Kylie Jenner Merry Lip Kit and Burgundy Kyshadow Palette unbox & swatches & review (+mini non-kylie giveaway)

22 January 2017

Heyyyy everyone, this is going to be a lengthy post but make sure you stay til the end to see what I have for everyone ok! This is actually my "end-of-the-sem" / Christmas present to myself because the last semester was sooooo crazy tiring so I saved up big time and placed an order the moment everything restocked but who knew two weeks later they'll have a sweet promotion that would've saved me 30$ :(

Decided to unbox + swatch + quick demo of the products on a video! So check it out if you're too lazy to read haha

Since Kylie Cosmetics doesn't ship to Malaysia, I've shipped my order to my aunt's place in Singapore instead. When she received the parcel, she sent a photo of the box to me and it got me panicking! I mean, I wouldn't be so worried if I was shipping liquid lipsticks but the thing is I was shipping a 42$ palette over all the way from the United States! Thankfully everything arrived safe and sound :')

Now let the unboxing begin! Upon opening the box, you get 'KYLIE' printed on the inner top lid with the classic white drips on the top. Similar to most parcels, Kylie Cosmetics ships their products with foam sponges to ensure that your products don't break during shipment. All orders will come with an invoice as well.

Here's the stuff I got! I picked up Kylie's holiday edition Merry Lip Kit (30$) as well as her burgundy Kyshadow palette (42$) This was a pretty huge bank account damage for me because this is actually my first time splurging so much on just two makeup products in a go! T_T 

Here's whats written on the back of the lenticular "Kylie's Eyes" card.

Here's what you get in the Merry lip kit for 30$ - 1 Merry lip liner & 1 Merry matte liquid lipstick. The lip kit is packed in a silver rectangular box. Unlike the usual lip kits where the boxes open from the top, this limited edition Merry Lip Kit comes in a pretty sturdy hard box. (like gift boxes) The box has a reflective silver finish to it with the product info printed in white.

Now here's some close-up photos of the lip kit + swatches without filters

Merry is a cool tone red. It dried matte and was very difficult to remove with my usual makeup remover. I'm not an oil-based makeup remover user but if using makeup wipes + my usual water based makeup remover + 2 rounds of vaseline doesn't get it off, it's an issue for me. I don't use many lip liners but this lip liner in particular went on very smoothly. The liquid lipstick had a pleasant sweet scent to it. For a matte liquid lipstick, I'm actually pretty glad that the formula didn't completely dry my lips out but I strongly advise that if you have dry lips like me, be sure to exfoliate first!!

Next up is Kylie's Burgundy Kyshadow palette.

Overall I don't have much to comment on the outer box, I personally like how the edges is a metallic pink to indicate that it's the burgundy palette! It's great for those who owns her bronze & holiday palette as they could stack the three palettes and won't have a hard time searching for the right one. Not cool that they didn't state that it's the burgundy palette on the front of the packaging though! I also liked the simplicity of it's packaging though I did wish that the material of the palette wasn't a cardboard-like one but rather a plastic/metal kind?? If that even make any sense haha! Having a mirror or not doesn't make much of a difference to me as I probably would never end up using it unless I'm travelling with it. Though I'm sure for most people, having a mirror would be a plus point. (fyi, the holiday palette comes with one!)

Here's a closeup of the shades without filters. I've picked this palette because I personally find these shades very wearable especially when it'll complement my go-to burgundy liquid eyeliner very well.

As you could see from the swatches above, this palette has a good selection of mattes and shimmery shades. When I'm searching for a palette, I personally want a balance of bright shimmer shades and matte shades. I want transition shades and a good eye popping colour. Which I really wished it came with a brighter pearl shade I could use on my inner corners because Naked isn't exactly bright and popping enough for me. Neither was LA bright enough either. :(

Here's a quick experimental look I've tried out with this palette + Merry Lip Kit. (Yes, I've made sure I PS-ed my face smooth smooth for the photos lmao. I've tried to apply very minimal face makeup on during the video because my skin isn't exactly in a very good state so please bear with my skin throughout the video T_T tqqq

A few closeups on the look created using the Burgundy Kyshadow Palette

Closeup on Kylie's Merry Lip Kit. I personally love the colour and would definitely wear it when I'm feeling bold. Since they're so hard to remove, I guess it's pretty obvious that these lip kits are not joking about being long wearing. They're also almost kiss proof. Almost!

[ F I N A L    T H O U G H T S ]
The two products I've tried did come with a fairly high price but I will say that the pigmentation of the Kyshadows as well as the "not-so-drying" liquid lipstick formula does make up for it. I understand that you're also paying for the Kylie brand name. Personally, I'm obsessed with burgundy shades that's why when this palette launched, I knew that I just had to get it. So I saved up, and got it when they've launched the Merry Lip Kit. (that way I can justify my order and get free shipping lol) J

[Burgundy Kyshadow]
If you're looking for pigmentation + burgundy shades in a palette, I do believe that there are much cheaper alternatives in the market. However if you're a huge fan of Kylie, and you don't need a super duper bright popping shade like what I need, then go ahead! I personally don't regret my purchase as I could always reach out to one of the super shock colourpop singles for my inner eye corner! :) Also don't get me wrong, I really love the colour combinations of this palette, but my one and only main concern is really just the lack of a super popping inner eye highlight.

