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22 May 2019

Hello kawans! From the title you could already tell that the Althea Exclusives page has once again expanded, this time welcoming a new brand to the family called A'Bloom. For this launch, A'Bloom has released 3 different types of products - beauty puffs in 2 different sizes, 4 sheet masks, and last but not least, a blackhead care product(?) I was lucky enough to receive these from Althea couple weeks back so now that I've played around with em, I'm ready to share my review on these products with you guys!

Here is the full range of products from A'Bloom. On the very far left we have the Baby Meringue Puff trio and right next to it are 4 'flavours' of sheet masks (watermelon, lemon, peach, and avocado), each addressing a different skin concern. Sitting right above em is the BHA Blackhead Blaster and last but not least is a super cute piece of bao, wait no, I meant their Giant Meringue Puff!! Now we'll take a look at everything one by one, as usual I'll share a quick introduction on each product then I'll share my review!

The A'Bloom 'fruity' facial sheet masks.
First things first, sheet masks! I swear when A'Bloom first launched, most of my beauty junkie friends were all camping on Althea's website to stock up on these sheet masks and I guess I can understand why.

You see, each sheet mask is retailed at RM2/sheet and they also have an option for you to purchase a pack of 10 sheets for RM15/pack(making it only RM1.5 per sheet). On top at that, there was also a crazy 10+10 promo (promo code: ABMASKS but not sure if it's still ongoing) going on where if you buy their 10sheets pack, you get another pack for FREE. Basically you'll be paying RM15 for 20 sheet masks meaning each sheet mask is only RM0.75.

In other words, yes, these sheet masks are actually pretty cheap and for those whom practices the holy 'a sheet mask a day' routine would obviously be jumping for joy.

So during the launch I picked up 2 packs of x10 sheet masks(20 sheets), another giant meringue beauty puff, as well as some korean skincare along the way and my order came in this super bright and fun looking limited edition A'Bloom Althea box that I will be re-purposing very soon. Oh and, as you can probably tell, the 2 packs of sheet masks I chose were the peach and watermelon masks!

Sparkle-Me-Bright - The Brightening Lemon Lime sheet mask. This sheet mask retails at RM2/sheet or RM15/pack of 10 sheets. Whenever I see a lemon sheet mask, I'll instantly know that it has brightening properties. Quick introduction: this Brightening Lemon Lime sheet mask is said to clarify and brighten up your dull skin as the lemon and lime extracts consists of a double dose of vitamin C.

First impressions: I can't judge how well it brightens my acne scars because I think you'll probably need to use this a few times to actually see some results? However what I could tell is that this sheet mask was fairly hydrating and it did not irritate my skin at all. I've had previous bad encounters with several lemon(usually)/rich in Vitamin C sheet masks so thank goodness my skin reacted well to this!

Avo-Cuddle-Me - The Nourishing Avocado Sheet Mask. This retails for RM2/sheet or RM15/pack of 10 sheets. I swear the copy for these sheet masks are ADORABLE! Quick description: This avocado sheet mask is literally a superfood in the form of a sheet mask. Infused with avocado extracts and hibiscus, this mask is rich in antioxidants and is said to nourish and protect your skin, prevent wrinkles while giving you a soft and supple glowy skin.

First impressions: I really love this mask and regret not buying more of this during the 10+10 promo. This mask left my face feeling well moisturized with a very subtle glow. I can also see this being a sheet mask I don't mind using on a daily basis because it gave my skin the perfect balance of moisture it needed without overdoing it. One odd thing though, it could just be me but this avocado mask kinda had the same scent as the lemon-lime one?

Ac-Me-Peach - The Anti-Blemish Peach Sheet mask. This retails for RM2/sheet or RM15/pack of 10 sheets. Quick description: This anti-blemish mask is infused with peach extracts and tea tree oil to regulate oil, balance moisture, and purify for soft and smooth skin. This is also said to soothe irritated and sensitive skin.

Review: I've used this mask a few times so I could say that in terms of soothing, I did notice that the redness on my skin(especially around a few annoying pimples) have been reduced slightly. However if you're looking for a sheet mask to speed up the clearing process of a few pimples here and there, I don't think this sheet mask performed that well on this bit. As far as how my face feels, I think this mask was pretty hydrating on my skin.

