Bamboos and Tori gates - Day 3 in Japan: Arashiyama & Fushimi Inari, Kyoto

19 February 2016 Fushimi-Inari Station, Fukakusa Shimoyokonawachō, Fushimi-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 612-0007, Japan

This was my last day in Kyoto so it was more like a chill day. The only place in our travel itinerary on that day was Arashiyama so Fushimi Inari Shrine was more like an impromptu place to visit because me and my sister hasn't been there before. My mom and aunt already visited that place during their previous visit to Japan.

Arashiyama's bamboo grove gives off a nice and relaxing atmosphere. The occasional rays of light peeking through the tall standing bamboo plants also gave a nice touch to our photos. Selfie-ing there also prettier ok. 

See, told you the lighting was perfect.

After taking enough shots at the bamboo grove, we made a stop at Tenryu-ji Temple. I'd say this is another must go place if you're around the area. I mean, might as well right?

see see seeeeeeeee. The rays of light gives off some magical feel right?

to me, traveling to countries during their fall-winter season is the best time ever. especially when you're experiencing summer all year round in your own country. The scenery you're able to absorb and savor is just simply beautiful and at times you'd just wish to preserve it and bring it home with you. I guess that's where cameras came into the world to help mankind preserve precious moments in their life.

So happy to find this little beautiful on the ground to bring home with me! Picked this up under this very beautiful tree near the bridge. (I'm not sure whats the name of the bridge but this was the place that got us side tracked)

The whole reason I said we needed a portable wifi was because I want to see what geofilters are there all over the world and look at this kyoto one, it's so cute and pretty! On the side note, although Arashiyama seemed like a small town, while being distracted by other breath taking places around in the area, it took us awhile to navigate our way back to the station. When we did, we were starving and quickly made our way back to Kyoto station's Isetan for ramen. Lunch hour in Japan = queue every where T_T

 I didn't take down the name of this restaurant but the reason we chose to eat here was solely because 1. they were using the 'machine ordering system' that my sister wanted to see how it worked and 2. the queue wasn't as bad as the other ramen restaurants on that floor. Taste wise I'd say it's not bad, the broth was pretty nice for me but the beef tasted a little too salty for my liking. Oh and it also came with bottomless uncooked eggs haha.

If you ever visit this restaurant, don't get their gyoza though. Their pan fried gyoza dumpling was served with sour plum powder and half a lime. I wouldn't recommend trying this because the gyoza skin was all stuck together and it was a little mushy on the bottom for my liking. If you're in hopes of trying gyoza, don't let this spoil your cravings. Unless your goal is to try every gyoza you come across in Japan, then go ahead la. This was the first time I had sour plum powder to dip my gyoza in! Quite interesting, I'd say.

Soon after lunch was when we decided that why not spend the extra time we have to visit one of Kyoto's die-die-must-visit place? Fushimi Inari shrine is like a place tourists visiting Kyoto must go one right? Plus it's really amazing that all of these tori gates were built from scratch with people's bare hands! I mean, there's soooooooo many of them!

Here's a tip, not all takoyaki in Japan tastes good ;_; I wouldn't say this tasted bad but it just didn't give me the heavenly-feel I get when I eat good food.

But look at this shot. Like documentary shot, kan. / w \

We stumbled across this yummy goodness in the mini mart at Fushimi inari! 
Coca-Cola lime flavor gaissss! I don't remember seeing this in KL so we bought one to try and we regret not buying a few more back to the hotel with us. It's ok though, we found it at Tokyo and bought like 4 more bottles. 

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