What is in my party bag? - Super huge beauty unboxing review

19 June 2017

From the recent Butterfly Project birthday party, I got to bring home a huge party bag and the goodies in the bag totally wow-ed me so as promised, I'd really like to share with you guys my latest discoveries in this post! This will be quite a lengthy post so without any further delay, let's take a look at what I got in my party bag! Remember to read till the end as you wouldn't want to miss out on any coupon codes! If you have yet to read about the party, here's a link to it :) Also, if you think the reviews would come in handy to any of your friends/family, feel free to share this blogpost with them! :D

Before we hop into the goodies, lets take a moment to appreciate this lovely tote bag mamasan got for everyone! The bag design is simple and nice with the Butterfly Project's logo printed on it, literally a tote bag you can go shopping with and not feel like an aunty buying groceries! Thank you Tammy!!

A quick sneak peek on the goodies! 

First up in the bag is a bunch of Clinelle products. I got their PureSWISS Hydracalm Sleeping Mask (RM75.90), UV Defense SPF 50 sunblock (RM48.70), Hot Body Shaper Cream (RM89.90) along with two samples. I've never used any products from Clinelle prior to this so I was really happy to finally try out their products. If you guys are interested, I've written a first impressions + review on these products here.

Clinelle's Website | Facebook | Instagram

Pax Moly Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Jeju Aloe Vera Soothing Gel - RM29.90

This is a light, moisturizing and refreshing aloe vera gel that contains vitamins and amino acids! Because our weather is so hot here, there are times at home where I'll just apply this all over my arms and legs just for it's cooling aftermath. For those who has to go through the tedious process of shaving, you could also apply aloe vera gel after shaving to calm your skin. Trust me, it feels great, tried and tested ok!!

Unicorn brushes have been trending for quite some time now and I've finally got my own set thanks to Wanderlust Things! In this 5-piece unicorn face brush set you get a powder brush, foundation brush, contour brush, highlight brush and also a blush brush. I really love the contour brush from this set but I do wish that the powder brush was a little fluffier and with shorter bristles ahaha. (lazy people issues!) The brushes are really soft though!

Other than unicorn brushes, they also carry a variety of trendy stuff!
Here are some of my favourites from their store!

Good things are meant to be shared, for those interested in getting something from Wanderlust Things, here's a 10% off discount code for you guys! Just key in "BUTTERFLY15" upon checkout :) Don't wait any longer though as this promo code will be expiring on the 30th June 2017!

Wanderlust Things'   Website   |   Instagram   |   Facebook

The next goodie we have here is an eyes hadow palette from W.Lab! In case you're wondering about the 'Blooming' in the name of this palette, it's because this palette is heavily inspired from the beauty of flowers. In fact, this palette itself is actually made from a variety of flower extracts.

Look at the shades in this palette! If this doesn't make you happy as a makeup junkie, I don't know what will. (Especially when we're still in the peachy trend!) I always think that when it comes to creating a good palette, the shades and finishes available is very important. This palette has 10 eye shadows in total. 7 shimmer shades and 3 matte ones. Colour selection wise I'd say this palette has a good variety of shades from peachy tones to orange to brown. From just the looks of it, I could already see at least 5 different eye makeup looks you could come up with just one palette!! So since I already have a few looks in mind to play with, I'll share with you guys a full demo of this palette real soon alright! :D 

Althea's    Website   |    Facebook   |   Instagram   |   Youtube

If you've ever searched up e-printing services I'm sure you've definitely heard of Photobook Malaysia. No matter how advance technology is, how much you say storing all your photos in your PC, phone external hard disc is good enough, I'm still the old school type that enjoys prints. (the irony how I'm in multimedia and not graphic design, I know i know, i get that a lot lol) Though I do admit sometimes printing could get pretty expensive which is why one thing I really like about Photobook Malaysia is that they offer promo codes all the time to make printing memories easier for everyone! By the way, Photobook Malaysia also has a mobile app now, which makes printing so much faster and easier! 

I ordered my 4R Prints and Simple Book via the app and it took less than 30 minutes. Super fast and effortless! Their app is available on both Appstore and Playstore for both iOS & Android users! :D A quick tip is that for photos from your camera/backed-up photos in your computer, just sync them to your google drive and download them to your phone with the Google drive app. After that you could even edit your photos with all your photo editing apps before selecting the ones you wish to print via the Photobook Malaysia app. :D Easy right? 

Photobook Worldwide Malaysia's   Website   |    Facebook   |    Instagram

More makeup in the party bag?? Yes please! 

