Random collective shopping haul part 2 ver. Althea Korea

3 January 2019

Hey kawans! Happy new year! I actually forgot all about the part 2 of this haul sharing until I went through my photos folder yesterday! If you're a little lost, a while back cough last year cough I did a 'random collective haul' post(you can read it here) and because that post was getting a little lengthy, I decided to separate it into 2 parts, dedicating a 'collective haul post' listing all my collective Althea hauls that have yet to be shared with everyone.

Now before I hop into my haul, a quick disclaimer seemed necessary. A portion of this haul was purchased using a 'birthday ang pao' Althea gave me during my birthday month(yes, I know I'm sharing this many moons late! Please forgive me m(_ _)m!!) However the products I chose to purchase with my birthday shopping credits were entirely up to me so without any further ado, here's a list of products I've hauled from Althea and can't wait to play with!

I have 3 parcels to talk about today so I will try to breeze through it as quick as possible, mainly highlighting on why I purchased each mentioned product. I will also be including mini reviews on products I've tried so those might be a little lengthy.

Here is haul #1. All I wanted was a new moisturizer but me being me, I ended up adding a handful of sheet masks to my cart + a lippie product from Missha. I bought these towards the end of August and so far I've tried/am currently using 3 products from this mini haul #1.

Huxley's Secret Of Sahara Cream: Anti-Gravity 50ml - RM110 (n/a)
Throughout the year I've heard a lot of buzz circling around Huxley products so naturally, I also want to try their products kan? So one day I was popping into Althea's website to see what's new in store, I caught glimpse of Huxley. When this product became available on Althea, my moisturizer at the time(Belif's water bomb) was about to finish so after reading a few reviews and seeing that Liah Yoo uses it as well, I cepat cepat added it to my cart. As the product was newly added to Althea, there was also a 10% off discount tag on it so after the discount I paid RM99 for this moisturizer.

Mini review: I've been using this Huxley Anti-Gravity cream for about 2 months now and I think this moisturizer is just okay. While I find it very moisturizing, I don't find it hydrating enough. On most days I think it's okay but there are also times where I'll find it a little too heavy on my skin. It gives me the oil my skin needs but it's not hydrating enough to give my skin the soft hydrated feeling a gel moisturizer will give you. Does that make sense to you guys haha.

Overall, I don't think this is something I would repurchase because in the end, my moisturizer preference still lies towards gel/gel-cream based moisturizers. I have recently checked out the Huxley counter at Robinsons Four Seasons and over there I've tried one of their gel cream based moisturizer. I quite liked how it felt on my hand so I might consider getting that in the future to try!

Wangskin's White Flower Mask Pack x5 - RM15 // Lebaton Aloe Soothing Essence Mask (n/a)

Mini Review: The LeBaTon aloe sheet mask is a sheet mask I've repurchased 3+ times? They're really affordable and they do their job pretty well. Back then, I never really liked LeBaTon masks because I didn't like the 'dewy' feeling it left on my face. There was a point in my life where I expected my face to dry completely matte after a sheet mask LOL.

It's funny though, I've either grown to love the 'hydrated feeling' on my skin or it could also be that my skin nowadays is on the drier side so I'm actually pleased whenever I see my face looking dewy after a sheet mask. There were a few to choose from but my go-to one is always their Aloe Soothing Essence Mask. I wish I was able to link it up here but as I'm searching for it on Althea, I can't seem to find it anymore :( If you don't see me linking a certain product in this post, chances are it's no longer available on Althea but I'm sure you'll still be able to find em from other online retailers.

Mini Review: As for the Wangskin White Flower Mask, it was my first time trying it and I surprisingly really liked it. You can purchase the masks in singles(RM4 each) or in a set of 5(RM15/set). When purchasing the set of 5, each White Flower Mask costs RM3, really good deal considering how much my skin liked it!

Overall thoughts, the Wangskin White Flower Mask made my skin really happy. I didn't notice any 'whitening results' but my skin sure felt hydrated and soft after using it. + it has anti-aging benefits so 100% will repurchase! Oh and the reason why I was surprised by how my skin felt after using it was mainly because it's a mask claiming to have whitening benefits. I never purchase whitening sheet masks but I have used them in the past either because they were gifted to me/I liked the packaging(LOL, I know) and more often than not, masks specifically promoting 'whitening benefits' have reacted pretty badly on my skin so I try to stray away from them. When I bought this I only bought it because of the price, I didn't see what benefits it carries so lucky for me I didn't get any reaction from this sheet mask and on top of that my skin even felt so good after using it!!

Moremo Dear My Skin Quick Soothing Mask Pack/ More Moist Mask Pack - RM8 each (n/a)

When it comes to sheet mask shopping I usually only look into 3 benefits: acne care, soothing, and hydrating/moisturizing. I'm always looking at what new sheet masks are available on Althea Land and during the time of this purchase I believe these masks from Moremo were pretty new.

