck" option! 

Without delaying any further, let's hop back into our main topic! So me and my boyfriend was there for dinner because the cheese wheel pasta is only available from 6PM-10:30PM on weekdays and 11AM to 10:30PM on weekends. When we got there, we enquired about their cheese wheel pasta and the waiter then led us to their posh looking section, Jekyll. The interior looked fancy, a complete opposite of their gastropub cafe next door (which is the one I had my lunch set at previously) Once seated, we were each given a menu and that's when I've started deducting a couple marks from the place. This isn't coming from a design perspective but rather a customer's perspective. I flip through a menu to decide what I want based on my cravings + financial capability. The pasta/carbs & soup section was very uninformative. If the cheese wheel pasta was a permanent menu item available at those hours, I'd suggest having that on the menu with the price listed unless you're telling me that the prices varies every day. 

The soup of the day - Potato Bacon soup (RM18) Taste wise of this soup was alright but I would've liked it better if the soup was strained because it wasn't as smooth as I wanted it to be.

I'm not sure if it's just me but if the two menu items I want to order does not have a pricing on the menu and I'm already seated in a fancy interior restaurant, I'll start to panic thinking if I could actually afford the meal or I'll have to walk out. So since their menu wasn't very helpful, we had to ask what soup and pasta was available and also the price. Which did irritate me a little. Thankfully, both menu items were within our budget la haha.

Next and the only "main" dish we ordered was their cheese wheel pasta with bacon bits and prawns. (RM42) The portion was large enough for the two of us because the cheesy cream sauce is pretty filling. But Yhang told me he could actually finish the whole plate hahaha! Too bad they didn't have any other pastas available because I only had cravings for pasta and if we were to order two cheese wheel pasta, it would've been too much for us. On the side note, I actually appreciate the waitress for letting us know that one plate of cheese wheel pasta was enough for the two of us. Because after finishing the soup and pasta, we had just enough room in our stomach for a glass of butterscotch milk from Harajucube.

 The pasta was delicious so this was definitely my "mood saver" of the night. When the soup didn't wow me, I was praying so hard that the pasta will. The prepping session of our meal was rather interesting to watch as they've precooked the pasta in the kitchen and began tossing the pasta, prawns and bacon on the block of cheese to evenly coat the pasta. 

and viola. Cheesie goodness. 

Would I come back for the pasta? Definitely. It's not everywhere you'll find Cheese Wheel pasta in Malaysia and I think paying RM42 for it was a fair price. In fact for the ingredients given, four big prawns + bacon bits, and also because not many places offers this dish in Malaysia, it's worth your RM42! So lets say you're planning to try their cheese wheel pasta with a friend, you can just split the bill and it'll be RM21 a person. Ok la, it's still on the pricier side for a meal but I think it's a standard cafe/restaurant price for pastas in shopping malls and most non-halal western dining places. Plus, you're paying for the atmosphere too! As for the soup, I think I'll make a past unless they're serving a different soup on my next visit. 

Taste: 7/10 (Pasta was good, but the soup would've been better if it was smoother)
Price: 6/10 (It's the standard cafe/restaurant price but it's still considered pricey for an everyday meal)
Service: 8/10 (Waiters there were pretty friendly :) )
Plating: 5/10 (My soup wasn't instagram-worthy) 
Would I revisit? Yes. 
Suggestions: Update the menu more variety of available pasta[s] with the prices please :) 


  1. The pasta look tempting. I saw this kind in TV and now I can taste it here...yeayyy!!!!

  2. The food looks delicious and unique. WIll bring my children there to try it out this weekend.

  3. Oh wow the Cheese wheel pasta looks amazing, always seen it on TV overseas never knew they had it here.

  4. I've not heard of cheese wheel pasta yet, let alone taste it. Would love to give it a go. RM42 is really a fair price.

  5. wow this is interesting. def will try it out

  6. Oh wow that cheese wheel is so big! *drooling*

  7. Always keen to taste new food! That pasta with cheese goodness are my only target right now!

  8. cheese wheel pasta with bacon bits and prawns looks special and tempting !! wanna try this

  9. OMG! The cheesy pasta looks so good! Will try it someday. =3

  10. OMGG that looks really goood man. NOW I WANT T.T OH GOSH

  11. The cheese pasta look so tempting. i love cheese stuff.


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