Next goodie we have is this Dolly Wink Eyeliner. If you're into Japanese makeup products I'm sure the name Tsubasa Masukawa is no stranger to you. Or more specifically the brand Dolly Wink! Fun fact, Dolly Wink's eyeliners and false eye lashes have been on my wishlist for yearsssss. Sadly because I've always been hoarding K-Palette eyeliners each time I see a sale I could never justify a Dolly Wink eyeliner purchase T_T So thank you Dolly Wink for sponsoring this eyeliner in the Butterfly Party Bag! 

So I've put this liquid eyeliner to a few tests based on it's claims. Here's my results: 

Easy to use: yes
Long-wearing: yes
Waterproof: yes
Smudge proof: yes
Quick drying: yes
Easy n killer sharp wing: 8.5/10
Easy to remove with water based makeup remover: nope
Price: 7/10

I don't have much to say about this liquid eyeliner. It's exactly as it claims though I do recommend that you give the eyeliner a shake before using for maximum blackness-effect ahaha. When I first used it I did not shake it and was wondering why the liquid eyeliner was so opaque. Though I gave it another chance the next day, this time giving it a shake before using and I was able to draw black lines very effortlessly. I did however had to take a few marks off because the removal process was really tough using my usual water based makeup remover :')

Lengthening: 8.5/10
Waterproof: kind-of
Transfer to under-eye: barely to none
Easily clumpy: nope
Price (considering the fact that my 2x the price mascara doesn't give me this much length T_T): 9/10 

This Big Eyes Magnifier Mascara is literally BOMB. I think the photo above is very self explanatory right? I mean, can you believe that's only 1 coat of mascara? I'm someone that would avoid wearing mascara because the mascaras I've tried in the past were tough to remove and transfers to my Chanel eye bags. Because I sweat and my face gets pretty oily easily, I turn into a walking panda reflector. Pandas are cute but me as a panda really ain't that cute ok?

Now that you guys can tell how much I love this let's take a look at it's claims. It's said to give 5x magnifier effect without getting clumpy. I think 5x is a little exaggerated but the lengthening effect definitely wow-ed me x100. One coat was more than enough for me and true as it claims, it wasn't clumpy. I wore this for about 5 hours indoor with the air-condition on and so far I was pretty impressed that it did not transfer :o Also similar to most mascaras, this mascara contains Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E to strengthen our lashes.

1028 Visual Therapy's    Facebook   |    Available @ Watsons Malaysia

I never knew Adidas had personal care products hahaha but hey, they're actually pretty good! When using this shower gel it gives a very very tiny cooling feeling to my skin. The pH balance of this shower gel was also just right as my skin did not feel as if the pH balanced had been stripped off. (you know some soap products leaves your skin with this squeaky clean feeling? It's actually not something to be happy about.) Scent wise I'm not sure how to describe it but I'm actually quite liking it. It does however give off a more sporty-manly shampoo scent to it! But hey, I still like it, my mom likes it too so it works! 

If you hit the gym or simply struggle with body odor, please use deodorant. There's really nothing to be embarrassed about. I use it too ok. Trust me, it's more embarrassing when you don't use it and everyone around you is suffocating. You know how some deodorant might have a very heavy and musky scent to it? This one's slightly different, it gives off this refreshing feeling and also the scent really ain't that strong either. There are two versions of this product, one for men and one for ladies. The one for men is the grey packaging one and this white one is for women. I also believe that there are two sizes for this. The 35ml one above would be great for travel and another one would be the 150 ml one that retails for RM15.90 on Watsons. This one would be more practical for daily use if you don't bring it everywhere you go. The only issue I have is the nozzle. The nozzle wasn't as easy to control as I wished. If you press on the nozzle too hard, you actually dispense A LOT of product. This scared me at first being a first timer using anti-perspirant sprays haha.

If you're feeling hot or if you're constantly stationed in an air-conditioned room, I'd recommend to have a facial mist with you to cool down/ re-hydrate your skin. The Floral Hydro Mist from Mamonde was really fine (or perhaps concentrated is the word?) and the nozzle was pretty easy to control too. It contains daffodils(Narcissus) extract and mineral water. This mist is focused on using the moisturizing properties a Narcissus Bulb flower has to breathe moisture back into your skin with each spray. I don't exactly know how daffodils smell like but the light floral scent kinda reminds me of a good slice of matcha sponge cake *drools*

Another product I got in my Butterfly Birthday Bag from Mamonde is this liquid eyeliner.

Easy to use: yes and no
Long-wearing: yes. Super.
Waterproof: yes
Smudge proof: yes
Quick drying: depends
Easy n killer sharp wing: 8.5/10
Easy to remove with water based makeup remover: yes

This eyeliner is long wearing as the name claims. I had it on the entire day on my hand and decided I'd take two showers with it and also go to sleep with it. The swatch still looks literally the same on the next day. From above I mentioned that the ease of use is a yes and no that's because when using eyeliners in this type of packaging you'll need to take note on the amount of product you have on your applicator. This sort of applicator also requires a lot of practice. Though once you've had enough practice you can definitely draw a killer wing easily. If you notice from the two eyeliner demos I tried to draw a line as thin and sharp as possible to test out the applicator's tip :)

Mamonde Malaysia's    Facebook    |    Instagram

Following on we have a cleansing set from NEESYA. Did you know that NEESYA is made in Malaysia and it is also certified Halal? I'm new to this brand and so far I'm really loving their Brightening Gel Cleanser.