The prices were ok and since the soothing mask had acne fighting ingredient[s] like Licorice Root extract, I decided to buy a sheet to give em a try. Until today I have yet to try both of these masks but if I feel like it I might pop by to write a quick review on em. I'm just wondering if I do end up liking these where am I going to restock em because these masks are also no longer available on Althea :(

Another product I have yet to open until this date but simply said, I find the packaging super cute and their shade range seemed to have something I'll wear so I picked one up in the shade Pure Pink Coral. A lot of my friends have tried this velvet tint from Missha and they seemed to like it so I do hope that I'll like it too!

jeng jeng here's haul #2. Just 3 days after I placed my order for haul #1, our guardian angel Syahira notified all the September babies that our birthday angpao from Althea has been credited to our account. Knowing that our bday angpao a.k.a shopping credits will expire, I hopped onto another shopping spree. When I got my shopping credits I was super happy because who doesn't like a free shopping spree right? However, here comes the big question of "what else do I need?" and so presenting to you haul #2 thanks to Althea!

Apart from the Huxley moisturizer that I've already bought, this Miracle Seed Essence from the brand Primera was something I've wanted to try for quite some time but didn't know that Althea had it on their website all along! I only found out when I tried my luck on a product search for it on Althea because I was out of ideas on what products I should splurge my precious shopping credits on hahaha! Lucky for me it's available on Althea retailing for RM175. Price of it sounds pretty steep but if it works as a budget-budget-budget SKII, no harm on giving it a go right? Plus, the whole reason on why I'm so eager to try it is because Liah Yoo really swears by this essence on her channel and after hearing all the good things about this essence from her repeatedly, I also got tempted to get it for a really long time haha! So many thanks to Althea for helping me cross this off my list!

The essence comes in this frosted glass packaging. It has a nice exterior now but let's take a look at what's good inside. Firstly, 93.1% of this essence is made out of lotus seed extract, hearing this you can already tell that this is an essence rich in antioxidants. I did some googling and apparently lotus seed works great in moisturizing the skin and also helps in preventing acne breakouts(something I desperately needed back when I bought this). Another goodie this essence consists of is Niacinamide. This is an ingredient many out there are obsessed with because Niacinamide has benefits like anti-aging and brightening properties. Of course, I'm no skincare expert and these are mainly data pulled off google searches.

I've been testing different skincare products one after another over the past few months so sadly until this day I have yet to try this essence :( I don't really have any plans on taking up any new skincare reviews for the next few months so let's hope I can try it out soon and hopefully be able to incorporate this essence into my skincare routine!

Oh and I know I was buying a bottle of essence but I was surprised to see it arriving in such a big box. The essence came with a stack of cotton pads! How thoughtful!

One personal care product that is always quick to run out in my household is shampoo so when I saw this selling on Althea, I added it to my cart because shampoo was obviously a 'need'. Main reason I wanted to give this shampoo a try is because I've heard so much about how conditioning argan is for your hair so tried and tested, here's a mini review tailored to those with oily scalp.

Mini review: All I have to say is that my hair loves this shampoo but my scalp did not. No doubt that the shampoo was very conditioning. After washing my hair with this, there are days where I could even skip conditioner because my hair just felt so smooth to comb through after using it.

Unfortunately my scalp gets oily pretty quickly so while my hair feels really smooth from this, my scalp gets oily extra quickly. Usually I would wash my hair on alternate days or even go as long as not washing my hair for 2 days straight but whenever I'm using this, I'd have to wash my hair every single day, otherwise it'll start getting super oily and even itchy. Overall, tried it, finished it, not repurchasing again.

I originally wanted to get this together with Pure Pink Coral but this shade was sold out at the time. Since it was back in stock during my round 2 of shopping, of course I want one. No mini review on this shade either because I have still yet to try it.

It's My Skin Mask in Honey(moisturizing) x10 pack - RM33 (n/a)

I admit that my least wise purchase from this haul was probably this pack of 10 sheet masks haha. Since my purchase I've used this honey sheet mask from the brand It's My Skin a few times so here's a mini review for you guys!

Mini review: This sheet mask was only okayyy for me. To me this mask kind of felt like a very normal mask, it's not particularly moisturizing but it's not like it did completely nothing either. One thing I wasn't a fan of was the scent though. When it comes to honey 'flavoured' sheet masks, I personally prefer the one from the brand Papa Recipe(I think you can find this brand at Sasa...?)

