4D3N in Melbourne City ft. lotsa food [major throwback]

12 July 2019

Hello it's been awhile(nothing new there haha) but hii, I'm finally writing up the finale post for my major major throwback Australia travelogue. Every day I don't finish writing this, I feel this sense of guilt and I don't even know why lol so let's get this done asap. My last blog post was a throwback to my 3days and 2nights spent at Uluru, Northern Territory Australia. For this post, I will mainly focus on the Melbourne CBD area so I will be sharing about where we stayed, what we kinda did, and mainly what I ate during my 4days and 3nights in Melbourne city.

This post is a continuation to my last post, if you have not read it, here's a quick link to it. For the other parts of my 'major throwback' Melbourne-Uluru-Melbourne travelogue, you can find a list to all the other parts at the end of this post :3

Mandatory heads up to those reading: this is a throwback to 2017, so please only take this blog post as a rough guide as you'll probably need to cost in the inflation for the prices mentioned and some of the food I mentioned might not be on the menu anymore etc.

Getting to our service apartment.
When we arrived at Melbourne Tullamarine airport, we took a SkyBus to the service apartment we booked for our stay. The place we booked was Somerset on Elizabeth Melbourne and what's good is that the SkyBus actually drops you off super near the service apartment(or was it right in front? can't remember).

Before you hop onto the SkyBus, you'll first need to purchase a ticket. For latest fares you can check out the SkyBus website.

The SkyBus was actually pretty comfortable plus the free wifi on it actually works so ya, I really recommend this option if the skybus stops are near the accommodation you intend to book.

Staying at Somerset on Elizabeth Melbourne.
Here's where we called home for 4D3N in Melbourne - Somerset on Elizabeth Melbourne. This photo is taken from Somerset's website but as you can see, the location is great! Getting around the city via tram was easy, there's quite a number of cafes and restaurants nearby, oh and Emporium(shopping mall) is just right next door!

Here's the lobby area. The front desk staffs here were super friendly and greeted us every time they saw us. They were also very helpful when we were unsure which transportation option is best suited for us to get to the airport to catch our late night flight back to Singapore.

For our stay, we booked the 2 bedroom apartment and here's the living hall space. Gotta admit, the apartment itself does look pretty old but you're really paying for the awesome location. (PS. these are 2 years ago photos, so for newer reviews/photos on this place, please refer to tripadvisor/instagram location tags!! )

The service apartment we booked also comes with 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. Melbourne CBD is full of good food, Chinatown is nearby with restaurants open til late so we didn't use the kitchen at all. Though if you're gonna be there for awhile, eating out in Melbourne CBD can be pretty costly so the kitchen will definitely come in handy. I have really itchy hands so even though we didn't cook anything, I did see inside the cupboards and drawers haha, so fyi, all pots and pans/utensils you need are available!

This is the master bedroom featuring a king size bed...I think? This room also has an attached bathroom with a bathtub in the shower area.

Here's the second bedroom. Same design, smaller bed, but no attached bathroom. Which is honestly not a problem since there's a bathroom at the living area.

I can't remember much about the master bedroom, but the second room I slept in had a desk and a mini lamp. For this trip, I didn't have to travel with a laptop so yay for me I only used the desk as a storage area.

so this hugeee digital advertisement board was the view from my room and often times throughout the night I'm looking at a HUGE burger king whopper in which being the waisekmao I am, made me very hungry lol. (I also can't remember if the curtains was too sheer or I actually wanted to see the whopper so I left the curtains drawn...?) can't comment on this since I don't remember.

Here's the bathroom at the living area and I think it was actually pretty good. It was bright, clean and pretty spacious too. I know I didn't have any bathroom photos from the master bedroom to share on here but the bathroom in the master bedroom looked pretty similar to this one with an addition of a bathtub in the shower area. By the way, am I the only weird one that absolutely dislikes standing in a bathtub to take a shower?👀

Some amenities!

Overall thoughts, if you're fussy when it comes to room designs, this might not be the place for you but personally I would recommend Somerset on Elizabeth Melbourne because of it's location. I guess in terms of design, the rooms do look a little dated, but as long the place is clean, I'm fine with it because in the end of the day, the location was still gold. There's a tram stop right in front of the doorstep, if you're taking the SkyBus from the airport, the SkyBus stops near the entrance so you won't need to pull your luggage down the road. Nearby Somerset you'll also find a variety of cafes(little bourke street is just nearby!!) and you also have Emporium Melbourne shopping mall right next door. Also, Chinatown is only 8-10minutes walk away so if you're hungry late at night, quite a few restaurants are still open.

