Candy gets hungry #4: Golden Milkcow Experience

4 July 2016

If people were to ask me what's the best way to feel rich, I'd say "Go eat a piece of gold leaf." 

I remember a year ago I had a 20% discount voucher for Milkcow and I wanted to use it but I've went all the way to Gardens and I couldn't find a parking lot. The voucher expired but I ended up at 1U watching Insidious and had a candle light dinner. Which means I've never had Milkcow until a week ago. 

Ever since I've first tasted this wonderful mystery called "Milk flavoured ice cream", it has since been my favourite flavour to sought for. If I ever catch the word "Milk flavoured ice cream" I'll wanna try it. Funny thing is, I never knew that Milkcow serves milk flavoured ice cream until recently. So about a week ago I was invited to a tasting event @ Milkcow Sunway Pyramid. In case you don't know what Milkcow is, Milkcow is a premium ice cream brand from Korea exclusively serving milk flavoured ice cream with a variety of toppings to choose from. *cheers* 

These two drinks mark the start of our milky adventure of the day. These milk + pudding combos are called Milky Cool. Milky Cool comes in 5 selections of flavoured milk and pudding. Both Thai milk tea and Thai green tea are RM7.90 each while the other three flavours are RM8.90 each. The puddings are also available for purchase separately @ RM4.90 each cup. I brought my friend, Belle together with me cause I doubt I'd be able to try half of these menu items if she wasn't there with me. The two flavours above are my favourites from the 5. Thai Milk Tea with Green Tea Pudding (left) & Thai Green Tea with Mango Pudding(right)

Honey Milk with Yam Pudding (left), Chocolate with Honey Milk Pudding (right) For me, the honey milk was slightly towards the sweet side so I wouldn't say that it's my cup of tea, or should I say milk haha. Nothing really goes wrong with chocolate so I'd say the combination was pretty alright.

This my dear dear anyone who is reading this, is the most beautiful drink I've came across so far. I can picture people going gaga over this drink labeling it as a very "tumblr" // "aesthetic looking" drink because of the colour combination. This drink is Strawberry Milk with Bubblegum Pudding. I don't know about you but I didn't need to know the name of the drink to guess the flavours. I'd recommend this to people that are bored of the usual drink flavours, this is something different to try! 

Now here's the star of today's event. Milkcow's Milky Gold is a Premium Milk based Soft Serve, topped with an edible 24k real gold leaf! This ice cream is only available for a limited time til the 12th of July, so grab one now before you miss the chance to! 

Here we have the classic Milky Gold. I only remembered to take a selfie after I've took a bite out of it T_T Have been super excited to try this when it first launched because I didn't get to try gold leaf soft serve when I was in Japan last year. </3 Personally I'd say that their milk based soft serve has a very settled sweetness to it. Not too bland, not too sweet. The gold didn't really taste like anything to me but I still felt like a million bucks after eating it so I think if eating gold leaf on yummy ice cream helps with your self esteem, by all means, go for it! 

Now because it was my first time at Milkcow, with so many flavours to choose from, I couldn't decide which to try next! In the end I asked Iman to recommend me their best seller which was this:

This flavour here is their best seller -ever! Milky Cube (RM13.50) is their premium milk based soft serve topped with natural honey comb and drizzled with natural honey liquid. As you can see, the ice cream itself already looks prettier than me so no wonder I've seen this so many hundredths of times on instagram! T v T So happy to finally be able to try it and see what's the hype over it. This is also Belle's go-to flavour every time she visits Milkcow!

Look at the colourful rows of macarons in display! We got to try a few too.

Before I say anything about the macarons, can I just take this moment to appreciate their cute packaging? I know the packaging isn't fancy or what not but the size and material of the box is really cute and flattering. Now back to their macarons, I love how big and round they are. They are fluffy and as for the taste wise I'd say it was pretty nice. We got to try the flavours salted popcorn, salted caramel, and rose & lychee. (left to right) Each macaron is priced at RM4.50/pc and RM13.50 for a box of 3. Macarons in general are very sweet but out of the three, I love their Salted Caramel one best (lavender colour) You'd expect Salted Caramel to be brown but it's a mystery how it's lavender coloured instead (good for surprise perhaps?) Salted popcorn was the largest and fluffiest one of em' all, while the rose & lychee macaron was probably the most out of ordinary yet still yummy one. Personally I do find the rose & lychee one a little too sweet for my liking but love the combination of flavours!

This sums up my post for the day! Thank you for Milkcow for having us that day as well as Iman & Amanda for walking us through the variety of menu selections! Remember guys, go get yourselves a cone of Milky Gold before you miss it!!

Milkcow Locations:
IPC Shopping Centre - Lot G23A
Ipoh - No.1 Jalan Panglima, Ipoh Old Town
IOI City Mall - LG K8A
The Gardens Mall - LG-K23
Empire Shopping Gallery - LK-06,Lower Ground
Sunway Pyramid - LG2.08A
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur - P6-08
Penang - Auto Mall, Maritime Piaza, Persiaran Karpal Singh

- this is an invited review but all opinions stated are unbiased -


  1. HELPS WITH YOUR SELF ESTEEM HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg I have to try it out to boost my self esteem

  2. This is awesomeeee hahahahah HI CANDACEEE

  3. wow... let's eat it!! wah... looks so delectable I really don't know which one to choose leh.....

  4. Oh wow, talk about eating gold. I would definitely feel rich if I were to have this golden ice cream! Can't imagine its taste.

  5. The gold series attract me...haha..Previously i had tried their original yogurt ice-cream with honey ~

  6. so luxurious. I've had the chance to try out gold leaves a couple of times, and they are a touch of luxury.

  7. I laugh over your cool and confident reply when your said when people ask you to feel rich haha
    Shall ask my sister and we share one hehe

  8. I wanna try the Milky Cube! Saw so many people posting pics of it but haven't tried until now =(

  9. It's been a while I had my Milkcow date. Really need to tryout their Milky Gold so much as life will be preety sweet right? <3

  10. Milk cow keep realising new flavor of ice cream which I haven't got the chance to try it! This Golden milk cow looks super classy and high end ice cream to try XD

  11. they look expensive but yummy. i guess it's value for money, huh?

  12. Milkcow is getting more and more expensive. For me I'd go for Godiva with this price ;)

  13. The gold glow of this icecream is simply tempting. Milkcow has loads of other varieties too.

  14. Haven't had the chance to try this amazing gold ice cream. Hopefully will be able to do so soon.

  15. OMG can I drag my bf and go and thy this milkcow? All of them look so tasty and can't resist la!

  16. I really love their Thai Green Tea with Mango Pudding drink!! It's sooo good.

  17. wow, gold can be eaten now? Think they are following Japan's famous ice cream also have gold flakes

  18. Wow! The golden leaf on the ice cream can be eaten? amazing...Milk cow getting more variety of choices :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  19. Thats one fancy ice cream. hehe. been wanting to try it!


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