Okonomiyaki love - Day2 in Japan: Hiroshima pt1

4 February 2016

Starting off the day with a big cup of Nissin noodles is the best thing ever, don't you think? :')

Day 2 in Japan was spent at Hiroshima! 

I can't remember if I bought this from 7-11 or the Lawson near the hotel I was staying at but this premium chocolate roll cake was soooooo good. I miss it so much but I guess they don't restock them on a daily basis :( 

For people that love sleep and has sensitive eyes, you might be able to relate. I really love sleeping in whenever I get the chance to, especially when I know that I'll be having a long shinkansen ride waiting for me on that day. So what I did was, I did my makeup and put my contact lens when I was in the shinkansen AND that was after I woke up from a short in-train morning nap ♡ 

After arriving at Hiroshima station, we took a short walk to board onto the Hiroshima sightseeing loop bus which fare was fully covered by our JR passes! Have you guys ever came across their construction sites? These little dividers(?) are just super cute! Plus, it's pink!

Our first stop was visiting the Atomic Bomb Dome a.k.a Hiroshima Peace Memorial. This place is definitely a place to visit if you're in Hiroshima. Historical locations are always a stop for tourists to check out but personally, I really loved the architecture and how peaceful the location is. Surrounded by water and greenery with the addition of a cool sunny weather, walking along Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park was refreshing and definitely calmed me down a lot. To be honest, I think if I were to live nearby the area, I would spend all day there! 

Thanks to a few locals' helpful directions, we managed to locate Okonomimura (お好み村)  to feed our hungry tummies! In case you don't know, okonomimura is like okonomiyaki heaven! BUT, if you're not comfortable with smelling like okonomiyaki for the rest of your day, you can opt to try the okonomiyaki restaurant with the brown color banner in my photo above. Because we won't be heading back so soon and we're not exactly aye-ok with the very smoky secluded environment, we went for the brown shop one. 

 The shop was pretty empty downstairs but there might be a few more occupied tables up stairs. They provided us an english menu so that was a great start.

 Instead on the usual cabbage, Hiroshima style okonomiyaki contains more carbs in it like layers of crepes(i think) and egg too.

We ordered two different okonomiyaki to try and there are 4 of us. Even as lunch, this was just nice for us! Still hungry can always order again or just hit up a nearby 7-11 kan?
We ordered a Special(1580yen) and one Village Headman Special(1180yen) (if I did not recall wrongly on what we ordered) and personally I would recommend the Village Headman Special. I love love love love scallops but for unexplainable reasons, I just love the other one better.

then of course I had to get a bottle of Japanese milk tea from a nearby 7-11. Plus their packaging are all so cute with all the Disney collaboration going on! 

Part two is up HERE! :)


  1. Hi is there many place to visit in Hiroshima ?

    1. Hi Tommy, personally I've only been to Hiroshima once for a day trip. I wouldn't say that there are many places to visit in Hiroshima but I wouldn't say that there aren't many either. I guess it depends on your interests, time was rather constraining for me because we only had a day there and we kinda loss some time here and there when we got lost haha. But I would say even for a day trip, I did manage to cover the main sightseeing places, do some shopping at Hondori street, tried Hiroshima style okonomiyaki & also visit Miyajima island.(plus some extra time getting lost here and there) Personally I would prefer two days in Hiroshima, that way I would be able to fork out time to visit the Peace Memorial Museum as well. :)


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