Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

1 January 2017

Happy new year! Weighing out the good and bad times, 2016 has been another great year for me. Y'know, I actually think that it's amazing how many new experiences one could gain in a year? Though the thought of how fast time flies does scare me a little. 2017 is gonna be another brand new year and I just really want to take this moment to sit back and review the year and just remind myself how blessed I am. Tbh, I can't recall if I've set any resolutions for 2016 but what I could say is that I have my fair share of regrets and satisfactions in 2016 but I know that I'm definitely ending the year as a better and happier person.

Fun fact! This is actually the second time I'm writing this post. After writing over 3000 words, I figured I'll store that post as a draft for myself and post up a summarized one publicly instead. This 2016 wouldn't have been a great one if it wasn't thanks to my family, boyfriend and friends that's always by my side giving me their support in the things I love doing. My 2016 was actually a very interesting one. I'm really glad to finally "settle in" college and getting used to my assignment workload, so used to it that I was literally dying from datelines at the last two weeks because I got so much sleep during the early 12 weeks of the semester. I kinda wish I got used to it earlier though, I'm so late in getting used to things, I'm almost graduating!! Really thankful for all my lecturers that has given me so much guidance and patience! Also, my internship is in a few days time! I hope things goes well, I really love the web design works this company produces so I'm really glad to be joining them! 

The new experiences I've gained in 2016 is uncountable! I had so many firsts, for instances, working with multiple brands and companies for blogging purposes! Taking part in mural painting, digitally painting a peach that I'm really proud of, meeting so many bloggers/youtuber friends.(I never really had any before this year ^^") CODING A WEB SITE ON MY OWN, HELLO! Started doing travel vlogs! Travel overseas with my bestie! Had my first job (ok la, internship) interview! Which was to be honest, pretty fun haha. Gained so many new experiences this year, cheers to more in 2017! On the side note, I'm actually really happy to see me getting my blogging pace back and also how my blogging style has reverted back to 6 years ago when I've blogged so much about travels, food, and oh the hauls and makeup + contact lens reviews! Hopefully I could maintain this pace throughout 2017! Also, a very special thank you to West Coast for kick-starting this blogging journey for me with STGCC then a collaboration with Coca-Cola, and Butterfly Project for giving me opportunities to work with numerous beauty brands/e-commerce like Bourjois and Althea, as well as introducing me to so many new blogger/youtuber friends! And also to all the companies that I've worked with this year, thank you for giving me this opportunity. (:

May 2017 be another great year filled with surprises and challenges for me to tackle and grow into a stronger better person than 2016. Who knows maybe one of these days I'll finally figure out what I want to do for my career? Until next time!  

- c a n d y - 

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