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21 August 2019

Hello kawans! It's finally time for some skincare talk! Today I will be sharing a review on some skincare products I tried from a new local brand in town called Miniel Skinlab. I noticed that I rarely use any products from local skincare brands, but these looked promising and because the ocean blue really caught my eyes, I decided to try these out.

As Miniel Skinlab is still very new, they currently only have 2 products - their Hydraque Boost Serum and Hydraque Gel Mask. The hydraque series is focused on fighting dehydrated skin and just so if you're wondering(because it is a local brand kan?), yes! both serum and gel mask are Halal Certified! I have been trying both of these products for about 3 weeks now so if you'd like to know more about these 2 products, do keep reading!

The whole un-boxing process was really fun so of course I gotta include that in this post.

I got to try these products through The Butterfly Project so while I'm aware that Miniel Skinlab will be sending me their products to try, I was not expecting such cute a parcel to show up at my doorstep! 

Here's what's hidden underneath the leaf.

Really appreciate Miniel Skinlab for spelling my name correctly. By now I have already lost track of the number of people(including PRs T.T) mis-spelling my name as Can-dance :')))

and they have their own wax seal???

Underneath my love letter, we have more goodies!! Okay la, it wasn't exactly a love letter, it's a promo code for you guys. You can find it at the end of this post :3

Some cute custom stickers!

and our main stars are inside this pretty pouch. The white rope thingy you see is actually a cute handbag perfect for the beach!

The products come in their individual boxes. Now let's reveal em.

On the left we have Miniel Skinlab's Hydraque Boost Serum(30ml/1oz) and on the right is their Hydraque Gel Mask(50gm/1.75oz). From the whole beach-holiday vibe going on, you could probably already guess that this duo is created to give those with dry and dehydrated skin the hydration it's lacking. These products are also said to be suitable for all skin types including those with sensitive skin. Now let's take a look at each product on it's own.

[ Good info pamphlet. ]
Btw both products also come with this handy little 'product info' pamphlet. Initially, I thought this was one of those mini product info pamphlets with 10 million words in like 30 different languages printed in tiny 2pt font size haha! I was about to toss this aside until I caught a glance of how read-able it is.

Their mini pamphlet is printed front-back and they pretty much have everything you need to know about the product on it, plus some cute illustrations too!

One side of the mini pamphlet covers most things like what does the product do, the benefits you'll get, how-to use the product, as well as the ingredients list. On the other side you'll find cute illustrations featuring the key ingredients along with a brief explanation on em.

[ Miniel Skinlab Hydraque Boost Serum ]
Let's first take a look at Miniel Skinlab's Hydraque Boost Serum. This retails for RM97 and you get 30ml or 1oz of product. Currently Miniel Skinlab is also running an introductory promotion so at the moment, you can get their Hydraque Boost Serum via their webstore for RM87.30. 

As the name suggests, this Hydraque Boost Serum is said to hydrate your skin and at the same time promote skin regeneration. It is formulated with key ingredients like Yeast extract and Hyaluronic acid. I'm no expert when it comes to breaking down ingredients but according to Miniel Skinlab, Yeast extract contains antioxidants, has a calming effect, ability to reduce redness, at the same time, it's hydrating & moisturizing. Sodium Hyaluronate(type of Hyaluronic acid) is a very popular ingredient known to be moisturizing and hydrating, but other benefits include retaining moisture, anti-aging, and reducing fine lines. For a full list of ingredients, you can find it on the product info page HERE.

[ The texture. ]

I actually really like the consistency. Not sure if you can tell but this serum has a pretty watery consistency to it. It kinda looks like it has a gel texture, but it's a very light and watery one.

Usually for my entire face I'll use just 1 pump of product.

It's very easy to spread, super light weight, and fast absorbing too. 

[ How to: Hydraque Boost Serum ]
This serum can be used daily, twice a day, once in the morning and once during the nightI personally use this serum only once a day in the morning. For night time I would prefer a richer-thicker serum, something with oils in it.

As I use this serum in my morning routine, I would usually first cleanse my face with just water, pat my face dry(because I don't like using this serum on wet/damped skin), once my face is dry, I'll apply one pump of the Hydraque Boost serum all over my face. After the serum is fully absorbed into my skin, I'll finish up with a light gel moisturizer. 

If I feel that my skin is in need of a little more TLC on certain days, before using the serum I would use an essence, give a minute for it to fully absorb into my skin, then only apply the serum. 

Here's a before and after. My skin hasn't been very dry lately so appearance wise, apart from a barely noticeable sheen, I didn't notice much of a difference. However upon touch, I can tell that my skin feels softer and more hydrated immediately once the serum is fully absorbed into my skin(which only takes under a minute).

[ Review on Hydraque Boost Serum ]
The pros: So far I've been liking this product as a morning serum🌞 for that extra hydration boost. As described earlier, this serum is very light-weight and it absorbs into the skin pretty fast without leaving a sticky/tacky finish. The best thing about this serum is that you can actually feel an immediate effect from before and after you apply the serum. While I did not notice much of a glow, I was able to notice that my skin felt more hydrated immediately after using it💧. 