[Merry Lip Kit]
I don't know what benefits Diamond powder brings to me, but forget about that, lets talk packaging. I'm a HUGE fan of this packaging. I love it when anything comes in sturdy boxes because yes, I hoard packaging that are nice. So when I saw the box, I was like YES. My money has been justified. Kind of. Ok not really, because the shade is common. But lets talk about the lip liner and formula. My first ever lip liner was from NYX many years ago and because they tugged on my lips so bad, I've just stopped using lip liner until now. This Merry lip liner went on so smoothly. Plus as someone with super dry lips, matte liquid lipsticks scare me. There is only a handful of Colourpop matte liquid lips that I could wear without it flaking all over my lips. So thankfully, I've learned that as long as I exfoliate my lips, my Kylie's 30$ Merry Lip Kit will work pretty well for me. They don't dry my lips out throughout the day either, which is great for a matte liquid lipstick. Colour is gorgeous too! Only issue I have with it is just the removing process. Perhaps I really do need to get an oil makeup remover just for my liquid lipsticks?

[ O V E R A L L ]
Are they worth the buck? Yes and No. The products did not wow me. I don't think that they're too overly priced either because as I've mentioned, they are good quality stuff + the name. Though if you don't care about the name and just really want the shades, you can definitely find a cheaper alternative because it's not worth your 30-42$.

Would I repurchase from the brand: Perhaps not the Kyshadows unless there's gonna be a palette with colour selections that wows me. Lip kits? Sure! I'm actually looking into getting my hands on 22 & Kristen. But first, let me save. 

By the way, on a very unrelated to Kylie Cosmetics note. 2016 has given me many blogging opportunities and over the year, I've hauled so many products and has also been given so many products from various brands. Because I only have one face, I can't use everything. Plus I've also mentioned during my Club Clio launch blog post to stay tune for a mini future surprise! So here I've decided to put together a box of goodies including some products I personally love as well to giveaway to one beauty junkie like me. I've never done a giveaway before so this is something new to me and will be a small one. It's also very easy to enter as you don't have to share or repost anything. 

All you have to do is:

1. Follow my instagram @yumizo_
2. At the comments section, @tag a friend on this instagram post HERE 

and you're entered! <3

Giveaway ends on the 26th of January 2017. This giveaway is open to all with a valid Malaysia address. If you're under 18, be sure to get your parents permission before participating. Be sure that your instagram DM is open because I'll contact the winner via DM for your mailing details! <3 Good luck! To be fair, the winner will be selected using an online randomizer.

PS. This giveaway is not affiliated with any of the brands of products given or any of the social media involved. Some products are sponsored but not specifically for this giveaway. I'm not sure how this will go but hopefully at least one person will join? T v T

Thanks for reading til the end! Until next time!! <3


  1. 'My' cosmetics looks good to use.. Nice.. Great review!

  2. very nice makeup you have there. I love the color payoff on your skin. keep it up

  3. The palette caught my eye when it first came out *-* But I have another one similar already so ended up not getting.

  4. love the colours and shades of Kylie's palette... very nice... i need one... hehehe

  5. Merry Lip Kit suits me well. I really love the colour of it.

  6. I like the eyeshadow !! would like to try too~~

  7. Wow I love that Merry shade.. its is soo me! I always love red lipsticks. Your post rekinds me of this morning - I saw this Kylie Lip Kit selling online and guess what, Kylie Minologue is in the package! Lol

  8. I as worried for you when I saw the condition of the packaging. Thank god everything came fine. Thanks for running the giveaway. Am not a beauty junkie myself, so I hope a deserving person wins.

  9. wow i love the pigment of the merry shade! glad your items arrived well in the parcel!

  10. Nice color, I always wanted to try their eyeshadow. Its quite pigmented.

  11. I love how strong the pigments are on ur lipstick! The packaging of The Eye palette is so eye catching
    Thanks for the review!

  12. I don't have the habit of redoing my lips once in a while. Maybe hard to remove is a good thing for me xD

  13. I wonder how it looks like if you apply the eyeliner! Hehe! I don't always spend too much of money for cosmectics, if I do make sure the quality and pigmented is on point =D

  14. Burgandy shades are such versatile tones to play with and this one looks really good on you dear. Plus I can see the quality of the pigment here is quite high as well so its great that it compliments you greatly too.

  15. OMG!All the color looks so nice! I wish I could have one too, will looking for it later!

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