With that said, we can conclude that their location is really a 10/10 for me, front desk staffs were very nice, very helpful, and the only drawback to this place is just the room design. I unfortunately do not remember how much we paid for our stay here but prices from 2 years ago don't matter anyways. So as always, check the hotel website/your go-to booking sites for the best rates + latest reviews of the place!

Somerset on Elizabeth website | 250 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

After we checked into our stay and rested a little, it was time to explore the city! I knew I have always been a city girl and I gotta admit, I really enjoyed just walking around the city. The architecture/buildings are beautiful plus the not-super-chilly winter weather was really nice for an evening stroll.

Dinner at Chin Chin Melbourne.
For dinner that night, we chose to dine at this restaurant called Chin Chin. It's pretty popular and I gotta admit the food here was pretty good! My aunt knew that this place would be packed for dinner and since we skipped out on lunch, we decided we'd have early dinner instead. We got there early evening and we only had to wait a short 5minutes-ish before we were seated.

I have no clue if Chin Chin is still a buzzing place to visit nowadays (seeing that this review is based on my visit 2 years ago) but this being my first restaurant to dine at in the Melbourne CBD area, I'd say it's really set my standards pretty up there. Upon entering the restaurant, you can already see that despite being early evening, the whole place was already packed. By the way, I really liked their play with neon lights as it gives off this really fun and playful vibe to the place so if they ever renovated the place since my visit, I hope they kept the lights!

So my aunt was the one whom said we had to try Chin Chin on our very first night so I had no idea what this place served until I saw the menu. From there I learned that Chin Chin Melbourne serves South East Asian(mainly Thai) food with a modern twist and I think I actually do enjoy this twist they have going on for the dishes.

First dish we have here is a very asian-style salad?? I don't think it's on the menu anymore but anyways it's called Son In Law salad. I can't remember exact flavours but I do recall quite liking it. One thing for sure, it's a savoury salad with a hint of sweetness to it. When we were browsing through the menu we were particularly curious on what Son In Law eggs meant and basically it's deep fried hard boiled eggs. The best part was how the yolk was still a little runny!

Next we had their Pad Thai. I think this dish was just alright. Maybe because I've had so many pad thais in Bangkok so compared to those, this was just ok.

Not sure if this is still available but this one here is their yellow curry. I have pretty low tolerance for heat so this is a curry dish that isn't too spicy. I honestly don't remember much about this dish other than the part where it's not spicy though haha!

I saved my favourite for the last and this dish here is their BBQ King Salmon. I double checked their menu online, if I did not remember the name of this dish wrongly, it's still available and if you're gonna be dining at Chin Chin, please try this! A cute waiter recommended this and for someone whom would avoid fish dishes(exceptions are fish and chips and chinese steam fish lol), I was initially against ordering it but gave in cause my family wanted to try it. 

In the end, I was very surprisingly the one whom wiped the whole plate clean!!

It's basically atas salmon modern otak-otak la okay? But it's soooooo good. Salmon is one of the types of fishes I don't mind having but otak otak is something I don't eat even when I'm in KL and yet I love this modern australian version so much hahaha(pls don't judge me ok). My family was also super surprised I liked this so much and to be honest, until this day, I still crave for it from time to time and will have it if I ever visit Melbourne again(I probably should sometime since my bf is studying there now😝)!!

That was it for the food so for drinks we ordered this Thai Iced Tea. Might be too sweet for some but I liked it. After the iced melted it was perfect. Yes, I order iced tea in winter. I'm the type of people that'll go 'let's get some ice cream' when it's winter.

The fam also ordered some oolong tea, came in this nice little tea pot too.

Final thoughts on Chin Chin Melbourne: I would 10/10 visit again because I really enjoyed the whole fusion twist they have going on. I can't take heat that well so I personally enjoyed these dishes because they have some nice thai flavours going on without em being super duper spicy. Pad thai was a little so-so to my liking but the rest were alright. Especially the BBQ salmon, so good.

Chin Chin Melbourne: 125 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

To digest the food, we walked along Chinatown to see what other food options were available until late night. Turns out there's actually quite a number of Chinese restaurants and Korean BBQ places opened til late. Some even 24 hours!

