Deers and blue skies - Day2 in Japan: Hiroshima pt2

5 February 2016

After having okonomiyaki, we got back onto the loop bus and caught a ferry to Miyajima ( 宮島 ) island, home to this huge tori gate.

Because it was almost sunset, the view was just simply breath taking. I've always loved sky gazing. I mean how can one not love the fluffy clouds floating on azure skies.

oysters anybody? ♡ Remember to never leave Hiroshima until you've had oysters and their okonomiyaki ok!

Miyajima is also home to these deers. I'm actually curious if people feed them though, they just come chasing you if they smell food in your hands! But according to the island rules, feeding the deers aren't allowed either. They're pretty cute though! 
As it got dark, and after 1837198 photos of and with the tori gate, we rushed to catch a ferry back to Hiroshima and got onto a shinkansen back to Kyoto.

Just before we got onto the train, we stopped by a convenience store to get some ekiben for our dinner. And of course, disney milk tea! 

In case you've missed out, part 1 can be found HERE! :>

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