Water-Me-Long - The Moisturizing Watermelon Sheet mask. This retails for RM2/sheet or RM15/pack of 10 sheets. Quick description: This mask is said to pack a punch of hydration and moisture for long lasting waterful skin.

Review: This mask is exactly as it claims! I left this on for 15 minutes and that was all it took for my skin to feel soft and hydrated after a warm shower. One thing though, unlike the other masks, this one had a mild sweet scent to it but it wasn't watermelon(?) though honestly, I secretly wished it was haha.

Here's a bare face after toning. When I took this pic I was about to try the Peach anti-blemish mask.

The sheet mask is almost a right fit but if I'm gonna be picky, the only bit missing is the sides of my huge nose haha.

As for the thickness, I would personally prefer a slightly thicker material but this was still acceptable.

Final thoughts?
I left my sheet mask on for about 15-20 minutes and after removing the mask from my face, my face was still covered in essence. What I'll do after that is gently massage everything into my skin then bring it down all over my neck. 

Overall, I really enjoyed these sheet masks because they left my skin with a slight sheen to it, my skin felt hydrated and moisturized, they don't irritate my skin at all, and most importantly, they're affordable!! 

To be honest, I think all the masks showed very similar results on my skin when it comes to hydration and moisture but if I were to really pick one out of the bunch to repurchase, it would most likely be the Avocado one as I felt that my skin felt best to touch after using that particular mask?? Then again it could also be possible that my skin on that day was already feeling pretty good soooo I guess the only way to find out is for me to grab a pack of avocado A'Bloom sheet masks after it restocks!

If you're using pore strips to remove your blackheads and you absolutely hate the pain you have to go through, this product is probably gonna be your new best friend! As written on Althea's website "Blackhead out without the ouch", this product in the form of a natural BHA stick is here to help you remove your blackheads and whiteheads painless-ly!

This is the amount of product you get.

Here's a closeup on how the product looks once it's 'activated with water'. 

How To Use BHA Blackhead Blaster?
First, dampen the area[s] you plan to apply the product on. Most of my blackheads are on my nose and chin area so I'll be using this product on those two spots. After that, just apply the product, I prefer going in circular motions hoping to rub out all the blackheads or something haha!

Don't forget the chin area. I'm sorry I took a peak and at my camera and it just looked hilarious haha.

So I was going around in circular motions for about 30 seconds before washing it off. I'm not sure if you're supposed to let it sit on your skin or anything but personally, I washed it off immediately after I was done.

Oh and hello there, gross pic, I'm sorry but I just had to post it! As you can see, the results are subtle but my nose and chin became sooo smooth to touch after using it.

Final thoughts?
I've used this a few times now so here's what I like and dislike about this product! For starters, I really love how smooth my skin felt after using it and the fact that it did melt away the blackheads on my skin without irritating it one bit! I've actually tried these sort of 'blackhead care' products where the product actually heats up upon application and I hate those lol, but this one didn't heat up at all so that's definitely a major plus point!

On the downside though, I don't think this is a product that can be used too often? I personally think once a week is probably good enough because it could be a little drying(I tried using it on alternate days and my skin started peeling). So always remember to finish up with your regular skincare routine, and especially with a good moisturizer! 

One other thing I did not like about this product is the hygiene part. As you're supposed to apply the product directly to your skin, I'm not entirely sure what's the best way to keep this clean? If anyone has tried this and has found a better way other than scraping the top layer off with a spatula, do let me know! With that said, I won't stop using this as I think it really does get the job done pretty well for a very afordabable price pain-less-ly! 

Look at these cute little sweet treats!! They look so good that each time I see em on my table I'd feel like going out for some cake haha! Now before I get side tracked any further, these cuties are the A'Bloom beauty puffs! On the left we have the Baby Meringue Puff trio set and on the right we have the fluffy-squishy looking Giant Meringue Puff. These beauty puffs are made out of high density latex free foam and you can use them either wet or dry. Oh and yes, they do expand when you wet em.

Here's a closer look on the Giant Meringue Puff. It retails on Althea for RM8 each. The giant puff, especially the base area is typically used to apply your foundation on most parts of your face and the pointed tip on the other hand can be used on areas that are slightly narrow/tough to reach like the side of your nose.