Day 2 Breakfast at Higher Ground Melbourne.
I swear my entire Melbourne CBD visit is all about food. In fact, when you ask people on things to do at Melbourne CBD area, their suggestions usually involve cafe hopping, and that was exactly what we did.

For breakfast we checked out Higher Ground cafe. This place was recommended by my bf's sister and if you're one to read food blogs, this is a cafe that needs little to no introduction. They're pretty popular, the locals go there and so do tourists like us haha! I'm sure you know what that means right? Either go early, or prepare to queue during peak hours. We got there literally during peak breakfast hours (8-9ish) and we waited about 20minutes.

Here's a quick look at the interior. I gotta admit, the cafe does look pretty but I just didn't get a nice table so that killed my mood a little.

We sat really close to the kitchen so while waiting for our food we just kept looking at all the yummy dishes coming out and passing by our table. The kitchen isn't slow or anything, business at the time of my visit was just that good. I think after 15-20minutes-ish our food was finally served.

For drinks we ordered a hot and iced latte. I think in general, coffee in Australia is generally good so I feel that in terms of Aussie's coffee standards, the latte at Higher Ground is just alright...? I just personally prefer my coffee a little stronger. But hey, I dined here 2 years ago, thing's change.

This is one of their popular dishes and it's their Spiced Cauliflower, scrambled eggs, curry leaf, roasted chilli, housemade flat bread. It tastes good and yet somehow for a malaysian this dish tasted super familiar. When I ate this the first thing that came to mind was dahl curry and honestly it's not a bad thing because this is probably the best 'dahl curry tasting' dish I've ever had.

I don't know why but my sis came all the way to Melbourne and decided that she wanted some Eggs on Toast haha. It's a pricy plate of eggs on toast for sure but nonethless it was a good one.

We have a full day of eating planned so here's the last thing we ordered which so happen is more of a sweet breakfast dish? This is one dish literally everyone orders at Higher Ground, for the gram. This is their Ricotta Hotcake. It's huge and even with 4 people we couldn't finish the entire plate so I would actually recommend this for sharing! Insta-worthiness 10/10 It's a giant pancake decorated beautifully with assorted berries and edible flowers, in place of a cherry on top you have a yummy scoop of ricotta cheese that pairs very well with this sweet pancake. Ps. this dish is not for non-sweet tooths.

Final thoughts on Higher Ground Melbourne: 8.5/10. I think if I ever visit Melbourne again, I'd want to try other cafes but if I do visit Higher Ground again, I'd want that Spiced Cauliflower dish! Oh and, I actually don't remember the names of what I ordered exactly so I was just referring back to their menu online. Here you go, you're welcome!(just in case you're wondering how on earth do I remember what dish exactly is lol) So I guess overall, love the food, but not a fan of how cram the seating was(or at least for the table we were seated at).

Higher Ground Melbourne: 650 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

After breakfast it was time to walk off the calories before our next meal.

I swear the weather that time was so nice, I could wear tights and a skirt in winter ya'll!

Coffee break @ Brother Baba Budan.
Soon in the noon we went to Brother Baba Budan for coffee. If you think we're just gonna visit all the hype Melbourne cafes, you betcha hahaha. This small little shop is pretty easy to miss from the outside but for a tiny little shop like this, the interior sure caught me by surprise.

like woah, hanging chairs on the ceiling??

spot me mou?

Okay, so I got my cup of hot latte and I'd say it was worth the short wait. I'm not the best when it comes to describing coffee but you'll know a good cup of coffee when you taste it.

Brother Baba Budan: 359 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Lunch @ Emporium food court.
It was lunch time and we decided to check out the food court at Emporium Melbourne. 

My fam ordered this char kuey teow from a Malaysian stall(not sure if the chef is Malaysian or not la). My char kuey teow standards are pretty high so this one didn't really make the cut haha. Though if the stall is still there, I'd probably still order this again just to see if their standards has improved.

My fam also ordered pho. I personally preferred the beef pho over the chicken just because the broth tastes so much more flavourful.

For my lunch I ordered this burrito wrap with fries and guac on the side and I love it! It was also my first time having guacamole and I think I finished the whole tub haha.

