A tea time treat from Union Artisan Coffee [Mini review]

9 June 2020

Hello kawans! It's been awhile and I wanted to come on here to preach my love for Basque Burnt Cheesecakes. Yes, it's over-hyped. But am I over it? Nope!! Y'know, I could get bored having tiramisu everyday(proven when my family made a huge tray last week😳) but it's probably gonna take me awhile before I get bored of burnt cheesecakes. The only thing stopping me from indulging on these everyday would be the calories.

Awhile back, I got an e-mail from Union Artisan Coffee about their Burnt Cheesecake and Cold Brew Coffee promo. It was no doubt a combination I'm obsessed with, so when they said they wanted to send this pair of match made in heaven for me to try, I said yes, pronto.

This is the promo they're having. I'm not sure when this promo is going to end, so if you've been curious to try their cake/coffee, remember to take advantage of this deal! For the coffee, you get to choose between Cold Brew Black or Cold Brew White. When asked, I went with white. Yes, I know I'm a baby. I like my coffee with milk.

[Mini review]
Their Classic Cold Brew White was actually pretty good. The coffee was smooth and surprisingly, strong enough for my liking. If chilled(not iced) lattes are your go-to, you'll probably like this.

Now for the cake.

Jeng jeng~ I think that when it comes to burnt cheesecakes, everyone has an opinion. Some like it creamy, some like it more...baked? Some like it light, some like it dense. Everyone has a preference.

This Burnt Cheesecake from Union Artisan Coffee is rich, cheesy and dense. In 'burnt cheesecake terms', it's on the heavier side but not as heavy as a New York cheesecake. Does that make sense...?😂 Basically, one slice was more than enough to share between me and my sister. That's what I think la hahaha! But hor, if you ask my sister, she would argue that she could've finished the entire slice on her own😂!

This cheesecake is creamy in the centre and more solid(?) on the sides. In terms of taste, I think it has the right amount of sweetness but definitely on the cheesy side.

If you like a cheesy-rich burnt cheesecake, you'll love this!

If you live with a lot of people, here's another promotion to consider. Instead of a slice, you could also get a whole 9-inch burnt cheesecake from Union for RM80(originally RM150). Most of the burnt cheesecakes I see retail for >RM120, so unless you know how to bake your own burnt cheesecake, this is a pretty sweet deal 😋!

And that is all for today! If you've tried their burnt cheesecake, lemme know what you think! Also, I've made it a personal agenda to try Burnt cheesecakes from as many cafes possible. Now that almost every cafe has a Burnt Cheesecake on their menu, I would love to know where everyone's go-to Burnt Cheesecakes are! So if you think there's a burnt cheesecake I have to try(places that sells in slices please), lemme know kk!

List of Union Artisan Coffee Outlets:
🔺 ALL DAY by UNION, 3 Damansara
🔺 UNION CAFE, 1 Utama
🔺 BEALEAF BY UNION ROASTERY, Bandar Puteri Puchong
🔺 UNION ARTISAN COFFEE Timing & You, Memoire Suites Due Sentral

Alternatively, you can also stay home and have them deliver to your doorstep here!

Thank you for reading!
Ciao ciao! 


*Disclaimer: Not sponsored, but food is sent to me for review*

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