In this set you get a Brightening Enzymatic Refiner (75ml) and a Brightening Gel Cleanser (100ml). This is a 2-step cleansing routine set. The Brightening Enzymatic Refiner is a gentle leave-on exfoliator. It contains various goodies that will help lift away dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion. only recommended to be used 1-2 times a week while the Brightening Gel Cleanser will be a cleanser you use every day. The set does come with instructions but here's how I personally use it. 

First things first, cleanse your face with the Neesya Brightening Gel Cleanser. A tiny bit goes a long way so all you need is a peanut sized amount, mix a little bit of water then massage onto your damped face and neck. Then rinse it off with water. I rotate between gel and foam cleansers though I do prefer gel cleansers more because it doesn't leave your skin with that squeaky clean feeling.

After cleansing, apply a thin layer of Brightening Enzymatic Refiner all over the face then massage your skin lightly for approximately 30 seconds. Wait for 3 minutes. Before you rinse the product off, wet your fingers and give your face a light massage first. After washing off the Enzymatic Refiner, I proceed with my usual skincare. (toner + moisturize + sleeping mask)

NEESYA's    Website   |    Facebook

The next goodieeee I have in my Butterfly Birthday bag are these liquid lipsticks from Orkid Cosmetics! Orkid Cosmetics is another brand from Malaysia (stuff like this is what makes me proud as a Malaysian ok) Their products are halal, cruelty-free, and vegan too! I got four of their Matte Suede Creamy Liquid Lipsticks in the shades Turnt, Blush, Mars, and Vibes. For someone that had given up on searching for the perfect nude lipstick, I've never expected them to come looking for me instead. If you guys are interested, I have already written up a full review on these liquid lipsticks here. So do check it out if ya'll have the time! 

Orkid Cosmetics'    Website    |    Instagram    |    Facebook

Hadabisei Moisturizing Face Mask Extra Rich 5pcs - RM48.70

Moving on, after all the makeup, we need some pamper session right? Another goodie I got in my Butterfly Party Bag is Hadabisei's Face mask. This is the extra rich one for those with dry skin. Inside the box there are 5 pieces of face mask, each containing Hyaluronic Acid & Royal Jelly which helps in moisturizing our skin. 

Apply the mask onto your face after cleansing and toner. You can then leave it on your face for 5-15 minutes for your skin to absorb the essence. For those with dry skin, you can leave the mask on for 20 minutes. I left mine on for 15 minutes while I laid back and chill. After 15 minutes, I didn't really see much effect on the skin however the next morning I noticed how much softer my skin felt. So I guess personally this mask (like most sheet masks I try) didn't have an instant effect but the moisturizing effect kicks in through time. 

The finale of my un-bag is by far the most precious of em' all. Something so precious that can't be fit inside a bag. Here's Dash, me, Ridley, and Zoelie creating a physical memory of our time at Butterfly project's birthday party with GnG Studiobooth!

( img credit @ Eros )

Being absolutely in love with Japanese purikura booths (neoprint booths), photobooths like the one GnG Studiobooth had set up for us is totally one of the best party and event must haves! The Photobox package we got at the party came with a super cute baby pink + turquoise backdrop and super fun and quirky props! After snapping our photos we could also share the digital copy on our social media accounts. Did you notice how the "social sharing" interface to matches the party theme? (okay maybe it matches the backdrop la ahaha but ngam ngam our party colour theme also this oki)

End product of the only photobooth print I took using GNG Studiobooth's Photobox. Sure wish I took more though

GnG Studiobooth's Website   |   Facebook   |   Instagram

This sums up my super huge unboxing/unbag review! Thank you so much Butterfly Project Malaysia for having me at the party and thank you all the lovely sponsors that made this Birthday Party Bag/review post happen! To everyone whom stayed till the end of this un-bag review, thank you so much for reading! I hope this post was able to give you some insights on any products you guys have been eyeing on! If you have any questions about the products mentioned above, feel free to ping me! You could either leave me a comment or just send me an e-mail if you're shy ahahaha ( candyumii@gmail.com ) I'm always happy to answer any questions or just have a chat about makeup hahaha!

Until next time! 

The Butterfly Project Malaysia's   Website    |    Facebook    |     Instagram

This is a sponsored post however opinions stated are 100% genuine. 


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