When we were at Melbourne, I think it was their fashion week season? Not sure if it's an annual thing but we were in town just in time to catch a fashion show at Emporium mall(which was open to public). Here you can see they're setting up the stage. There were alot of people watching the show so I only managed to capture a few shots. Will sneak em in the post after I show ya'll what I had for dinner that day lol

Dinner @ China Bar Melbourne.
Just before the fashion show we were pretty much just exploring nearby and found this place called China Bar. Aunt was craving for some chinese food and when we saw all the roast meat hanging by the window, we were all like, yup. Let's get some siew yuk.

Sis ordered her usual go-to hainanese chicken rice and I think it was pretty good. Chicken was very juicy and the rice was fragrant too.

Some greens

Charsiew siew yuk wanton mee was pretty nice as well.

Lastly we also got their siew yuk + duck with rice. I don't have much to say about the place other than the part where I think if you're staying at Melbourne and you don't really know where to get some good chinese food, China Bar is actually not bad. Do expect some waiting time if you're there during dinner time though! One more thing you might wanna know is that they're open 24/7 man! If you're looking for supper and craving for chinese, this is the place to go.

China Bar Melbourne: 257-259 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

MFW2017: Emporium Melbourne Opening Night Runway.
After dinner, we quickly hurried back to Emporium to catch the fashion show.

and unfortunately that's all the photos I got from the show :c

Ice cream @ Dex2Rose Melbourne.
After the show ended I was googling up for some nearby dessert places and this ice cream shop called Dex2Rose popped up. The place took us forever to locate but in the end, we still found it. The alley it was located at was pretty dark at the time of our visit but inside the whole place was packed!

We tried 2 flavours. Their red velvet chocolate ice cream(i think?) as well as their white chocolate ice cream. I actually really liked the red velvet chocolate one, it had the chocolate-y taste without it being overly sweet. Sis wanted to try the white chocolate flavour while I find it too sweet for my liking(it is white chocolate after all) but it wasn't as sweet as I anticipated. 

By the way, Dex2Rose switches their gelato flavours from time to time so do check them out to see what flavours they have to offer now!

Dex2Rose: 377-379 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Day 3 in Melbourne city
Day 3 morning was a gloomy one and we were just hoping it doesn't rain. Our plan for day 3 was pretty much the usual all day eating but what got me excited was the part where we'll be having seafood at Queen Victoria Market! Before that, we visited another cafe for breakfast.

Day 3 Breakfast at Auction Rooms.
We ate breakfast at this cafe called Auction Rooms because I remember seeing this place recommended by so many influencers. I think a tvb actress I kindaaa follow visited this place too. So obviously, I wanted to know whats so good here.

Some interior pics

Tbh, I didn't quite like what we ordered lol so I wish I noticed their pastries earlier. If I did I'd definitely order their donuts!!

A latte a day was my motto in Melbourne.

The first thing we ordered was their Breakfast board. During the time of my visit, this was one of the most ordered dishes so of course I wanted to order it despite not knowing what's on it haha.

I'm not sure what they serve on their breakfast board now but I think the only thing I liked from this board was the fried cube thing(potato rosti?) and the grilled chorizo.

Next thing we had was this pancake with a sunny side up and some squash on the side. I'm not sure this is still on the menu but it was just another so-so dish.

Always save the best for the last. This one is just eggs on toast, very yummy fried blocks of goodness(I still think that's their potato rosti but I really can't remember), and some sauteed mushrooms. It's a very simple plate of breakfast dish but the best out of the 3 we ordered.

Overall thoughts: I don't think this is a place I would revisit, but if I do, it's most probably to try their pastries. If you would like to check out their latest menu, here's the link to it.

Auction Rooms, Melbourne: 103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051, Australia

Visiting Queen Victoria Market.
We shared our breakfast and because it was pretty unsatisfying, we were still cool bout it because next on the food hunt was QVM! 

First stall that caught our eye was The Mussels Pot truck. I love mussels so this was a food truck we had to stop for.

The Mussels Pot actually has a variety of 'favours' to choose from...? I can't think of the right words right now but basically you can choose how you want them to cook your mussels If I did not recall wrongly, we went for white wine and garlic and it was good. It's a short wait because there was a queue in front of us but I think the wait was worth it!

Not sure if this stall is still there but we spent like a solid 15minutes at this stall cause my fam wanted to get some candles and they just have a million scents to choose from!

Eating fresh and tasty seafood @ QVM.