Close up on the Baby Meringue Puff trio. This cute trio set retails on Althea for RM11/set. While the giant meringue puff already has a pointed tip for narrow areas, I'm sure there are people like me out there whom would prefer using the smaller puff when it comes to applying concealer or in general areas that requires extra precision like the eye area. 

These sponges can be used either wet or dry. I've never really tested this out but based on the product info page, it's said that if you're going for a matte look, you'd want to use the puff dry, if you're going for a dewy look, you'd want to use it damped.

For me, I'll always use my beauty puffs damped because I just feel that my foundation looks 10x prettier and 10x easier to blend whenever I do so haha. As for how the puff feels, I think it's soft and squishy, definitely feels bouncier after it's damped and I don't know why but for some reason the puffs reminds me of air dry clay?? 😂

PS. I shouldn't have to say this but please wash your beauty puffs especially before your first time using it! (This applies for makeup brushes too)

How to use A'Bloom Giant and Baby Meringue Beauty Puffs?
Now here's a semi-bare face shot(already primed my face). I apologize for the super qian bian look(smack-able look lol), but this was the only bare face shot I took? In fact this shot was supposed to be a camera test!

Anywaysss! What you gotta focus on is that here's how my skin looks and on the tail of my eye brow you can see it's slightly red because a mosquito decided to bite me there. I lowkey think this mosquito knew what review I was taking photos for so it decided to lend me a hand by giving me something to demo the baby meringue puff on LOL.

I always use my beauty puffs damped because I feel that doing so is the only way my foundation is willing to blend into my skin nicely. As for the application process, I personally prefer making small dots of foundation on parts of my face then slowly blending-dabbing it out with the damped Giant Meringue beauty puff.

Told you the mosquito that bit me had something planned. 

Okay so, despite having a pointed tip, I personally find that the giant meringue puff was just a tad bit too big when it comes to concealing areas that requires extra extra precision like my eyes. So as you can see, tiny areas like this is where the baby meringue puffs get to shine! 

Oh and just so if you're wondering, yes, I used it damped as well. To be honest, when it comes to concealing, I actually don't mind my beauty puff wet or dry, most would prefer it dry since that's the way to achieve maximum coverage but for my case, it's really just a natural habit to use my beauty puffs damped. 😂

There we have it. I wasn't going anywhere so here's what one layer of foundation looks like when it's applied using a damped A'Bloom Giant Meringue Beauty puff and Baby Meringue beauty puff! There's some redness peeking through because I only did one layer + generally if you're using a damped beauty sponge, it does take away some coverage but I still do so because if I ever wanted to I can always go in with another layer without turning my face into a dry piece of cake. Even if I'm using a matte foundation/going for a matte look, I'll always prefer to have my foundation go onto my face dewy, then set it with powder.

After that just for the sake of it, I applied some mascara, blush and lipstick just to snap a few more pics and not go anywhere haha!

Final thoughts?
Pros and Cons time! I loveee these beauty puffs and literally the only downside I have with these puffs is that they stain. I've tried washing em until the water turns clear but I just can't get the foundation stain to come off. It's a small petty issue so I'm gonna let it slide because of how soft and bouncy these puffs are. Oh and hi? These won't break my bank account whenever I feel like replacing one so with that said I'll probably give these a solid 9/10 and a 100% will repurchase!

That's a wrap for this review! Overall, I really loved the products from Althea's A'Bloom launch(probably my favorite launch too). The sheet masks and meringue beauty puffs has definitely climbed it's way up to my top favourite Althea Exclusives charts. The BHA blackhead blaster would be there too but I'm just not a fan on the hygiene part soooo haha! Okay, I think I've already typed out everything I want to above so let's call it a wrap, shall we?

If you're interested in getting any of these goodie A'Bloom products, here's a one-way-ticket--- I mean link to the  A'Bloom products page!

As always, I hope you guys find this review helpful and if you have any questions, don't be shy to drop me a comment/ send me a DM on instagram! It's 5AM now and I'm practically half dead from rushing my final assignment so that's really really all for today hahaha! I'm gonna go take an hour nap now and pray that I'll be able to finish my assignment on time so I can enjoy Detective Pikachu over the weekend!!

Thanks for reading!

Products are sent to me for review but all thoughts/opinions stated are 100% mine based on the results shown on my skin.

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