Against The Current live @ The Bee, Publika, Kuala Lumpur

1 October 2017

Helloooooooooooo!!! I got to watch Against The Current live the other day at The Bee, Publika!! asdfghjkl They've previously performed in Malaysia twice (?) I think...and I missed both of the lives due to clashing plans so I was super happy to finally be able to check this off my bucket list of artistes to watch live! yay

This post is gonna be a little GIF-heavy cause I just can't have it any other way. Please bear with me!

Soooo I met up with Joshua for dinner cause he was the only one I know whom yolo-ed and bought tix to ATC as well. Only after the live ended we found Amanda and other college mates haih. At first I debated if I wanted to start queuing in the morning and make some friends, but in the end I was just so lazy I figured I'd just make it in time for doors open. I didn't expect doors to open 20 mins later though, so in the end we still ended up queuing for a short time. I seriously have to salute those whom queued for hours though! Just 20 minutes of queuing in the basement and I was already bathing in my own sweat. Ew.

Shortly after we got in, the show began with Dvatheduo performing Paramore's Decode. Watching their performance made me wish that Paramore would come to Malaysia again so I could check another band's concert off my bucket list! The selections they played sure got the crowd hyped for the live! At about 8:20, our beloved Against The Current finally graced the stage and the crowd went cray!!

I still remember the days I spent listening to their cover collabs with Sam Tsui, Kurt and Alex Goot on Youtube! Slowly from covers, I started listening to their originals. At first I was actually pretty worried if I'd enjoy the live cause when I bought my tickets, it didn't occur to me that this was their 'In Our Bones' album tour. I'm such an outdated fan that my music library is still stuck at Gravity!

Because of that, every night I pray they'll play songs from their Gravity album as well hahaha. At least let me have Dreaming Alone and Brighter please. Don't get me wrong though, I definitely enjoyed their newer songs too, but y'know there's always your fave fave songs you're dying to hear live. My personal faves from In Our Bones is Running With The Wild Things, In Our Bones, Chasing Ghosts, and Wasteland.

Let's just say bless me because my prayers have been answered. I got to hear both Dreaming Alone and Brighter live! 

Surprise GIF! I didn't capture much, only snapped a few photos + short clips. The rest of the time I was just jumping, singing along or trying really really really hard to see the stage lol. #ShortPeopleProblems In the end I'm pretty sure I was just jumping and singing along with my eyes closed lolol. I really couldn't be bothered to film all the way, it's too mafan and it takes the concert fun away.

I swear Chrissy Costanza is on my girl crush list. 

* fans self * Do you understand why I just had to include GIFs now? Oh and ya the lights blinded me too.

Despite how short I was compared to all the people in front of me, can we just take a moment to appreciate my digital camera for being able to capture these shots with just digital zoom?? I know they're not good shots la but decent enough as a preserved memory from the live right?

To be honest, I'm like a concert suaku. (in-experienced concert go-er??) With this being my third ever concert experience, let me just summarize this whole experience in a few more sentences.

1. I was so amused seeing someone recording with an ipad haha.
2. Not a fan of The Bee's sound system
3. I wished the concert lasted longer T_T
4. I want to watch them play live again
5. I understand why people try so hard to get front row, it's not cause you're literally right in front of your idol(that's important too la I guess) but rather it's more fun that way. If there's people around you whom aren't jumping, it's actually kinda awkward leh.

After the live ended the boyfie came all the way to Publika and brought me to mamak cause I was hungry ha.ha.ha

* I wanted to share about my experience with the recent Japan X Malaysia friendship live too but I think I'll leave that for another day! *

as for now, 


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