Finally we have haul #3 which was also my last haul of the year before I decided that I need to stop shopping so I could save up to shop in Japan lolol. I ordered this towards the end of October when I heard the news of Skinfood potentially closing down. Although there was only one product I wanted from Skinfood, I had quite a bit of birthday credits sitting around and instead of possibly forgetting about my credits and having them expired, I decided to pick up everything else you see in this haul. So, thank you so much Althea for spoiling me so much in 2018!💖

I have yet to test this out but I heard my kawan Charmaine (a.k.a charmwasabi) recommending this as a quick 'oily hair day' touch-up product. When I'm out all day, my fringe does get oily quick so I decided to grab one.

Now that I think about it, this is probably the second product I own from Etude House leh(after this haul I think I'll have a total of 4 products from Etude?) Besides this, the only product I've ever bought from them was probably a lip tint many years back. I saw Kirstin wearing that lip tint and I was like 'Eh, nice leh, help me buy one back from Korea also!' In case you're wondering which lip tint I was talking about, here's the link to it!

My hair has been bleached over and over meaning it needs a whole lot of tender loving care. Salon hair treatments are amazing but the whole silky effect will probably only last you a week, not to mention, it usually comes with a heavy price tag.

This hair serum consists of 7 types of oils: Argan, Camelia, Marula, Jojoba, Coconut and Apricot oil promising to reduce tangles and overall improve your hair's condition. I've wanted to try this hair serum for quite some time and now that I've finally bought it, all I have to do is convince myself to stop being so lazy!!

There was a period of time where I wanted to try cotton pads that are not the typical local drugstore house brands haha. I still remember at that time, I was scouting for cotton pads from Etude House and since I couldn't find it, I bought this from Calmia to try. I have yet to put this to use but my current love is the Japan Unicharm Silcot one that I mentioned in the part 1 of this haul!

Skinfood Black Sugar Wash Off Mask 100g - RM20 (n/a)
This is easily Skinfood's best selling product right? At least this was what I think of whenever I hear/see the brand Skinfood. To put it simply, the black sugar will exfoliate your skin and it's shea butter base with help in moisturizing your skin. My acne has been really bad over the past few months so I have not touched anything but gentle chemical exfoliating products. Now that my skin is a whole lot better(just some tiny stress/hormonal zits and a lot of acne scars to fade), I can definitely see myself opening this mask to use soon!

While I was thinking of what I should spend my remaining birthday credits, I took note to pick up a few K-beauty makeup products. Although I use a lot of k-beauty skincare, the variety of k-beauty makeup I own is very boring. With an online diploma going on, I rarely go out anymore and even if I do I'm always sticking to my handful of holy grail products. In hopes to explore more korean makeup products in 2019, I picked these up from Althea.

This one here is a lipstick from Etude House. The swatch for this shade looked pretty nice on Althea's website so I added one to my cart. I did not know that this didn't come with a lipstick holder though so if you're planning to get this, you might want to get the holder too. The holder retails for RM6 and it's also available on Althea here. I don't like how the lipstick packaging looks like that so you'll probably see me shopping for the holder soon. As for those that are okay with the lipstick packaging as it is, you can of course opt to save that extra RM6.

I got the shade Hey Hazelnut because from the swatch it looked like a nice slightly deeper terra cotta shade. It was 'autumn' when I was shopping for this haul so it was natural that I wanted some fall lip colours!

I'm in search for a high coverage concealer for my dark circles so when I saw this on the site I wanted to pick one up to try. The price of this concealer is only RM15 and I'll admit, I'm skeptical but I am willing to give this a try simply because I've heard good reviews on the liquid version of this concealer. So as I was saying, for RM15 you do get 4g of product in here and for someone like me that rarely wears makeup now, this pot is probably going to last me a really long time especially when I'm mainly only going to use this under my eyes to hide my panda circles. Will share more on this once I find time to actually play with it.

Here's a quick swatch of it. The formula felt pretty creamy, blends out pretty easily on the hand too. I have yet to try it on my face so hopefully this shade works.

I've never used any brow tints(unless you wanna count Benefit's gimme brow) before but have always wanted to play with em so I bought this Etude House one in Natural Brown to try! My hair colour was actually a shade or two lighter when I bought this so I'm praying that this shade won't turn out too light for me to wear it now!

Lastly we have a colour corrector! It is said that a peach/salmon colour correcting concealer will help to brighten your dark eye circles. I've tried the red lipstick trick and while I see how it helps, the red was just too strong and my concealer just couldn't mask all the red. So when I saw this retailing on Althea I knew I had to try it out! Let's all pray I'll finally be able to master the art of dark eye circle concealing in 2019 HAHA!

Aaaaannnddddd that is all for my collective Althea haul! Once again I apologize for the delay but better late than never right? While I noticed that a few products are no longer available on Althea, I'm sure you'll be able to find em on other Kbeauty shopping sites! Thanks for reading and once again wishing everyone a happy new year! Now, back to my final assignment!

ciao ciao!

- Candy -

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