Etude House Color lips-fit in #PK002 Silhouette Fit Pink review

1 July 2016

I've been procrastinating forever to write this because each time I feel like writing, I take a new batch of photos and never really got to editing them haha. This batch of photos were taken from my Hong Kong trip a few months back. I've also brought this lip tint to Japan with me back in December. So I guess you could say I've pretty much tested this product in 3 different seasons. I remember telling my friend that I want a barbie pink shade and fell in love with this lip tint ever since I got it. TQ Shin babe for bringing this back from Korea /// v ///

I got the shade #PK 002 - Silhouette Fit Pink

✦ Directions 

01. Shake well before use.
02. Apply smoothly with tip. Lightly dab onto center of lips for gradation. Delicately apply for full cover.
03. Apply a layer of Color Lips-fit WH901 after color for moist gloss.

I did not purchase Color Lips-fit WH901 because I'm not too fond of lip glosses. This lip tint goes on wet and dries matte to a subtle powedery finish. Do take note, this lip tint is quite drying.

Close-up on the applicator. Excuse my seasoned applicator wand haha ^^"

Swatch on wrist

Other shades included from this range

Close-up on the lips. This is an even application of the tint but the gradient lips trend can be easily achieved by applying one dot of tint on the center of your upper lip and two dots of tint on the center of the bottom followed by blending it out with your fingers. I don't remember how much I paid for this but if I'm not mistaken it's around RM45-50 As you can see, because my lips are already more on the dry side, it just further dries it. So each time after applying this I'd apply some Burt's Bees lip balm on top of it.

✦ My verdict 

Easiness of application: 
A lot of product will be picked up by the applicator when you pull it out from the bottle so I tend to try to wipe any access within the inner rim of the bottle when I'm pulling it out because for this product, a little goes a really long way. If you're constantly using this for a gradient effect, this product is gonna last you for quite some time.

Long lasting? No //
I have to reapply my lip tint after every meal I have. I remember the first time I wore it out for a whole day activity and I had to reapply after my first meal and instantly regret because I didn't bring it out with me. Let's say I had ugly lips that day lol. Though I guess its a case to case thing because it stayed on like a good girl on my friend's lips the entire day! 

If you catch their promotion prices, this tint is definitely worth every buck. In fact it's currently on promotion in Korea, retailing at 4500won (about RM15+)

Very cute. The colour of the bottle isn't misleading either. Y'know how often when you're browsing through testers and you stumble upon this beautiful shade, you pull the cover off and the real thing was just plain disappointing? Yeah. 

Would I repurchase? 
If it's on sale, definitely!

✦ What I like 


✦ What I dislike 

Drying (very drying for my case because I generally have dry lips)
Not long lasting

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