Found the right nudes - Orkid Cosmetics Matte Suede Liquid Lipsticks Review

11 June 2017

Hello kawan-kawans! I feel like it's been ages since I've last posted a beauty review! Been caught up with a whole bunch of stuff lately, but excuses aside, today I'd like to share about a few liquid lipsticks I've received in my Butterfly Project Birthday Bag!

So inside our Butterfly Party Bag there was this blue bubble wrap envelope with a cute Orkid Cosmetics stamp on it. As someone who's accustomed to purchasing international beauty brands, I get super excited discovering local beauty brands, especially if the quality wows me. Trust me when I say this brand really did.

Inside the envelope we received 4 of their Matte Suede Creamy Liquid Lipsticks, a RM5 promo code for our next purchase (read till the end to find out how you could get a RM5 promo code too!), a thank you card, and a set of super fun and cute stickers! 

The Matte Suede creamy liquid lipsticks~ 

Say yes to the fun packaging pattern!

The shades I got are Blush, Vibes, Mars, and Turnt.

(mockup credits to original owner)
At the moment Orkid Cosmetics is only carrying liquid lipsticks. Check out their site here to take a look at the other shades they have to offer. I'm currently debating if I wanna get myself Dime or Lava! Help me by leaving a comment below which shade you think I should get! 

Fun packaging aside, Orkid Cosmetics is not your average local beauty brand as they are also halal, 100% cruelty-free and vegan!! The liquid lipsticks are also infused with Vitamin E to help keep our lips moisturized. Plus, because they know our currency struggles, their liquid lipsticks are retailing at a pretty reasonable price of RM39 each.

Swatches of each shade.

Close-up of swatches. My initial thoughts when I saw the liquid lipsticks was that these are some serious bunch of nudes. The different tones of nudes also reminds me of autumn teracotta colours. 

Ready to try on some nude liquid lipsticks on my bare lips. It is recommended on their website to exfoliate your lips then applying lip balm before using these liquid lipsticks for maximum effect but I've ran out of lip scrub and totally forgot the lip balm so here is my really-really full on naked lips for the following swatches. 

First shade I have here is in the shade Blush. The swatch on my arm seemed darker but when applied to the lips it had more of a pinkish-almost salmon pink tone to it and I personally really appreciate that. I struggle ALOT with nude-brown-light coloured lip products so this liquid lipstick was a great match for my skin tone! It's as their site claims - the perfect blush/ natural pink to match any skin tone! 

Close-up swatch on Blush. The application went on pretty smoothly. It is a rather thin formula so I had to go over a second coat. However the product is pretty build-able to an extent where it covers the lips entirely without over-drying it. +1 pls

So far I'll say this shade could be my go-to nude pink for an everyday look. 

Vibes is truly a nude-nude shade for me. It has an ever so slightly cool peach tint to it and is recommended as the perfect nude shade for those with tan/deeper skin tones. Of all the nude-nude lipsticks I've ever owned in the past and discarded into the makeup graveyard, this is by far the only nude-nude lipstick that gets to stay.

Similar to Blush, I think both of their formulas are pretty consistent. Went on my lips creamy, slightly sheer but just top it off with a second coat and it's good to go. Dries down to a matte finish once it sets. 

Next shade we have here is Turnt. On the top colour of the box packaging, Turnt looked like a super dark brown shade so I was glad that it wasn't as dark as the top of the box. I think this shade looked pretty close to Vibes but rather a more rosy and deeper variation.

I personally find the formula of Turnt less drying compared to Vibes and Blush. You can tell from how much lesser the lines on my lips are compared to the earlier two. I personally find this shade suitable for a somewhat vampy nude look. 

Another full face swatch of wearing Turnt on the lips.

I saved my favourite for last. Here we have the shade Mars. True to it's name, Mars is a deep rose shade and by far my favourite of them all. I think compared to the other shades above, Mars is probably the best safe-zone shade that would look good on pretty much everyone. I do want to point out though that Mars actually looked lighter from the tube but I'm personally glad that it turned out more red and darker on my lips compared to the tube.

Closeup lip swatch of Mars. What I love about Mars isn't just the colour but also the formula. Of all 4 shades, I personally feel that the application process for Mars was the best. It went on super smoothly and I didn't need a second coat for it! In terms of how comfortable it sits on my lips, I'd say its comparable to Turnt but the lines on my lips are more visible when wearing Mars compared to Turnt.

Another shot wearing Mars.

Long wearing test:

Do take note that although they are transfer proof, it is recommended on their website to avoid oily/greasy food. Here's a before and after of wearing Turnt for 7 hours straight without touch-ups and 2 pretty oily meals. 

Rating, thoughts and opinions:

Colours selection: 7/10 (can't wait to see more fun colours pop up, for everyday shades they have a pretty good selection)
Formula: 8/10 (I prefer this over my Kylie Jenner Merry Liquid lipstick)
Price: 8/10
Long wearing: nope
Ease of removal with non-oil based makeup remover: YES 
Would I repurchase? YES!

Personally I think I managed to pull of all the nude shades pretty well which still surprises me because I'm definitely part of the huge population that struggles when it comes to finding the right go-to nude lipstick shade.
True to it's name, the Matte Suede Liquid Lipsticks are creamy as they go on and dries to a light weight matte finish. Once it's dry they're transfer-proof as well. Most matte liquid lipsticks dry my lips horribly but these liquid lipsticks were lightweight and barely felt like I had anything on my lips. PS. most liquid lipsticks don't come off with my usual Biore water makeup remover but these came off so easily from it I was super happy. Oh and just in case you're wondering, they were pretty resistant when drinking water, it was all the fried food that made it disappear after 7 hours.

If you're interested in getting Orkid Cosmetics, all you have to do is head to their website and subscribe to their newsletter and you could get a RM5 promo code as well! Enjoy! 

*This blog post is sponsored but all opinions stated are 100% unbiased. Products that works for me might not necessary work the same for everyone. Vice versa what works for you might not necessarily work for me either. *


  1. I rather like Turnt after two meals colours hahaha! Pretty color after it fades a bit.

    1. Haha I also like how it faded that it wasn't so obvious to the extent where I have to reapply the lippie!


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