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10 November 2017

Hello kawans!! I was cleaning my makeup brushes the other day and figured it's about time I get myself some new eye shadow brushes. So simply said, I did some shopping on Taobao and here's me writing a simple haul post. By the way, the largest Taobao sale of the year is on tomorrow so if you're still compiling your Taobao 11.11 shopping cart, this post might be handy for ya!

Cerro Qreen 7pcs Metal Box travel size brush set (Secret Garden series) - RM14

Cerro Q r e e n. Yup, not Cerro Queen haha.

First up in my haul is this set of travel size makeup brushes. To me I personally won't mind splurging a little more on makeup products but when it comes to makeup brushes I'm actually quite stingy haha! I know la, I kiamsiap ok. (even though I low-key really want Zoeva ones hahahaha)

PS. Hermo is selling this for RM40, but if you panai you can just buy it from Cerro Qreen's Tmall shop hereeeeee for RM14!

When I was browsing for brushes and stumbled across this set, I immediately added it to my cart. Not because I needed travel brushes but because I'm a sucker for packaging. T_T

Normally I'm quite skeptical with "cheap travel size brushes" but considering the price, the quality of these brushes were pretty good leh! Normally when I travel I only bring up to 3 brushes max to save space but I guess now I can just bring this small box with me instead.

Here's a closeup on these. A very decent selection for traveling. The 7pcs set features an angled brush for your brows/eyeliner, concealer brush, lip brush, three eye shadow brushes, and a powder brush. Needless to say, this set sure got ya travel game face covered fam.

As for the quality, the bristles of the brushes were soft and picked up the product pretty well too. Normally when it comes to all these travel brush kits, the powder/blush brushes are usually horrible. Although I personally don't fancy this powder brush either, it was still much better than most of the ones I've came across in the market. A lot of powder brushes in these travel sets are usually very rough and coarse so I'm surprised this one was actually quite soft. Then again, I use a powder puff to set my foundation so this really doesn't matter to me.

Cerro Qreen Individual eye shadow brushes - RM6.8 each

My "brush expansion journey" wouldn't be satisfied with just a small set of travel brushes, so naturally I'd pick up a few more. This makes my shipping more worth it right??? So after the travel brushes, I added a few full-sized individual eye shadow brushes to my cart as well.

In this series of brushes, there are 16 types of brushes to choose from. You could check out the rest of the brushes they offer here. I only needed eye shadow brushes so I got the brushes #09 #11 and #12. I'd assume they're all eye shadow blending brushes just that the difference between em' are it's level of fluffiness?

Also, although RM6.8 per brush is quite cheap(a lot of eye shadow brushes retail for RM30-RM90++ depending on the brand one ok), buying the entire 16 pcs set only to find out the quality is meh would be disappointing. So after purchasing these 3 to "test water" a.k.a grasp the quality of Cerro Qreen brushes, I think I'll soon go back to purchase the remaining 13pcs from this set!! Simply cause I'm actually really impressed with the quality from this series!

But hor, if you're very picky with makeup brushes, I recommend buying one or two to see first la haha. My standards for brushes ain't that high after all. As long it works, it works.

Just in case you wanna know, here's a side by side comparison between the individual brush and the travel kit one.

Brush egg - RM4

I guess this was quite an impulse purchase. I saw it when I was searching for brushes so I ended up adding it to my cart as well. Basically what this does is that it's kinda like a silicone brush cleaning glove.....? I've seen many variations of this and even a couple DIY videos teaching how you could improvise by using a plastic clipboard + hot glue. That's too troublesome and I'm pretty sure to DIY would be pricier than this RM4 one from Taobao.

So just Taobao guys, just 淘 淘 淘!

On the other side you get this un-even surface thingy. The way you use this is to first apply brush cleaner onto the bristles of your brush, then swirl it around on this thing to get rid of all the dirt and pigment. Normally I'll just swirl it on my palm but I guess with this, my palm is now spared haha.

Litfly Silicone Puff - RM6.8

This one's pretty cute. It's a silicone puff used to apply liquid foundation. I've heard mixed reviews about the magical silicone puff quite some time ago but I've only got one for myself now. Although it may not be the same one beauty gurus talked about, I'll put this Taobao one to test and see how it goes alright?

Other than the fact that it looks like a mini breast implant, this thing's actually pretty cute! There are reviews saying that their foundation went on patchy while some said that this was better than a Beauty Blender so I really can't wait to see how this goes! If this really beats the Beauty Blender for me, I'd hop onto Taobao and buy another 10 of these! I mean it's less than a fraction of the price of a Beauty Blender, it's easily washable, and you don't waste any product! So all I have to test would be it's application results!

Not sure if this mirror is available for purchase, but it's a freebie from Cerro Qreen so I'll just include it here la haha. I don't like mirrors without a cover but the illustration on it is so cute!!

The thing with shopping on Taobao is that it's always a gamble when purchasing from shops you've never bought from before. You never know if your money is well justified so I'm always praying for the best when I unbox my Taobao parcels. As for this haul, I'm actually really satisfied!!

PS. Lots of things happened recently so for the past few weeks I felt that it was pretty insensitive to publish any travel posts. I don't plan to share much in detail about what happened, but all I have to say is: everything is getting better. Over the past few weeks, I have a number of Aussie travel and food reviews drafted so stay tuned as I'll start publishing them one by one over the next few weeks!

 Thank you for reading!! 

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  1. Aww... Well as long as things are getting better babe... And damn that metal case is fucking gorgeous! At this point who cares if the brushes works well or not... Hahaaha

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