With that said, I find this serum only hydrating enough for me to use it in the day time where I like to keep my face products as minimal as possible. During the night, I sleep right underneath an air cond so my skin tend to get pretty dry if I'm not layering enough moisturizing products. Because of that, I would need a thicker oil-based serum instead.

The cons: Not a huge deal but I'm just not a fan of applying this serum onto wet/damped skin. Whenever I use this serum on wet/damped skin(for example: before my toner/essence is fully absorbed into my skin), it lathers up into a soapy-consistency and I'm just not a fan of that😅. 

With that said, I'm still using the serum because I found a way to avoid that and basically the trick is to use the serum on dry skin, so what I do is I'll let my toner/essence fully absorb into my skin first, then only I'll apply this serum. Also, this is not the first time I encounter a serum that does this. I have this serum previously that does this too so I've been using the same trick and it works. Both serums had a very similar ingredients list(which explains a lot), since my face did not react badly to it, and I got the hydration I was promised, I kinda just rolled with it.

[ Miniel Skinlab Hydraque Gel Mask ]
The next and final one of our Hydraque-duo is Miniel Skinlab's Hydraque Gel Mask. It retails for RM67 and you get 50gm/1.75oz of product. The 10% off introductory promotion also applies to their gel mask so at the moment, their Hydraque gel mask is retailing on their webstore for RM60.30.

Somewhat similar to it's 'serum sister', this Hydraque Gel Mask is created to hydrate your skin while promoting skin healing properties. It is said to be suitable for all skin types and especially recommended for those with dry and dull skin. It's key ingredients include Kudzu extract, watermelon extract, apple extract, lentil extract, and sodium hyaluronate. Most of the key ingredients mentioned provide moisturizing/hydrating benefits. To read more on these ingredients as well as the full list of ingredients used to create this gel mask, check out the product info page HERE.

I think it's just me but I can't be the only one that enjoys a good heavy frosted glass packaging right?

Here's how the gel mask looks like.

Always love it when wash off masks come with a cute lil spatula. Anyways, this is the amount I use for the whole face.

To be 108% honest, THIS was why I wanted to review these 2 products LOL. It was very mesmerizing to see Tammy(mamasan@The Butterfly Project) do this on one of her IG posts but doing it myself was literally therapeutic HAHA.

Okay, to be fair, I only did this once when I'm filming this because I didn't wanna get too much air into the product and contaminate it or something la. But yes, still super therapeutic and satisfying lol.

[ The texture. ]
 Texture wise, it's a very thick clear-blue gel.

 Spreads out easily.

This Hydraque Gel mask is recommended to be used twice a week but since my skin hasn't been very dry lately, I only use this once a week(sometimes 2 if I'm not lazy)

[ How To: Hydraque Gel Mask ]
Step 1: After cleansing my face with a gentle cleanser, I'll apply an even layer all over my face.

Step 2: Spread everything out with fingers, including areas the spatula can't reach.

Step 3 & 4: Let it sit for 15-20minutes. This is the time where I'll go back to my final project/play some onmyoji lol. After 20 minutes has passed, I'll rinse it off.

[ Review on Hydraque Gel Mask ]
First things first, let's make this clear, this is a wash off mask, so yes, you are supposed to wash it off after 15-20 minutes, my preference is 20minutes. So far I've used this about 5-6 times, and here's what I personally think of this mask. 

The Pros: When I had the mask on, I can feel this very faint cooling sensation on my skin and if I'm sitting right under a fan or even better, when my air-cond is on, the 'cooling effect' amplifies thanks to the gel consistency. Apart from that, I also liked how my skin felt softer and a little more refreshed immediately after washing the mask off. Finally, stirring this with the spatula felt really therapeutic LOL.

The Cons: None :D Other than the part where I'm lazy to use wash off masks, I don't have anything bad to say about this gel mask. Though, for those new to wash off masks, do take note that after washing the mask off, it is still important for you to finish off with your usual skincare routine(serum +/at least a moisturizer) so you can seal that softness in. Otherwise, your 20 minutes with this mask is as good as a waste. This applies to all hydrating wash off masks!

[ Promo code? ]
If you're interested in purchasing these products you can find both the Hydraque Boost Serum and Gel Mask on Miniel Skinlab's website. They were also very nice to include this additional 5% off discount code for ya'll! Currently they're having an introductory 10% off discount on both products(ending in 10days, 31st August) so in total you're getting a 10% + 5% off discount. 

To use the promo code: after adding the product[s] to your cart, click 'check out', you'll then see a 'discount code' section on the right side of your screen, all you have to do is copy paste:
into the discount code box and your discount will be applied :) Fyi, no I don't earn any commission from this so if you don't wish to use the code, it's alright too but you'll be missing out on the additional 5% la 😂

That is all I have for today's review! I'm so happy to share something beauty related again with you guys and thank you Miniel Skinlab and The Butterfly Project for sending me these products to try! To those reading, I hope this review is helpful and if you have any questions, always feel free to leave a comment below or send me an instagram DM/email, whichever works haha! I am currently writing another beauty related post to share with you guys real soon so stay tuned for that! :D

Thank you for reading!

Until next time!


*products mentioned are sent to me for review but all opinions stated are 100% mine based on my own skin*

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