How to print a name card - Gogoprint printing service review

31 March 2017

Hii~ today's post is another review / semi-educational post about printing your own business card! So recently I've been attending more events (hopefully more after my internship ends) And one thing I've learned from them is the importance of having a name card with you. I had one previously (and tq so much Potter for gifting them to me T v T) but I can no longer give them out during events because the information on that card is outdated. *sobs*
So since Gogoprint had reached out to me the other day to review their printing services, I saw this as an opportunity to stop being lazy and finally get myself an updated business card for my blog. As I explain my ordering process, I'll also include my thoughts on their service along the way :) 

For a site that you're able to order various printing services from, their website is fairly simple to navigate. On the main page itself, I've selected the printing service I want and it then brings me to the details page of that particular service. 

For my business card, I've decided to print full colour on both front & back on 310g art card paper with a matte lamination finish. 

At Gogoprint, you can print any quantity in between 100 to 50,000 pcs. Also you have 4 "production speed" to choose from. As most first time customers, I've chosen to print 100pcs and followed with the normal production timeline as I wasn't rushing for these cards.

The highlighted yellow on the right are certain things to double check before placing your order. Also I highly recommend saving your business card in PDF as any other format submitted will cost you additional RM200. 

After your order is added to your cart, check your details again under the "show details" link then proceed to make payment once every thing is correct. 

After paying for my cards, I've proceeded to upload my PDF file accordingly to the given instructions. 

For my name card, I've opted to come up with a quick and simple design on Adobe Illustrator. Fret not, if designing isn't your cup of tea, I noticed that you're also able to contact Gogoprint for their design services as well.

I also figured that when zooming into the canvas by 200%, the size of the canvas on my screen is pretty close to the physical card size. (200% because my screen has a higher resolution) It may or may not work for everyone else but this trick that worked for me really helped me in estimating what font size I should use for the card. Also if you're working on illustrator like me, remember to add crop marks when exporting the PDF file.

 Double check one last time and you're good to go! :) 

Personally I do find that Gogoprint's website was very easy to navigate. I'm also glad that my cards turned out much better than I imagined as the colour was pretty accurate to my screen's. I'd say their delivery was pretty fast too. The estimated arrival time for my cards was supposedly on Wednesday but these got here on Tuesday instead. So +1 on that

As mentioned earlier, the quality of the cards were pretty good as all the text was printed nice and clear. Although I do think that their prices is a tiny bit higher compared to some other smaller printing companies, but for the quality of the cards, I'm cool with the cost, plus they offer a free standards check too :)

*This post is a sponsored review but all opinions stated are my honest opinions*


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  2. I have used them to print our wine cards, event materials and flyers for our corporate and wine events. Very good quality. Highly recommended.

    1. Good to know that you had a good experience with their printing as well! :)


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