After walking around QVM for quite some time buying souvenirs and snack, it was time for the main agenda, seafood! Prices seen in the photos are 2017 so please take note of that.

In the end, we bought a kilo of cooked prawns and a dozen fresh oysters. The seafood were so fresh, so good and so affordable, this was one of my most missed 'activities' to do in Melbourne. Just between you guys and I, the feeling of eating seafood in the middle of QVM with super cold winter breeze blowing in through the entrance(so happen there was one near the table we chose) truly was a bittersweet experience because while my tummy was so happily eating all the prawns, my fingers were freezing hahaha!

Delicious hotdog from Bratwurst Shop & co. QVM.
If you think some prawns, oysters and mussels are gonna keep me full, think again. Just when we were going to Market Lane Coffee to grab a latte, we saw this Bratwurst hotdog stall and they pulled me in immediately lol.

It's a super messy looking hotdog but I swear it's so good, especially with the caramelized onions!!

Coffee Break @ Market Lane Coffee, QVM.
Last stop in our QVM makan tour, Market Lane Coffee. I had coffee in the morning, but that certainly did not stop me from getting an afternoon coffee.

The latte was good and that's all I needed to say c:

Asian lunch break @ Wing Loong Chinese Restaurant.
Asian food break. My fam was craving for asian food again and so happen there was this chinese restaurant nearby QVM so we made a stop.

This dish here is a sweet and sour pork dish and I think they cooked it pretty well. I liked it c:

Next we also ordered stir fried beef noodles.

Lastly, a bowl of porridge.

Wing Loong Chinese Restaurant: 512 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Later on we were kinda just walking about before going back to chill at Emporium Melbourne. My fam wanted to do some shopping and me and my sis kinda just wanted to chill with some cake. We first checked out Adriano Zumbo's dessert stall at Emporium(I think it's permanently close now..?) but since there weren't any seats, we made a pass and looked for somewhere else.

Snack time @ Little Sparrow, Emporium Melbourne.
Soon we found this place called Little Sparrow and decided we'll chill there while my mom and aunt shops.

We ended up ordering this lemon cheese cake and it was pretty yummy!

I think I had enough coffee for a day so we got an iced chocolate instead. It was a good choice because Australia cafes make really good hot/iced chocolate drinks too.

Little Sparrow Emporium Melbourne: Level 2, 287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne 3000

Dinner @ 8bit. burger (takeaway).
Fast forward to dinner, everyone wanted different food again so the best way to satisfy everyone's cravings is to tapau(takeaway) the food back to our service apartment. For dinner that night I wanted to try 8bit burger.

They had this functioning arcade machine in the store and I think it adds a nice touch to their store decor. Tbh, I really wanted to play it so bad.

even the paper bag was hella cute.

and here's my juicy beef burger. I don't remember what I ordered exactly but I remember it was one of their best sellers. The beef patty was juicy, bacon was good and it also has my favourite caramelized onions! 10/10 recommend ok.

Last close up of the burger before I hop into what we did ate on my 4th day at Melbourne CBD a.k.a my last day at Melbourne. Funny thing was my bf is at Melbourne now and he told me he went to this good burger place at the city and I guessed the place almost immediately haha. So yes, go to 8bit burger okayy!

8bit burger: 231 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Last day at Melbourne, Breakfast at Hardware Societe.
I think queuing for cafes in Melbourne became a norm after my trip. On our last day at Melbourne we went to this place called Hardware Societe for breakfast and this place is hands down my favourite cafe of em all. In fact, I think almost everything we had on our last day at Melbourne were good.

For starters, the table was big. We didn't have to cram together in a small table like the other places we visited, so even though we queued under a drizzle for a table, it was still a good start.

Here's what we ordered

Some drinks. I think the first one was either hot chocolate or mocha, second was probably a flat white or latte. Can't remember.

First up Baked eggs. We ordered the chorizo version(I believe they have a vegan ver) and btw, this was actually the first time I had baked eggs. The portion is pretty small so I think if you're a small eater this is good for one, if not, maybe this can be ordered to share in the center.

Next we ordered the Pork Belly and Fried eggs. This was delicious and I wish we had more.

A closer look on that thicc piece of pork belly.

Finally, my favourite is their Lobster Benedict burger. No words to describe this, I just want more of it. Times like this I wish I wasn't sharing lol.

Final thoughts on Hardware Societe, 10/10 recommend this place. Out of the small handful of cafes/restaurants we visited during our Melbourne-Uluru-Melbourne trip, I loved this place the most. Food there was just so good. 10/10 will revisit some day!

Hardware Societe: 123 Hardware St 10 Katherine Place, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

Ah, back to Chinatown. I remember buying some discounted tights at Target and...that's all my memory was willing to cooperate with me attempting to journal this trip down 2 years late lol.

Dim sum @ Crystal Jade Restaurant.
Even though my memory was hazy, I do remember that we had some pretty good dimsum for lunch. I think we ate dimsum at this chinese restaurant called Crystal Jade..? There I had the best egg tart of my life, surprised? me too.

We ordered a lot more but because lighting and presentation weren't that pretty I didn't really snap that many photos. But hey, here's my two favourites - their egg tart and white radish cake (lobak gou)

Crystal Jade Restaurant: 154 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

One thing I noticed about Melbourne CBD is how they have really good street art like these almost everywhere.

If you're into checking out all the beautiful street art, there's a street where you can find a whole lot of it. This street is called Hosier lane, you can look it up and be sure to check it out if you're planning a trip to Melbourne. The street arts change up every once in a while so it's always a surprise.

After checking out Hosier Lane we kinda just walked around the city a little more. Some things I remember spotting was an open-air screening of one of the Harry Potter movies, a bunch of kids colouring a huge Harry Potter theme banner...? and that's as far as my memory goes.

Light-ish dinner #1 @ Emporium food court.
We really didn't want to roam too far but since we kinda needed a place to kill time(anywhere other than the airport), we ended up just chilling at Emporium food court again and because it wasn't dinner time yet we just ordered something to share.

Tried this bento box from this stall called Sushi Hon, not bad, pretty good and affordable too.

We also ordered a plate of pasta from this Italian stall. Superrr cheesy.

Light-ish Dinner #2 @ Mamak Melbourne
When it's time for dinner, we went to mamak. I know right?? We're flying back in a few hours but we still went to mamak lol. What to do? Teh ais cravings don't go away on it's own and tbh, as a Malaysian, I just wanted to see what it's like eating here haha.

First things first, teh ais and a hot teh tarik. They nailed this for sure.

Next, nasi lemak. I think the rice was not bad, sambal was pretty spicy...more on the sweeter side but the chicken cannot make it. I think it's just my luck that my chicken was so small.

Roti was not bad though!

Mamak Melbourne: 366 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Fast forward to the airport.
Fast forward a few hours! We took a cab to the airport, checked in our luggage and is now waiting for boarding at the Star Alliance lounge area.

Here's some of their hot food selection. Noodles here were surprisingly not bad.

They have a dessert section too hahaha. Got myself mini donuts and some ice cream!

Flight back to Singapore.
I think it was about midnight when we boarded? I have problems sleeping through night flights so I was pretty much up all night watching movies. Think I watched a Japanese movie that night.

This is what we had on our flight. I honestly can't remember too well but I think this was for breakfast? We were given two choices, oriental or western and I went with the western option. It actually tastes better than it looks haha.

If you've managed to read all the way until the end, congrats hahahaha I mean, thank you so much for sticking by. My Melbourne trip was so long ago and ya'll have no idea how many times I've just wanted to drop the whole thing and write something else!! Problem is, there's this part of me feeling super unsatisfied until I complete the whole thing so there we have it, the final part to my winter 2017 Melbourne-Uluru-Melbourne travelogue. 

Towards the end of the post it became rather rush because it's not just me getting impatient but also because halfway through my little 'draft' note I write throughout my trip got corrupted and my horrible memory ceased to function properly sigh. Then again, this is exactly the reason why I keep a blog especially to 'document' my travels, I'll always look back once in a while to reminisces, so yes, keeping a blog for that reason helps, a lot.

As always, if you stumbled upon this post while googling for 'things to do in Melbourne', please take this post only as a rough guide as many things has probably changed since 2 years ago. On the bright side, I think this is a new record considering how my super old Japan travelogue(from 2015 lolol) took me 3 years to complete writing hahaha! Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed reading about me and my waisekmao Melbourne CBD foodie travelogue! Currently I'm writing up a beauty post before I start writing another throwback travel posting, so stay tuned for that!

PS. some photos were stolen from my aunt's and mom's phone 😂

Thank you for reading!

ciao ciao!


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